Cannibal In Florida Believed To Have Been High On “Bath Salts”

Police have identified the man shot in the midst of chewing the face off a victim in Florida. Police shot and killed Rudy Eugene, 31, after they found him along a highway naked while biting off the face of of his victim. What is more important in the future is that the cause of insane rampage appears to be “bath salts,” a new form of LSD.

Police shot Eugene after ordering him to stop repeatedly without effect. Both men were naked and Eugene continued to eat the face of the other man.

Bath salts are known to increase the temperature of users to the point that they strip off their clothing. Users are known to exhibit increased strength and much increased levels of violence.

Some accounts state that the officer shot Eugene after he refused to stop but he continued the attack wounded — and was shot repeatedly. The case raises a grey area of lethal force. Normally the shooting of an unarmed naked man would raise serious questions of excessive force. However, police are saying that bath salt users are exceptionally violent and difficult for multiple officers to control. Moreover, he was in the midst of attacking another man and clearly threatening his life.

The dangers of “excited delirium” is being looked at closely by police around the country. They appear to have the same impact as amphetamines in large doses and are sold in $20 packages with names like Ivory Wave and Vanilla Sky.

Source: CBS

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  2. “These so-called bath salts, not to be confused with cleansing products, are an inexpensive, synthetic, super-charged form of speed. The drug consists of a potpourri of constantly changing chemicals, three of which — mephedrone, MDPV and methylone — were banned last year by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.”

    Now from abc and Yahoo news:–abc-news-health.html

    we get the real deal. So I guess they were right when they said there is a difference in bath salts and LSD.

    Don’t try this in your bath tub at home, folks.

  3. “realityslap
    1, May 30, 2012 at 7:25 am
    LSD is NOT a safe substance, it causes irreversible psychosis and brain damage.”

    ^ This is contrary to every study ever done on the substance. Rather than actually doing research, continue believing everything you are told. Marijuana turns mexicans and blacks into frenzied murderers and rapists, and 4 out of 5 doctors recommend Marlboro.

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