Lawsuit: Architect In Diabetic Shock Beaten By Multiple Officers, Pepper Sprayed, and Repeatedly Tasered Before Dying

A disturbing lawsuit has been filed against the Baltimore County Police Department by Linda Johnson over the death of her husband, Architect Carl D. Johnson on May 27, 2010. Johnson was pepper sprayed, tasered, and beaten before his death on the way home from Bible study class.

Linda Johnson is suing the Maryland State Police, Baltimore County Police, individual commanders and six officers. Her lawsuit claims that her husband suffered a diabetic attack after calling a friend and crashing on I-795. First to the scene was State Trooper Davon Parker who pepper sprayed Johnson after he lowered his window of his car, which had crashed into the median. When Johnson got out of the car, Parker clubbed him on the knee and then allegedly another officer (Loss) clubbed him. When Baltimore County Police Officer Nicholas Wolferman arrived, he also allegedly beat Johnson. Three more officers arrived and one, Baltimore County Officer Andrew O’Neill tasered Johnson twice. Officer Loss then allegedly punched him in the face. Eight more officers then arrived — leaving one wondering if there were any officers left at headquarters. The complaint states that “there were approximately 52 individuals that responded to the scene.”

We have been following cases involving the use of tasers and excessive force by police. However, Baltimore has been cited as a standout jurisdiction in the use of tasers — leading to calls for investigation.

Johnson was only 48 and lives behind his wife of 27 years. Their son, Darren Johnson, predeceased his parents and Linda has now lost her husband.

Source: Courthouse

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  1. Tionico, you’ve hit the nail on the head. There will always be thugs that respect nothing but force and, unfortunately, a uniform can bring out the worst. It’s a travesty that this widowed woman is having to take this on alone. Government isn’t doing its job with respect to a bunch of casual murderers, feeling licensed-to-kill by their uniforms. It is ominous and destructive when government communicates that people really can’t rely on the law for protection.

  2. Shano, I think “liberals” has morphed from meaning liberals into meaning “whomsoever right-wingers disdain for any reason based on whatever.”

    ah yes, Malisha, the Zimmerman Doctrine. Whatever.

  3. In the 60’s it was said that when somebody was too lazy to work and to chicken to steal it would join a police dept. Looks like Maryland is still using this criteria for hiring and Davon Parker is its crown jewel.
    College degrees should be mandatory for anybody pretending to do law enforcement, this way the mentally retarded would be weeded out.

  4. Shano, I think “liberals” has morphed from meaning liberals into meaning “whomsoever right-wingers disdain for any reason based on whatever.”

  5. streetrace: excuse me, but most cops are right wing authoritarians, which is why Scott Walker survived his recall election.

    Liberals are joining the ‘Occupy’ movement and the cops are beating the shit out of them whenever they can. Luckily, the Occupiers are winning in court so far.
    Right wingers also support the MIC, the militarization of the police forces, & authoritarian regimes in every nation.

  6. I have great concern for this lady and hope she can make it to the end of this ordeal. Still her life will not be restored. I think the requirement of being an x-military nutter is in the hiring test. When first married my husband wanted to be a “cop” and I realized the ego problems in that. I said ” not with this wife”. Instead I pushed him back into the military and thirty years later the results are the same. His mind went sideway, no amount of my love could have prevented it. These cops are encouraged in the same manner as the military to be unreasonable and allowed by law to do so. Just call me the former wife of Chief Roberson.[

  7. Dredd wants something good to come from this. The only thing good that could come from this is for 52 officers to go to jail. The ones who beat and tasered him, for homicide; the others for failing to come to Mr Johnson’s aide.

  8. The guy was in a wreck and because he wanted to get out of his car that was a problem? I guess the very idea he had his Bible with him scared the liberals to death. And they have the neve to call Christians hate mongers. Yeah, who’s kidding whom?

  9. I don’t think 52 officers were on the scene killing the motorist. Only a few were. I think probably the total count of 52 “involved” includes those who made reports, covered up the incident, jerked the wife around when she tried to file complaints, impeded the investigation, circled the wagons, “lost” the paperwork, etc. It takes a village.

  10. And over in INdiana LE are whinging and moaning about a new law assuring civilians have the right to use deadly force against LE when such act outside the law.. they say “there will be people shooting cops for no reason”. Every one of them should be sat down and have to listen to this story…. and then be informed THIS IS WHY that law was passed. Treat citizens with lawful respect, and you won’t be the ones getting shot at. Bust down people’s doors in the middle of the night, start beating up harmless accident victims, shoot a man’s dog in his own fenced yard, and expect to get shot at.

    When cops treat law abiding citizens like criminals, they will be responded to in kind. The alternative? Open season on people wearking blue. Whch way will it be? If cops don’t begin, right away, to self-regulate, the citizens WILL regulate. People of Baltimor County need to get up about this…. confront their LEA and demand they stop this sort of insanity. Fire their sheriff for allowing this to go on, and fire all the officers involved in this disgusting conduct. THEN initiiate a Grand Jury to examine the evidence and lay charges where appropriate against the sick army of cops that murdered a man for noo reason. It falls on the PEOPLE of that jurisdiction. There are some parts of the country I will NOT willingly go to… Chicago, New York City, Newark, and this incident tends to put Baltimore on that list as well….

  11. No wonder cops don’t want you video taping them. These thug cops should ALL be brought up on MURDER charges. ALL of them. This is beyond outrageous! Even the Gestapo would not have responded so violently! This is something I would expect from Genghis Khan’s warriors. NOT American police officers, who CLEARLY have forgotten who they work for, and their job description!

  12. Why don’t we hold these thugs responsible? Because injustice is a form of control. Look at the history of communist and fascist countries and how the citizens were treated. We are being introduced to our new form of Government. It will get worse and more widespread because America is asleep. When will we wake up? When we hit bottom. But it may be too late then.

  13. sadly she will probably win the case but all the money she wins will come from the taxpayer in the end and those responsible will not be held accountable for their actions

  14. Every last one of the Baltimore County Police Officers involved in this incident together with their commanding officer should be fired. This incident is intollerable and inexcusable because it was done by people who routinely carry lethal weapons. Any monetary award that results from the suit should be paid by the officers personally and certainly not the Baltimore County residents.

  15. I believe its more than past due to recognize, react appropriately to these brazen human rights violations in the states. Amnesty International is aware among others like them. The awakening masses are capable.Travel with a concealed weapon, defend yourself when appropriate from these lesser life forms. In other words, take defenseive action in the name of self-defense, or more directly ….I was also a victim survived.

  16. I can not Believe you Idiots, something is missing in this report. We are to believe that 53 Police officers showed up to a regular car accident. then this lovely church going driver, who had a seizure sitting in his car doing nothing. the mean old police walk up for no reason pepper spray the driver, beat him with batons, taser him. all for no reason.

    The lady may be telling the truth. but this does not make sence. I have never seen a police officer walk up to an accident and start beating the driver because he had a wreck. Something is wrong her and a lot of information is missing.

  17. DM, sorry but the ‘liberals’ have always been the targets of state power and police brutality. They were out there marching for civil rights getting beaten & killed, they marched to end the horrible war in Vietnam and felt the full brunt of our police state. Today they are out there ‘occupying’ in order to wrestle our democracy from Multinational corporations and the power of the Fed and the financial system, the crimes of the FIRE sector.

    Tell me, when has the right wing put their lives on the line to protest brutality? When?

    They are the biggest supporters of for-profit prisons, of the MIC, of arming the police with military gear so giant corporate interests can get their cut of government welfare.

    bah, what BS.

  18. I am diabetic. It is a MEAN ailment. you can get too much sugar and get violent then comatose, and you can get too little sugar and blackout and go comatose. improper sugar can lead to anger and aggression. And the person afflicted may not be aware of his/her surroundings.

    Police are not trained to recognize these symptoms. BUT it does seem like this case was way out of control.

    The Police will likely get a ruling of non-excessive force, they usually do.

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