Medical Report On Zimmerman Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations, and Back Injury

The evidence for the trial of George Zimmerman is slowly taking form. Yesterday, a medical report was disclosed by the family physician of George Zimmerman where the doctor found a “closed fracture” of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Trayvon Martin. While this is the family physician, it would still constitute important evidence in claiming self-defense, particularly when combined with accounts from the paramedics that found injuries to Zimmerman. An autopsy report released today also revealed bruises on Martin’s knuckles, consistent with a fight (though they could be bruises sustained in self-defense). In the meantime, the Justice Department has indicated that it may bring hate crime charges against Zimmerman — charges that would be questionable on the current evidence that has been made public in the case.

The prosecution is likely to explore any differences between the paramedics and the doctor. Some issues are likely to be raise such as whether the paramedics saw a broken nose and whether such “closed fractures” can be easily missed by a paramedic on an street at night.  Moreover, such injuries could be sustained by Zimmerman as a result of Martin defending himself.

The leak of possible civil rights charges may be designed to try to get Zimmerman to accept a plea with prosecutors. I have reservations about such a charge based on the evidence that is available — as I have expressed over the overcharging in the case as second degree murder. This case has already raised serious questions of the influence of public pressure on the prosecutors. While there may be additional evidence that would support such a hate crime charge, the current evidence, in my view, falls short of the threshold showing needed for such a charge. The crime is defined as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.” The “in part” component gives some wiggle room for prosecutors but you need to still show clear intent on the race issue. While state courts have rejected the need under state law for race to be the “primary” factor, there remains unease in cases where race appears a secondary issue. The Justice Department has sometimes moved against defendants who were acquitted of the same offense under state law as in the Pennsylvania case involving the death of a hispanic man. These cases raise serious questions of when trash talk reflects racial motivations.

We have seen the same type of claim under “Stand Your Ground” in mixed-race shootings without such hate crime allegations. I have previously express unease over the standard used for hate crime charges and the decision to pursue some cases while refusing to move on others with similar or stronger facts. This is a case that could be explained as a crime-obsessed as opposed to a race-obsessed neighborhood watch captain. Indeed, Zimmerman’s past violent record may indicate that he is prone to violence generally. There has been no new evidence revealed that shows that Zimmerman’s shooting was race motivated. His own mixed race background and injuries from the fight militate against such a charge. They certainly do not rule out such a charge, but more has to be shown in my view.

The case is already over-charged as second degree murder. If the Justice Department is going to bring a hate crime charge, it better have stronger evidence than we have seen from Angela Corey to support a second-degree murder charge. Corey was in my view clearly affected by the public pressure in the case in charging the case as second degree murder rather than manslaughter. I am equally troubled by Attorney General Eric Holder discussing the case in public speeches when his department is supposed to be conducting an unbiased review of the facts involving a man who has not been convicted of a crime.

The combination of the leak on the civil rights charges and Holder’s public statements leave the impression that the DOJ will not accept acquittal as an answer in the case if Zimmerman does prevail. The impression, in my view, diminishes the appearance of due process and fair trial for the accused.

What do you think?

Source: ABC

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  1. Wait, wait: Was the paramedic who treated Zimmerman “on the scene” a paramedic who came along with the ambulance that was supposed to take Trayvon Martin in? Because that second ambulance was canceled, remember? So there are two or three paramedics in an ambulance that arrives at a scene where there’s a DOA and ONE of them “cleans up” a guy who is NOT going in to the hospital? Excuse me, how does that work?

  2. A.R.E.

    ” those cuts did NOT have even a BAND Aid on it. Sure could not have been bleeding very much for the paramedics to not do that much.”

    Just to keep things clear, I don’t know of any Paramedic team that carries Band-Aids.

    1. Just to make the point clear, those scratches were not bleeding so much that the paramedics thought they warranted a BANDAGE then. The FACT is those were not close to life threatening, nor even a good cut! Hell, I have gotten worse bleeding from bumping my head, much less being in a knock down fight. Sure was not much of a fight for Zimmerman since he got so slightly injured.

  3. Confiscating the inhaler seems to me more of a problem than not “giving” it to the kid! With or without a permission slip, it was not an illegal substance and should not have been confiscated; are they nuts?

    1. Malisha
      I agree completely Malish. I carry one in my back pocket where ever I go. It’s just like picking up car keys and cell ph. They are for emergency use after all. Then I read that kids were abusing them, maybe that’s why he wasn’t allowed to carry it. Like the other poster, what they call a high from the inhaler, I also call a very unpleasant side effect. Right now I’m taking myself off opiates, they are a necessary evil for me, but jeez, I didn’t know it would be this hard. I sure have more empathy now for people with addictions.
      Back to Z. I remember wondering ,however briefly, why the brother that created the website that garnered all that money wasn’t available for a phone hearing. That’s a LOT of money. It’s not some little account with 2 or 3 thousand in it that you just overlooked. Heck, 2/3 is a lot of money to me now, and knowing what the money was to be used for would probably make one check the amount on a daily basis.

  4. Belle,

    The problem with the nurse: Seems the boy had the inhaler in his locker without a permission slip from his mother to the school telling them it was ok.
    The inhaler was in its original package with his name on it and with dosage and directions for use. Not sure about school policy. Some schools allow teens to keep their inhalers on them, others do not.

    In any case, an administrator searched boy’s locker (why?) and confiscated the inhaler on a Friday and gave it to the school nurse. Mom hadn’t submitted required paperwork so when boy needed the inhaler the nurse refused, sent him to the “office”, and called his mom. Mom said she told nurse to call 911, nurse said mom didn’t say it. Boy goes to office and is then sent back to the nurse who has locked herself in, boy can’t get in. She refuses inhaler, doesn’t call 911. Mom arrives at office, she and administrator go to nurse’s area. Boy slumped against the wall in the hallway. Mom says in full asthmatic arrest (not sure that’s the right word); school says no. Administrator unlocks nurse’s door and gives inhaler to mom.

  5. Belle, you probably should sue in the form of a “counterclaim” but I don’t know about that myself. Send me a description of what happened at and I’ll forward it to my doctor friend and to a doctor/lawyer friend too. Be well!

  6. SouthernBelle, I personally can’t get to the point where I would say “both used bad judgment that night.” Would it be a horrible thing to say? Perhaps it would be horrible to say it to Trayvon Martin’s parents, that’s all I can really think about it.

    This is important to me, SouthernBelle, because now I really see you as a person and I really don’t want you to feel as afraid as you perhaps do feel. It may be that thinking of the Zimmerman/Martin case the way I think about it is very frightening for YOU and I’m not trying to make you change the way you think.

    I think you need to give yourself permission to say and think things that are important to you, SouthernBelle. If you want to say them and not have them be all over the public forum, you can e-mail me directly at:

    Just make sure that you include something in your “RE” line of your e-mail that will let me know it is you e-mailing me.

    You are a valuable person to me. If I hear from you in my e-mail address I will be very glad to speak with you.

    God Bless you and good night.

    1. Hi Girlfriends, Malisha and Bets
      Had medical issues for almost a week. Been flat of my back. I recorded the hearing but haven’t watched it all, just skimmed thru. Can’t dispute the facts in court today, those are facts to study on. I think they should charge the wife, and I can’t figure out why they haven’t. Any ideas? Not just legal issue, but I don’t think I could put my hand on the Bible and lie. Can’t wait to see what you guys have to say. Bets, I deleted the movie, just didn’t want it in my house.
      I’m sorry if I’ve intruded on the wrong thread but I can’t seem to delete your posts and I didn’t want to look forever.
      I read a little about the nurse. Someone asked why the child didn’t have his inhaler on his person. M. and Bets, is that because of his age, school policy, or the post I read about teens using them to get high? Just wondered what ya know about that. Just curious.
      I did post a question about my suing the hospital/doc for not giving me blood thinner when I had to lay in hospital bed for so long. St.Louis hospital told me it was the biggest blood clot they had ever seen and it moved to my lung nine times. Everyone told me to sue, but I never even thought about it. Now it’s calcified and I will have it for the rest of my life. Didn’t get any blood thinner when I needed it most, now I have to take it for the rest of my life. Getting calls from a lawyer now, it seems the hospital is suing me because my ins. didn’t pay anything, and it was full Blue Cross major medical.
      Just wanted to say hi to you gals. Hope everything is going O.K. for ya.
      Sorry if I interrupted on the wrong thread. belle

  7. Malisha
    Good night Malisha. Confrontation still makes me nervous. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. I’m not as brave as I once was.
    God Bless All

  8. Would the suggestion that both used bad judgement that night be a horrible thing to say? Not saying the killing was justified. please know that.

  9. top shot, do you have any young people in your life? Because you are mistaking style for substance. I have been so curious about why there is so much discrimination in this case. I guess these people do not have any youngsters in their lives.
    My 18 year old nephew (mostly white kid) has all the same fb picture poses and uses the same language that Trayvon used. He has some tatoos, very on trend now for young people. (in the old days only sailors had tatoos)

    I have a sneaking suspicion that he has smoked marijuana, yes, he has definitely smoked marijuana with his friends.

    . Nevertheless, he is not a “thug”. He is going to school to be a chef. I just wish he would pull up his pants.

  10. So Top Shot, if someone had killed you within four days of that experience you had in the car when you “were feeling no pain either,” would that have been OK?

    1. It took me a minute to figure out what you meant. I didn’t understand because it was just an anecdote for mannyo. I wasn’t even thinking about Martin. or anything else for that matter. I just thought manny o would get a smile out of that. Hell, she does.

  11. Nothing about a crime committed on 2/26/2012 was ever self-reported by Martin. Nothing about prior conduct of either shooter or victim would be relevant to the events of the shooting. Remember, Zimmerman wasn’t killing Martin because he had discovered that Martin needed to be shot; he was killing him because he was suspicious and wanted to catch a burglar who had no business in the neighborhood.

    If you have a rape case with a 17-year-old victim, and the cops FIRST refuse to arrest the rapist (who admits to having sex with the girl but says he had to do it because she seduced him) and then conveniently “leak” out some high school records indicating that she might have had marijuana at some point and that she might have had somebody else’s jewelry at another point, you don’t start justifying the crime because of the girl’s character! The whole thing is not just ridiculous, it’s actually disgraceful. Martin did nothing wrong that night, period. He was minding his own business and somebody shot him. Zimmerman said he had to do it but that’s his affirmative defense and if he chooses to try to make it, he will have to do so in court and face the music if it doesn’t fly.

  12. Shano – some of things were self-reported by martin. That makes it fact, just like Zimmerman self-reporting he shot Martin, makes it a fact.

    The school reported the womens jewlery, but okay, sure…maybe he bought it all legally or just “found it”, you are right..that’s still circumstantial technically

  13. I got those criminal records from the courthouse in Orange County, FL for $31 and if I knew how to post them here I would, but I don’t know how. They don’t say much. From reports, the plain-clothes officers were ATF agents who were arresting Zimmerman’s friend for serving alcohol to underage customers in his bar. Zimmerman reportedly got worked up over his friend being arrested and physically “interfered with” Agent Paul Fleischman, who then arrested him for felony assault on officer and resisting arrest I think. There is no clear record of whether his diversion was alcohol-abuse related or anger-management related. Hard to tell, conflicting reports.

    Southernbelle, most of the altercations Zimmerman got into in the past seem to be altercations with “subordinates,” not with authorities. He seems to pick on those who are either weaker than him or those he perceives as weaker than he is. A new employee in a place where he had worked for a few months described this very well in a 15-minute interview that is available on-line. He’s apparently just a bully; they don’t usually try to bully people with more authority, only those with less.

    Manny O, with the same data (George says he’s following Martin, cop tells him not to, he says OK, then the two of them end up in a confrontation and Martin ends up dead) have drawn two conclusions. I think yours goes way way way farther away from the logical and known facts and assumptions than mine, and the only thing to recommend yours over mine is that George Zimmerman also prefers yours. You have no citations to show that Martin followed and attacked Zimmerman and I think the conclusion is unsupportable. So there we are. If it comes down to a bunch of people testifying at a trial about whether Zimmerman is 100% honest or not when he’s in trouble, and about whether he’s the kind of a guy who would always back down if he was told that authorities didn’t NEED him to do what he wanted to do, I think the “nays” would have that too. And finally, if it down to a dual of personalities, as in “which of the two, Zimmerman or Martin, was more like a thug, and which was more like a fine upstanding citizen who accidentally killed someone?” Zimmerman’s high school records might have to be opened up to see if there are any skeletons in HIS backpack.

  14. Manny: Everything you just said about Trayvon is a “psuedofact”.

    George was breaking the rules of NW that night. He told a lie to the dispatcher and continued to follow Martin. Yes, Zimmerman Killed this boy for no good reason at all.
    His family will never be the same. They will never get over this ridiculous, rash and impulsive act of George Zimmerman. He changed their lives forever. And for WHAT?

    Maybe Trayvon saved society from having to constantly put up with George Zimmerman in the role of a certified policeman. I hope that holds true.

  15. Malisha – Well, I won’t deny your asserted intelligence, but even though you wrote the word Citation and numbered them its still an opinion versus a statement or report or audio/video recording, of course you know that, but thanks for that still. I already know that there is not citable incontrovertible data/report for Zimmerman to have produced a confrontation with Martin and so do you or I’d be looking at an http link in your post ; )

    Sure, the distance decreased and you are convinced it was Zimmerman who did it. I am convinced it was Martin. I base my conviction on the citable reports that build a telling picture of Martin’s character. Martin was the one that furnished all the blows per the autopsy. Martin was the one that swung at a bus driver that same month. Martin was the one with an inexplicable trove of womens jewlery in his bag, Martin was the one that fit the description of the perpetrators of burglary/robbery in that community, and the list goes on. These weren’t things that Martin did 5 years ago, they were that SAME month.

    I admit that neither of us know or can cite data that proves Zimmerman or Martin produced the confrontation, but the recent character expression of Martin is what leads me to believe he was the producer of the confrontation. I can see how someone like Martin could have been emboldened by his recent swing at the bus driver and wanted to teach this guy who had the nerve to “stare at him” a lesson in respect. Martin even self reported “F the haters, I will kill em all”. 2+2=4

    Anyway, what actually gets me is the people that insists on ‘declaring the pseudofact” that “we know” zimmerman produced confrontation with Martin” Thats just a foul

    Its simply not known and not a fact

    but yes people on both sides (like us) can present opinions that lead us to what we see as the probably reality of what just happened

    Was just hoping you would admit that Zimmerman producing a confrontation with martin is anything but an incontrovertible fact. Though you may think he did in your opinion

    For contrast…An incontrovertible fact is that Zimmerman shot Martin

  16. The girlfriend didn’t kill anybody and didn’t commit any act that got charged as a crime so she has nothing to hide.

    She also didn’t call the police that night offering her version of what happened or reporting Zimmerman’s behavior so she obviously wasn’t trying to push her story on anyone, as Zimmerman was.

    The girlfriend didn’t even get interviewed until Martin’s father identified who had been talking to his son at the time of his murder.

    Furthermore, her story sounds quite rational and she didn’t make anything up or go too far, which to me, gives her great credibility.

    The most important piece of this is: When Zimmerman did not know that there was a phone call memorialization of any part of the events of that evening, when he thought it was just him and the cops to go along with the story he was telling, he told a story that doesn’t hold water at all; only after the phone call evidence came into play did he start concentrating attention on his bonked head and his “broken” nose and etc. Where did the “street sign return to car ambushed you got a problem you’re gonna die homie” story go? Went somewhere…

  17. Manny O: “Can Martin do no wrong in spite of the data that has come forth on the nature of who he really was?”

    Yes, Manny O, Martin can DO NO WRONG in spite of what you call “the data that has come forth on the nature of who he really was.”

    Because in fact he DID no wrong.
    He did not rob Zimmerman.
    He did not burglarize any homes in the community.
    He did not commit any crime.
    He was not in the process of committing any crime.
    He was not living in a state of criminality.
    He was not on parole or probation or violating any such condition.
    He was not outside of his Constitutional rights in any way, shape or form.
    Yes, Manny, since UP UNTIL THE TIME OF HIS DEATH he did no wrong, and since he can no longer do anything, right OR wrong, thanks to the wrong that Zimmerman did TO HIM,

    Trayvon Martin can do no wrong.

    Perhaps next time Zimmerman decides to kill somebody, he should pick someone who HAS done some wrong so people won’t be so worked up about it, but this time, he picked someone he should not have picked.

  18. The girlfriends deposition made a number of assumptions initially regarding her seeming amazing ability to not only identify a supposed “push” but identify who issued the supposed push over a phone audio call. Its simply not possible to know such things, but that didn’t stop her from choosing to declare the interpretation as fact that was most helpful for her boyfriends side of the case. But now I understand the statement is evolving and changing in the wake of this goat rodeo of a case. So most likely it will have an equal amount of credence as zimmermans statement for his own defense or possibly a lot less since zimmerman was actually there, though both are obviously not dispassionate witnesses

  19. Well, Manny, there was an incident I remember from long ago and far away (but the wench is not dead): I remember that an authority figure once (now if you ask me who the authority figure was, I have to admit with great shamefaced disappointment that I cannot remember exactly which authority figure it was) told someone not to do something, and that person who was told (can’t remember who he or she was either, but I KNOW there was a person, I just KNOW it, because it was such an astonishingly unusual occurrence that I would not have ever forgotten it) said, “OK” but was not UNDER OATH when he or she said it, and guess what?

    MANNY, you’re NOT going to believe this but I swear on a stack of court papers that it’s true:

    The person did not follow orders, even after saying “OK.”

    Now, I’m not saying that’s what happened with Zimmerman and the folks on the cop call — oh WAIT A MINUTE, YES I AM! Oh, yeah, I am.

    Oh, so it comes down to this:

    I cite, for the proposition that “George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin,” the following two citations:

    1. I am intelligent. It stands to reason that if a guy was following another guy, and WANTED to follow him, and had a MOTIVE for following him, and then the distance between the two guys decreased, and the following guy and the followed guy ended up in very close contact, that the following guy actually continued following the followed guy until he was in very close contact with him. Add to that logical supposition that I made the following (ha ha ha pun intended) corroborative evidence: Girlfriend says Trayvon Martin told her a creepy crazy guy was following him, but he lost him, but then he showed up again. So that’s citation number 1.

    2. I believe Zimmerman not only had a motive to lie about what happened on 2/26/2012 but that he DID lie about what happened on 2/26/2012, and because he did not realize that anybody else would have phone records or other records to challenge his lie, he wasn’t terribly careful about how he set it up. I believe the story that Zimmerman STOPPED following Martin, but that Martin thereafter chose to go follow Zimmerman, confront him, threaten him, attack him, put him in fear for his life, and all those overdramatized boo-hoo-poor-me etceteras? — were LIES. See? I trust MY judgment more than I trust Zimmerman’s veracity. SEE? That’s how I arrived at my conclusions.

    There are my citations.

    Citation 1 – my intelligence and my ability to draw conclusions from data.
    Citation 2 – Zimmerman’s reputation for honesty and his motive to lie. Oh, and citation 3? His story doesn’t work.

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