Something Not Quite Kosher About ConAgra? Lawsuit Challenges Kosher Claim Of Hebrew National Dogs

ConAgra is facing a legal challenge over its claim that its popular Hebrew National hotdogs are kosher. Employees at the company’s third-party kosher certifier for ConAgra claim that they have witnessed serious breaches in kosher rules at the company’s meat plants.

Eleven consumers enlisted a Minnesota firm to bring the action for fraudulent mislabeling of food as kosher such as using the “Triangle K” on Hebrew National meats. One such violation is that animals for kosher meat cannot have dirty hides covered in mud, sand or stones. Moreover, the employees say that unhealthy animals are often slaughtered with the kosher certification company looking the other way.

The lawsuit clearly accuses the rabbinical oversight of the certifier as failing to properly monitor the process and hold the company to kosher standards. In that sense, it would seem an interesting variation of “agency capture” where government regulators become too identified with their regulated companies. Rabbi capture appears based on the same notions.

Source: CBS

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  1. The inspector wasn’t an ex-German army sergeant name Schultz, was he?

  2. idealist, this shows you how powerful Cargil, Smithfield, Tyson, et al are in government. When the Union of Concerned Scientists has been clamoring to end this non theraputic use of antibiotics in meat, now the AMA, various consumer groups- all shouting at the government as loud as we can- signing petitions, direct actions, etc.

    From Congress? crickets. From Obama- oh, lets have a VOLUNTARY program to reduce the use of antibiotics in meat.

    Independent studies show more than 50% of CAFO workers test positive for MRSA on their skin. these people are spreading these antibiotic resistant bacteria all through the US. Independent studies also show the majority of meat from supermarkets is also contaminated with MRSA.

    I have not eaten this meat in 7 years and I would never touch the stuff. Too much contamination and no regulations. We had one recent victory- we got the government to ban feeding arsenic to chickens (it caused weight gain). Imagine that. People in America have been eating arsenic in chicken meat for decades.

    No need to wonder why we have the highest health care costs in the world.

  3. idealist; the only way to assure you are not buying CAFO meat is to either know your producer (LBell Ranch) or buy only grass fed beef, free range chicken & turkey. Pastured pigs.
    People buy ‘organic’ beef for a premium, which is a mistake. It isn’t the type of feed, all corn or grain fed beef have a changed fats ratio. Grass fed beef or pork has more Omega 3s vs Omega 6.

    All grain fed beef (organic or not) have had this healthy fat ratio changed to more Omega 6 fat. Americans in general get too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3, it is a huge factor in why the American diet is so bad for human health…

    Grass fed beef that is full of Omega 3 fats are really healthy to eat and do not promote heart disease. That is the real problem I have with the American food system.

    They say ‘red’ meat is bad for your heart, and sure, all CAFO meat has had the bad fats enhanced so they are bad for you. But grass fed beef, pork and poultry who have a natural diet of bugs and grass (free range) are NOT bad for you in any way. The Omega 3 fats make a huge difference.

  4. After all, we are allowed to look at evening programs such as Colbert, Stewart, et al.
    So why these words?
    Use of words diminish their effect. The saving relationship which has helped many a frantic parent with a 3 year old’s new vocabulary.

    Thank the dogs for bringing it up. The smart ones spoke pig-latin in high school. When do we get a dog-latin?

  5. I would suppose that Kosher does NOT regulate use of sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics in meat production. And thus all, practically, kosher contains meat which has can have been exposed to bacteria resistant to anti-biotics.

    Here is a quote citing the AMA’s position.

    Each year, 24.6 million pounds of antimicrobials are administered to livestock for non-therapeutic purposes.[19] Seventy percent of all antibiotics and related drugs are given to animals as feed additives.[3] Nearly half of the antibiotics used are nearly identical to ones given to humans. There is strong evidence that the use of antibiotics in animal feed is contributing to an increase in antibiotic-resistant microbes and causing antibiotics to be less effective for humans.[3] Due to concerns over antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the American Medical Association passed a resolution stating its opposition to the use of sub-therapeutic levels of antimicrobials in livestock.[11] l Source: Wikipedia

    Or does Kosher adapt itself to such modern problems?

  6. ScratchinDog here sittin in for BarkinDog. I had to change my name to get past the censor..
    They call it ConAgra because they are a bunch of Con men who act like they know about agriculture. Why do they attempt to sanctify some tube of meat to eat by calling it a Hotdog?
    So I will tell a story that gets told around the dog pack. Two nuns emigrated here from Poland and came without papers. They were working in a convent and escaped one day and walked into Coney Island. They went up to a hotdog stand and each ordered one. They walked out to the seating area, sat down, and the first Polish nun without papers says to the other one after she unwrapped the paper off the food item? “What part of the dog did you get?”
    True story. In those days they never kicked people out of the country for not having papers so they got to stay. The questioning one with the inquiring mind quit the nunnery and married some guy and they had kids. One of the kids is grown and lives in the neighborhood and belongs to DWOPs. He told the nun and the hot dog story to the dog pack this morning and nun of us laughed.
    If the food item was aptly named it would be called Anthony’s Wiener after that Congressman from NY who could not keep his wiener off facebook.

  7. Anyone know a free speech blog where a dog can employ the name for a female dog without being censored? The word is itchin to get out and starts with a B.

  8. First they promote Willard on this blog and now they adopt censorhship. First Amendment my ……

  9. One would think that a blog sponsored by a guy who fronts himself off as some conlaw guy would be less ConAgra about it and not censor words out of the comments.

  10. Any meat from animals raised in a CAFO is contaminated in some disgusting way.
    Either its steroids or hormones or nitrates or salt water pumping or antibiotic contamination or MRSA (50% of all CAFO meat tests positive).

    CAFOs cause huge environmental contamination resulting in pfisteria (flesh eating bacteria) contamination of watersheds, etc etc et al.

    Just say “No” to all CAFO meat and you will preserve your health.

  11. There is far more not ‘kosher’ about conagra than just their hotdogs.

  12. Selling products as “Kosher” when not actually kosher is a crime in Washington State.

    RCW 69.90.010
    Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.

    (1) “Food product” includes any article other than drugs, whether in raw or prepared form, liquid or solid, or packaged or unpackaged, and which is used for human consumption.

    (2) “Kosher” means a food product which has been prepared, processed, manufactured, maintained, and sold in accordance with the requisites of traditional Jewish dietary law.

    (3) “Person” includes individuals, partnerships, corporations, and associations.
    RCW 69.90.020
    Sale of “kosher” and “kosher style” food products prohibited if not kosher — Representations — Penalty.
    (1) No person may knowingly sell or offer for sale any food product represented as “kosher” or “kosher style” when that person knows that the food product is not kosher and when the representation is likely to cause a prospective purchaser to believe that it is kosher. Such a representation can be made orally or in writing, or by display of a sign, mark, insignia, or simulation.

    (2) A person violating this section is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

    RCW 69.90.030
    Violation of chapter is violation of consumer protection act.
    A violation of this chapter shall constitute a violation of the consumer protection act, chapter 19.86 RCW.

  13. Matt,
    You’re not a carpenter, and neither am I. Ours was built by a pro. He came fussing because the house was not square.
    Kerstin shut him up with: “Most houses aren’t.”

    PS You should have not made it level, a certain drainage should be aided. Keeps the boards from drying out.

  14. BarkinDog,

    Are you sure PittsburghDog’s Pal cop is his pal? Did you see what Dredd said?

  15. BarkinDog, you guys don’t need to worry too much about your place in the food chain so long as everybody observes the laws of “kasrut” — a land animal has to have HOOVES and CHEW ITS CUD to be edible.

  16. BarkinDog here. Please dont confuse me with KosherDog whom I let sit in for me on the Dogalogue machine this morning and say his peace. KosherDog is a funny little guy with a beanie who is all consumed with the Dogs With Out Papers organization. The guy Pal who founded DWOP is an older codger who does his best to protect the dogpack. But KosherDog is right about the Humane Society and those schmucks who do their best to exterminate dogs. He has his shots and a real dog license on his collar. He also has a little flat tag on his collar in brass which says: Never Forget. I asked the old dog what that meant but he says he forgot. I can tell you too that the Humane Society schmucks are prejudiced against Chico and the other hispanic dogs. The hate Rotts and Pitt Bulls. We got a guy named PittsburghDog in the pack who gets harassed all the time and his Pal is a cop.

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