One More Reason To Go To Your Commencement: Meet Kate Brady and Nissa Jane

According to Reddit, this song was written by Kate Brady and Nissa Jane for a graduation ceremony this month. The video is positively dreadful but the song and the voice is simply remarkable and I wanted to share it.

As I have mentioned before, I am constantly astonished by the raw musical and theatrical talents of our law students. I am not sure where these two women performed this song, but they will hopefully use this attention to continue a promising song writing and performing career. Here is a new video with the lyrics of the song. Well done Kate and Nissa and thank you.

7 thoughts on “One More Reason To Go To Your Commencement: Meet Kate Brady and Nissa Jane”

  1. My sister, a professional singer with voice closely matching Barbra Streisand, agreed with MabelMabel.

  2. Although I loved the musicality, lyrics, and the passion behind the song, I am concerned in that the singer sounds like she may be “singing on her cords,” and could be doing damage to her naturally beautiful sound, perhaps permanent damage. I hope this talented young singer seeks out professional vocal training so she can sing for the rest of her life. Too many young singers burn out their vocal cords by singing improperly and that’s a terrible loss, for the singer and we, their fans.

  3. Music is at its best in this sort of form.

    Stripped down to instruments and vocals. Too many talent musicians fall prey to producers who ‘produce’ every bit of talent and impact out of songs.

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