The Evil of “Unadulterated Freedom”: Roughly 40,000 Orthodox Jewish Men Gather In New York Stadium To Denounce The Internet

We previously saw how Orthodox Jews in New York prevailed upon the government to get rid of bike lanes in their neighborhoods to protect them from the sight of women on bikes. Now almost 40,000 men gathered in Citi Field to call for an end to the Internet as a danger to their faith. Women of course were not allowed to attend because that would also be an affront. They were allowed to watch . . . you guessed it . . . on the Internet.

The seven hour event cost $1.5 million and featured prominent Jewish leaders who railed against the Internet as corrupting the faithful by exposing them to outside ideas and influences. One participant is quoted as denouncing “unadulterated freedom” as a threat to religion.

One Rabbi warned that the “internet is a fire that burns a person’s body and soul.” Much like their counterparts in Iran, the religious leaders warned that having Internet access without approved filters and limiting software is immoral and violation of faith. Information going to them and their families must remain closely controlled and approved by their religious leaders.

Moreover, any family breaking these rules are to be “shunned” as corrupted.

The effort to keep roughly one million Orthodox Jews in self-imposed isolation is no easy task in a pluralistic and modern society. Yet, “unadulterated freedom” has been known to lead to . . . freedom.

Source: New York Daily News and Gizmodo

51 thoughts on “The Evil of “Unadulterated Freedom”: Roughly 40,000 Orthodox Jewish Men Gather In New York Stadium To Denounce The Internet”

  1. If thine eyes offend you, PLUCK THEM OUT…. If the INTERNET OFFENDS YOU, KILL YOURSELVES………..

  2. What is the main job of any preacher, every week, irrespective of the religion he represents? It’s to come up with a more fancy way than the week before for justifying or rationalizing, belief in the unbelieveable……

  3. You know, sometimes on Friday night, I will watch JLTV to see them talk about Kabbalah…… It always amazes me how similar the teachings are to what the christian evangelists preach to their sheep….. Again, religion is all about controlling the mind, in any of the iterations it comes in…

  4. The only reason these 40,000 want the internet done away with is because they’re afraid of any outside influences and truths…. I wonder how many of them had their Mini-ipads hidden in the pockets of their long coats……. Whoops…….

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  6. A little update…. these neolithic Jewish men are now wearing ”Coke Bottle” thick eyeglasses to prevent them from having to sin, by seeing scantily clad young women walking around the streets of New York, in 100 degree weather, while these ‘moronic’, in my opinion, ancient worshiping, Jews are still walking the same streets in their all black Garb, Black hats, and long woolen coats, at the same time…. Now I ask you…. Is there any need for me to explain why I threw off my Own religion, Judaism, soon after the age of 16, for the one true calling, the only correct way of thinking, that religion’s only use is for mind control, and that it is very destructive to humans Beings. .ATHEISM, The thinking person’s way… I think I’ll go have LOBSTER for dinner tonight…. with a side of Bacon…. ;-O

  7. I am happy that you are not really a hater, but I do take exception to your statement that the jews “gave up their manhood” while being murdered by the Germans. That’s like saying black people were culpable for being lynched by the Klan or responsible for their own slavery. Jews, at least the ones I know, are peaceful middle class folk. They are not very warlike. The same could be said for virtually any middle class in the country, except in the south where guns are prolific. Also, Hitler took away the jews guns in 1938. Quote from Bernard Harcourt, a UChicago Law Professor pgs. 24-25. He seems to take issue with people comparing gun control laws with Nazi gun control. However he does as a kind of post-script admit that the Nazis did indeed disarm the jews prior to slaughtering them.

    Finally, with regard to disarming the Jews, there is no dispute that the
    Nazis did disarm the Jews aggressively—of all firearms, as well as “truncheons or stabbing weapons.”
    The Minister of the Interior, Frick, passed
    Regulations Against Jew’s Possession of Weapons on November 11, 1938,
    which effectively deprived all Jews of the right to possess firearms or other
    weapons. It was a regulation prohibiting Jews from having any dangerous
    weapon—not just guns. Under the regulations, Jews “are prohibited from
    acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as
    truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and
    ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.”
    Moreover, prior to that, the German police and Nazis used the 1938 firearms
    law as an excuse to disarm Jews. In Breslau, for instance, the city police chief
    decreed the seizure of all firearms from Jews on the ground that “the Jewish
    population ‘cannot be regarded as trustworthy’”—the language from the 1928
    and 1938 firearms laws.

  8. Zarathstra you’d like it for jews to burn in concentration camps hmmm…If you hate your fellow jews so much, move to Germany or even better, France. They beat jews with alarming frequency. Self-hate much? You’re an Atheist? Who cares, so is half the country. I am also not religious for a while, but at least I don’t hate on people just because they are different.

    1. Dear Commoner, I’m proud of my Jewish ancestry…. I don’t wish to see jews burn in the Camps….. But it’s time to enter into modern times and not keep repressing ourselves. We are not living 3,000 years in the past. I don’t hate my fellow Jews, I hate the backwards thinking that tries to restrict any attempts at modernizing because the Rabbies fear a loss of power. By giving in to their rulers, the Rabbies, these 40,000 men relinquish their claims to Manhood, without any protest, just as the European Jews did when the Nazis told them to get on the trains….. It would have been better to try to stand up and fight & die, rather than just agree be sent to the slaughter houses like sheep. To Acquiesce to the Rabbies is equal to giving in to the Nazis…. I have no respect for men whom refuse to think for themselves….It’s an old story…. Religion is more about power and control than it is about any Deity.

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