Germany Hits Record In Solar Power With 50% Of Energy During Mid-Day Hours

Germany’s economy is viewed as the most successful major economy in the world today and the key bedrock for European recovery. While many conservative leaders in the United States are calling on the tearing up of environmental protections to help our economy, Germany has shown the fallacy of that claim. The Germans continue to set new records on environmental protection. This week the German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour — literally half of the energy used through the key midday hours in the country.

That is the equivalent to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity without any radioactive waste left over. The Germans are getting rid of all nuclear plants after the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year. Instead, the entire country will be using greater renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and bio-mass.

This is not some tiny country with a mainly tourism economy but one of the greatest industrial nations on Earth. It vividly demonstrates how far we have fallen back in the leadership on environmental issues and technology. As we return to an oil and coal emphasis on energy, the Germans are expanding their control over this industry and reducing the health costs of pollution for their population. It is the very definition of leadership and vision that is so lacking in our own country.

To our German friends, we say gut durchgebraten and danke danke?

Source: Inside

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  2. In Israel gas is like 10 bucks a gallon. I also has very little cloud cover/rain. Every rooftop has an Solar Panel you hit the switch and the electricity heats the shower water.

    A guy at AIPAC had a very smart idea-He sells batteries to people. Not cars, electric batteries. Since Israel is a small country, it is economically and practically feasible to develop a system for those with electric cars to drive the maximum miles like 100 or so in the Nissan Leaf and swap batteries at battery stations. I think he even devised a system where you don’t even have to pay for the car, just a monthly fee for the batteries.

  3. There are ads all around where I live in southern Brandenburg talking about brown coal being needed again (used in the GDR) for energy.

  4. Germany discovered cold fusion in the 1930s. They were working free energy tech while the rest of the world was asleep. Bottom line? They have mastered mass generation of energy without petroluem. Its probably a Tesla-like free energy solution. Good for them. They always figure out and deploy new technology, not like the brain dead west and their 2-year olds in charge.

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