Tourist Beaten, Robbed and Stripped Naked In Baltimore As Crowd Laughes

A video has emerged from last St. Patrick’s Day that shows a brutal attack on a tourist in Baltimore who is beaten, robbed, and stripped naked as a crowd stands around and laughs. No one reportedly called police and someone stood filming the scene of utter inhuman and depraved conduct by the crowd. [Update: A second video of the brutal attack has emerged]

On the video, the tourist is largely passive when he walks a few feet toward a man, who proceeds to hit him in the face and causing the victim to hit the ground with considerable force. The man appears dazed as people proceed to beat him and steal his clothes and belongings. The tourist is stripped of his car keys, watch, money and iPhone.

Until the video was released, the man never knew what happened. He woke up at his hotel with cuts and bruises and no memory of the horrific attack.

Obviously, the place to start is the person who thought this was a funny scene and posted the video on YouTube. Then there are the people who brag and laugh about the attack on the video.

While the victim appears white and his attackers black, there has been no suggestion that the attack was a hate crime or racially motivated. There has also been relatively little outrage nationally about this attack.

I count at least a dozen separate crimes on the film from repeated assaults to robbery by at least seven different people. Some, upon seeing the man in a helpless state, immediately walk over to strip him of any valuables rather than offer assistance or call the police. It is the lack of humanity shown in the film that makes these people so dangerous to society — they show no feelings or sympathy for the victim who is merely an object to be taunted and abused.

Source: CBS

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  1. theres the difference between black and being a staight up nigger you just saw a group of niggers that don’t have any compassion for any thing are anyone they need to shoot and kill every nigger involved in that

    1. The humans laughing did not consider that the same thing could happen to them. The human could have stepped in, and stopped the robbery that was occurring right in front of them. The numbers were on their side.

  2. @Chris mccauley
    You are either blind, stupid or trolling.
    The drunk, half naked woman approaches him and rubs her hips against his crotch, he pushes her away, the black guy reaches into the victim’s pocket to grab something, he should be arrested for attempted theft or theft just for that. The victim tries to move away, he gets punched in the face and all the animals around him do is laugh at him and beat him up. They deserve to be locked up for that. From the video, I can’t tell if he’s an asshole or a good person, but I can tell you this much, the guy who punched him is definitely an animal and so are all the people around him.

  3. It’s funny to see all the new evidence being released in the trayvon case.. The cuts and bruises and broken nose of Zimmerman.. I can’t wait until these hypocritical undercover black extremist get shut up when the truth of what really happened comes to light.. al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want to be MLK so badley yet every crime that involves a black person and someone of another race immediately is turned into a hate crime and a racial issue by them.. MLK had a dream that people would be judged by their actions not by their skin color but leaders of the black community are the first people to judge the crime based on skin color.. Looks like MLK’s dream has turned into a nightmare… And the sad thing is that the black masses but in to their bullshit not realizing that they do this for publicity and to make money and for personal gain.. Black people idolize rappers who brag about selling crack killing people comiting crimes etc… So the average kid in the hood is Consumed with people like Jesse Jackson and al Sharpton telling them the white man is to blame and in the mean while idolizing crack selling murderers and then the black community wonders why blacks make up a large percentage of the incarcerated … Grow up quit making excuses the white man is not destroying the black race the black race are destroying themselves

  4. This is exactly why we have “Stand Your Ground” in Florida.

    1. Mike S., I am not sure how all of these racist blog trolls happened upon the Turley blog in response to the two original posts about the Baltimore incident, but they really are best ignored — though I definitely sympathize with you fighting the good fight.

  5. So Mike, your telling me, this is not” an act of racism ? AND trust me mother fucker, I never said whitey was oppressed…….lol DE .40 keeps that from happening. That white boy should’ve been carrying and he woulda walked home with his cloths on!

  6. Mike, I have Plenty of black friends , But your an ignorant son of a bitch” if you think this is not a racist act! How the fuck can u defend the actions of these pieces of shit? STOP racism”, STOP racism” , oh wait, its on a white man,,,, thats ok. FUCK YOU!

    1. garett,
      Are you that stupid thst you don’ t know that “some of my best friends are…..” is a joke about bigotry that dates back to the 50’s? Now please read this clearly, if clarity is even possible for you, I have never defended this horrible act of violence. All I’ve taken issue with is when bigots like you take advantage of it to make stupid points about White people being oppressed.

  7. Racist mother fuckers!!! wheres jessie jackson and all sharpton at now? wheres all the medea coverage on this hate crime, and the protest to stop racism?!? This poor white man was racially profiled then attacked! Look at all the media coverage on the trayvon martin case , yet no one says a word about this racist bull shit!!!

    1. “wheres jessie jackson and all sharpton at now?”

      Garett, just a guess, you hate black people but don’t have the guts to admit it openly, so you disguise it by turning the definition of racism around. Poor White people, they are so oppressed.

  8. “You are just asking for it.”
    Tim, NO ONE is ever ‘asking for it’ unless they, in fact, ‘ASK for it.

    To suppose otherwise is self-defeating, very dangerous and can cause a boatload of drecht and trouble on all involved…..

  9. very sad that this happened. And you wonder why there are racial tensions. I am black and really ashamed this happened to a tourist (or anyone). So he confronted a pickpocket thief and got knocked out by his buddies. Yes, this also happened in in London, Brazil etc…not just black on white but any hoodlum on an unsuspecting person. You must know your surroundings to avoid the evil people. Why would you hang out with a group of street kids and you don’t know them (and at night)? It doesn’t work. and you are of a different race? a black person will not insert themself into a Mexican street scene with guys who appear to be rough at 1st glance. or a biker gang, or in the deep south white neighborhoods.And neither would a latino, asian into an all-white, all-arab group. You are just asking for it.

  10. Betty Kath:

    You are lying. He allows her to back into him and doesn’t attempt to walk away. Then he extends his hands out to “dance” along with her, humping her.

    :22 Laughs to the guy next to him
    :23 Extends his right hand and grabs her hip.
    :27 Thrusts his hips forward and extends his hands out simulating a dance move.

    “He moved away from her and tried to move away from the crowd.”

    Nope. The crowd is where the person was filming. To move AWAY he would walk AWAY from the camera up the street where there aren’t any people.

    You can see the situation in :21. There are four people in the shot (closer to the camera) including the cameraman that’s five people in a crowd on the near side of the camera.

    There’s an opening to walk AWAY from the camera up the street. He instead walks TOWARD the crowd, not away from it.

    “As he did, someone took something from his pocket.”

    Nothing was taken from his pocket. If you’re so sure that something was taken from his pocket what was it?

    NOTHING was taken from his pocket. There is no frame of film that shows anything being taken from his pocket.

    >There was larceny and assault.

    There was no larceny. The man in the green shirt walking toward the black man is assault. He’s walking towards him because he’s angry and wants to start a fight. The man responds by punching him, which is self defense.

    After that, the crowd is guilty of theft for stealing from him, and sexual assault for taking his clothes off. A different guy in a DIFFERENT green shirt punches him while he’s on the ground (which is assault and battery).

    Notice that :32 a woman says “Oh no! What’s up?” She says this because she sees that the guy in the green shirt is advancing forward to start a physical altercation and a fight is about to start.

    In 1:08 (which is a different cameraman) you can see him menacingly advance on the guy who punched him.

    Why doesn’t everyone stop lying that this guy was some innocent tourist or bystander that got attacked.

    He humped a women, and when someone joked with him he acted like a bully and committed assault by advancing towards him. Then the black man who he assaulted defended himself. Then a different person hit him while he was on the ground (which is illegal of course) and the crowd was angry at him for acting like an a**hole, so they pulled his pants down (for a second).

  11. Chris mccauley,

    Maybe you should look at the video again. What I saw was a man sort of minding his own business when a woman backed into him and gave him a standing lap dance. He did no humping. He moved away from her and tried to move away from the crowd. As he did, someone took something from his pocket. As he continued, he got a punch in the face that knocked him down. His “crime” was in being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    There was larceny and assault. Would a conspiracy charge fit the crowd? Or would they be accomplices?

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