Report: Americans Required By Israeli Security To Give Access To Their Personal Email Accounts At Airport

This report in Haaretz details a highly disturbing account of how Israel’s Shin Bet security service interrogated American citizens with Arab backgrounds for hours and demanded access to their personal email accounts at Ben Gurion Airport. After spending a night in custody, they were denied entry into Israel in May. If these accounts are true, why has there been no formal and public objection from the Obama Administration?

Najwa Doughman, a 25-year-old architect from New York, was visiting Israel for the third time. She was traveling with a friend, Sasha Al-Sarabi, 24. Both women have Palestinian roots and were taken into custody for extensive searches and prolonged interrogation. They recount how security officials demanded to know why Najwa would return to Israel, whether she felt “more Arab or more American?” and whether she wanted to visit Al-Aqsa.

The security officials demanded her access code and proceeded to read out load her email conversations about Israel and other subjects.

The account details highly abusive treatment of Americans by a country that still receives billions in aid from the United States. That money comes from all of our citizens, including those with Arab backgrounds. If this account is true, there should be a public demand for answers from the State Department, but there has been total silence from the Obama Administration. The silence is as disturbing as the allegation, in my view.

The Israeli government has reported told the newspaper that everything was done in a perfectly lawful manner under Israeli law.

Source: Haaretz

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  1. Rafflaw, It’s a concern to me that if the ACLU or a freedom loving citizen gets the phone swipe matter before the high court it will be green-lighted nationwide and conversely, if it doesn’t get a court hearing that strikes the practice down, it will become a nationwide problem.

  2. With apologies to the shade of Percy Bysshe Shelley and his immortal poem “Ozymandias,” I offer here a brief meditation on only the most current depredations of the Apartheid Zionist Entity upon those captive Palestinian Arabs who had absolutely nothing to do with the German/Christian persecution of Jews in Europe before and during World War II. Given the reflexive genuflecting sponsorship of this pipsqueak pariah by its pathetic patron, the United States, I call the ruinous relationship:

    “Cozy Scandalous”

    I met a refugee from Gaza Strip,
    Who spoke to me with empty, staring eyes
    Dumb words whose depth of pain I could not grip
    With all the helping hands the world denies
    While lapping up the lurid lies that slip
    And roll so greasy off the practiced tongue
    Of Zionists whose caged and wounded prey
    Are told to flee and leave their dying young
    To weep beside the corpses of their old
    In darkened shattered former homes where they
    Cannot refute the garbage we’ve been told
    By glib Israeli liars trained to spread
    A veil of darkness over crimes they’ve sold
    As “Peaceful Co-Existence” — with the dead

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2009.

    The Tenth Crusade began in 1948 with the establishment of the Apartheid Zionist Entity. It has lasted some sixty-plus years. The previous nine lasted only about two hundred. This one has a ways to go yet, but will end up the same way the others did, and for similar reasons.

  3. So sorry if the truth hurts, DonS, but self-hatred is exactly what it is. As for your relatives who died in the Holocaust, I wouldn’t be so quick to mind read. Who knows, they might even have looked kindly on a country that served as a refuge for Holocaust survivors and whose record of democracy and human rights finds no equal in the Middle East. Embarrassing to see how pathetic are the “arguments” of the apologists for anti-Israel bigotry.

  4. I thought fascism was defined by the interests of corporations being those that steer the state. And this congruency of interests meant it was difficult to discern a border between the two entities.

    Now if we don’t have fascism, then what do we have.

    Thanks Lotta.
    Shall we go around with a certain moustache and a suitable wig on July 4th, carrying of course portraits of “der Fuhrer”? How many would get the point? How many would tolerate the free speeh? And what would the judge in Pennsylvania do if a conflict emerges?

  5. lotta,
    that is an interesting link concerning the traffic stop data swipe! I was not aware of that.

  6. In Michigan the police can also swipe- literally- your phone info at a traffic stop, The ACLU is concerned:

    “ACLU wants to know how Michigan cops use ‘data extraction devices’
    ACLU wants more information on how Michigan State Police are using handheld devices it says could download information from the cell phones of motorists they pull over”

    Why would the State Department get involved when we do the same thing here, hell, foreign governments probably have a reciprocity agreement with our government calling for the sharing of the looted info. Srsly, just because “fascism” is spelled wit a small “F” in this country doesn’t mean it isn’t, like, real fascism.

  7. This is happening in the U.S. and has been since 9-11. They have their own ‘watch’ list as well as just cause- just cause the wanna’.

    “Warning: US Customs and Border Protection may confiscate your laptop and PDA
    by Ned Levi on July 3, 2008

    The Fourth Amendment may prohibit “unreasonable searches and seizures” and require “probable cause,” but not at the border, according to the 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals, which has ruled that Customs and Border Protection agents could conduct random, warrantless searches and seizures of laptops without probable cause.

    Since 9/11, CBP agents have been searching and seizing laptops, digital cameras, cellphones and other electronic devices at the border, without search warrants, or probable cause. CBP agents can subject these devices to extensive forensic analysis, according to the courts”


    “Wikileaks volunteer detained and searched (again) by US agents”

  8. You can say what you like as long as you have people who believe it and are willing to pay for it.

    We had a lecture to that effect, about Fox News not being a news organ, but an assured deliverer of propaganda as their viewers wish it.

    Would seem that the Republicans are the same sort of organ. The problem is the folks who want that BS.
    Will/can they change?

  9. “Jacob condemns the “double standard” that Israel suffers. Have you seen any of the treatment that Palestinian farmers are subjected to by the settlers?” — @Curious.

    Israel plays the double standard game mightily; calls itself a democracy, which Jacob affirms just above, and acts like anything but. Comparing itself to those it considers virtually subhuman, doesn’t make much of an argument.

    With Jacob dragging out the “self hatred” trope, the circle is complete in his self identification with the far right wing. My Jewish associates, and certainly the many relatives dead in the Holocaust are not honored by that brand of of Jew.

  10. “Are those Jews who support the boycott also anti-semites?” In my judgement, yes, absolutely they are. To single out for special scrutiny and economic discrimination the lone democracy in its part of the world, a country that affords its Arab and Palestinian citizens greater rights than they can claim in many parts of the Arab world, is to promote a bias against the Jewish state that deserves to be called hatred — and, in the case of Jewish backers of these measures, self-hatred. Of course, one of the great tragedies of Jewish history is that is rife with Jews embracing causes seeking the destruction of world Jewry.

  11. Yes, dump on President Obama again. It is getting shallow on this blog. Not shallow–transparent. Why dont you put the Willard bumper sticker on the top of the blog and be done with it?

  12. Now there’s a compelling counter-arguement! Who says internet discussion doesn’t take place on a high level?

  13. “Israel is a small country in a particularly hostile part of the world and it is understandable if not always admirable that it feels the need to constrain free speech ”

    “boycott advocates are anti-Semites.”

    “Israeli settlers sometimes mistreat Palestinians, which is wrong.”

    Jacob, peddle your hasbarist, apartheid right wing Zionist drivel to the credulous.

  14. Yes the boycott advocates are anti-Semites. And yes, Israeli settlers sometimes mistreat Palestinians, which is wrong. I know, two thoughts in one head. It’s just plain crazy!

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