Dutch Artist Turns Cat Into Helicopter

Just when you thought it was creepy for people to stuff their dead pets, Dutch artist Bart Jansen has done one better: skinning his pet cat Orville and turning it into a helicopter. The video shows cows are unnerved by the sight . . . and they are not alone. The Borg Feline is enough to send most people looking for shelter.

Jansen noted that “Oh how he loved birds. He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday.” I imagine the birds are not delighted to see the new robo-cat with enhanced engines.

Jansen says that it is merely another expression of his artistic eye. However, shortly after this video, Jansen’s dog Wilbur ran away. (Ok, I made up the last part.)

I tried to reach the Jensen home for comment but received this message:

Source: Daily Mail

28 thoughts on “Dutch Artist Turns Cat Into Helicopter”

  1. Actually, when I am done with this POS husk I am inhabiting I give you permission to do this with the remains – whats the harm to me? (although you my want to hurry at the rate its going there may not be much left to fly around)

    Now I’m going to assume the cat did not offer such a deal & that is what makes this wrong. But the guy got his 15 minutes. I’m sortta with lotta on this one.

  2. Somebody should put a propeller on that guy’s #!(& and fly it up his @$$. (Now don’t get all puffy. Whatever you think I meant, I assure you, you’re wrong.)

  3. This is the first time I didn’t have to “Find The Kitteh”. The Kitteh found me. Fortunately, Orville was out of Hellfire missiles.

  4. blech blech blech+technological and biological distinction….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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