Experts: Bushmeat May Trigger Mass Death Pandemic

Scientists are warning that the world could face a new HIV strain as a result of the failure to stop poachers from killing great apes and monkeys for “bushmeat.” We have previously seen how bushmeat remains a great draw for Africans even in the United States. However, scientists are warning that it could be humanity itself that will bear the costs of the continuing slaughter of apes and monkeys as humans are exposed to new strains that are highly compatible with human bodies.

The article below details how international efforts have failed to stop poachers who are paid large amounts by Africans to kill gorillas and chimpanzees for bush meat. According to one estimate, up to 3,000 gorillas are slaughtered in southern Cameroon every year for bush meat — a shocking statistic.

The article also details how in one case an entire village died after feasting on a gorilla found dead in the jungle. The only survivor was the one resident who did not eat the meat. With three-quarters of human viruses coming from other animals, eating ages is particularly stupid because of the huge overlap in our DNA. A virus can move easily from ape to man. That is the presumed source of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Then there is the devastating environmental damage. Nevertheless, an estimated 11,000 tons of bushmeat is illegally smuggled into the United Kingdom alone.

Source: Independent

13 thoughts on “Experts: Bushmeat May Trigger Mass Death Pandemic”

  1. They are wallowing in a cesspit of their own making.

    I wish them all an agonizing death.

  2. I worked with an African woman who disliked American meat. She claimed that it was not fresh enough. She needed the animal to be butchered moments before in the backyard like in the good ole village, then immediately devoured.

  3. One would think with modern medicines and better education some of these witchcraft like beliefs, such as rhinocerus horns and gibbon gonads making a guy more vivacious sexually, would have ended by now. But it hasn’t.

    Maybe we could accomplish three worthy goals at the same time by giving these guys email accounts so the Viagra spammers would leave us alone, impotent males can have the boner the covet so rigidly, and endangered animals in Africa can live in peace.

  4. Did someone convince them that this was another way to cure HIV? You know like in SA, they rape babies for the same reason. True!
    Is it economics or folk superstition? Economics=cheapest meat available. Superstition=protects from evil eye.

    See Ryszard Kapuściński for more on the latter.

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