Rocky Road: Arkansas Woman Accused Of Hit-And-Run Claims She Did Not Want Ice Cream To Melt

In Arkansas, Flora Burkhart, 58, has a curious defense to hit and run. She was cited by police at her home after leaving the scene of an accident. When confronted about the flight, Burkhart explained that she did not think the damage was significant and could not stop because she had ice cream in the car that would melt.

After she hit a pickup truck from behind, she left the scene but was followed by other driver, Derek Parker. Each car sustained $500 in damages.

She was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and driving too closely to Parker’s vehicle. It could be worse. She could have claimed that she did not want her beer to get warm in her open container.

In another such case, we previously followed the alleged hit-and-run by former U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson. The police have decided not to charge Bryson, even though he did not have an ice cream. Bryson claims to have suffered a seizure in the accident.

Source: KSDK as first seen on Reddit.

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  1. lmao my next plan was to see if I could find a Dr in Tn as its a shortr distance than Mo

  2. Jo, each state is different. They have different rules, some of which are dictated by the State Pharmacy Board, which has to work closely with the DEA.

    For example when I was in Mississippi, one patient became enraged at her psychiatrist (a friend of mine) who filed a charge on her insurance for $20 to call in a prescription for alprazolam (Xanax). She railed against his charging this “exorbitant” sum, even though it was 100% covered by her insurance. He said if he tried to talk to her he would probably lose his temper, so asked me to call her for him. I could not get through to her that to call in a script for her Xanax he had to fill out forms for the Pharmacy Board, the State Board of Health, the DEA, and the medical board. Not to mention a form for our files. She could not bring herself to understand that his “simple” calling in a prescription renewal for her Xanax actually cost him money in terms of taking him away from seeing paying patients even though he got paid a lousy twenty bucks for all that.

  3. This is why I hate it here . They are trying to kill me
    worse than that that they don’t care if a person who has severe chronic pain lives or dies. Never happened in NC

  4. ask your friend who can I see who will treat me for diabetes thyroid high cholesterol and the usual things people go to the dr for that come up suddenly. You see I have never had to live like I was homeless and hope I can get some Dr in a free clinic to see me as if I climbed out of a fridge box

  5. in NC I dont have to go into a diabetic emergency to get diabetic meds. And to not have access to diabetic meds on an ongoing basis is a med emergency and it is beyond my understanding. I dont ask my primary to prescribe pain meds. I dont ask my primary to prescribe cardiac meds but primary physicians do prescribe diabetic meds as well as test regularly for A1C levels as well as liver function tests and thyroid and cholesterol and di I need a thyroid specialist and a specialist for high cholesterol. these are the things a primary phys treat.
    This is why I hate it here . I am scared and cannot afford 5 more doctors all at specialists rates. I will run out of diabetic meds in 4 days
    Do I travel back to NC? why did I never have this problem in NC if it is DEA run amok?

  6. Oh and BTW a walk in clinic or urgent care is much more expensive. My insurance will not allow me to use an urgent care as a primary phys. and I should not have to. I am doing nothing underhanded or shameful.

  7. Joe, my friend left KARK a few years ago. Must be new management. I will ask him what is going on over there. He is currently a manager at a large medical facility. Probably more money and fewer headaches.

  8. You may have to see a specialist for your diabetes medications. You are a victim of the DEA war on sanity. Because of your ongoing pain medications, you are radioactive to family physicians.

    There was a case in Florida several years ago. The DEA busted a doctor for prescribing large doses of pain meds to a guy with a spinal cord injury. The patient was in a wheelchair. They raided his home and found he had a large amount of Rx pain meds on hand. The DEA, in their infinite medical wisdom, prosecuted him for the large amount of drugs on hand and charged him with intent to sell, since they could not fathom anyone needing that many pain meds. Last I heard, he was in prison in Florida, confined in the Dept of Corrections medical unit, and on MORE pain medications than he was taking at home.

    Welcome to the DEA War on Sanity.

    If you start to get in a diabetic crisis, for pete’s sake, go to the nearest emergency department.

  9. As for the news bimbet who thinks that Mcdonalds is a staple(KARK also) she may be right. The problem isnt AR, but the fact that the priorities of news stations is on looks instead of intelligence when it comes to News broadcasts The english lnguage is the loser. (My pet peave is the now standard use of the word home when they mean house)(It is even now popularly called a town home rather than a town house)

  10. Because of the overprescribing pain meds given for chronic conditions are prescribed by pain clinics which are controlled by many fed restrictions. my oxycodoe doses are small a total of 45 mg a day. I go to a physical therapy clinic also. I do not use marajuana medical or illegal. I had a serious car accident and have worked with my doctors in NC to keep my Oxy doses small. I live in pain but the oxy takes the worst edge off. I am a diabetic. I have always had a family phy who takes care of my diabetic meds . I have a cardiologist who will not prescribe diabetic meds. My pain dr will not prescribe diabetic meds. I cannot get a reg dr .I am beginning to feel a little mad maybe they will give me diabetic meds at the mental hosp as i fell like that is where I am going next.

  11. Jo, the former news director and general manager of KARK is a lifelong friend of mine. I cannot imagine him allowing that kind of thing without their being repercussions for the on air personality. There must have been a back story.

  12. Jo, you can thank the DEA and their computerized cross referenced database. In our area, at least a half dozen doctors have gone to prison in the past few years for what the DEA felt was overprescribing controlled pain medications. Our own primary care physician will not provide continuing dosages of pain medications, and they have a sign next to the registration desk that tells you that. They might prescribe enough oxycodone for a week if you sprain your ankle or have minor surgery, but that is it.

    The local mental health center no longer prescribes anxiolytic or hypnotic (sleep) medications.

    If you are using medical marijuana, most doctors will not touch you. They will tell you to go to whoever wrote that script for medical services. If you are getting high doses of pain medications for whatever reason, they will tell you to see whoever it is that is giving you those if you need something. If you have a thyroid or heart condition, a specialist will see you, but not a family medicine doctor for routine care. You might find services at a walk-in clinic. They do not usually turn medical patients away unless they seek controlled drugs.

    We are a family of medical professionals. I know what I am talking about.

  13. OS I have alwys hated when someone sitting in Ohio or Caifornia make generalizations about the intelligence of the peoples of a southern state based on some report of a stupid event. I’m from NC Ive lived in Louisiana, Pennsylvania Virginia Florida Georgia New York and Nebraska. I have always been able to find people of intelligence and grace. There have always been a fair share of those I didn’t find so charming But I am not sitting in Montana or Wisconsin never having been here. I am speaking about what I am experiencing. I am glad you loved your home and got a good education here . that you have extended family here but I haven’t met them or anyone close to them. …….I stand by my earlier statement

  14. leejcaroll the tv station is kark out of little rock the anchor made the call on his cell about 2 weeks ago around the end of June

  15. OS I take oxycodone slow release 15 mg twice a day as well 5 mg of oxycodone immediate release up to 3 times daily. it is a controlled substance in 50 states . Prescribed by a liscensed physician. I was seen in a pain clinic in NC and became a patient here when we moved here . I went to a family practice and was taken in as a patient but was sent a letter after 5 weeks telling me they could no longer treat me or my husband since they were releasing me. No explanation and I did ask.
    My 3 month prescriptions of Janumet and Actos( diabetic meds)are running out and every drs office I call first asks what my Ins is then do I take any controlled meds or substances. as soon as I say yes I am told they will not see me. One receptionist said I should just lie when asked.. Is that the answer?
    Medical marijuana pah i take a perfectly legal and prescribed medication .

  16. Jo a relative of mine was a tv reporter in Arkansas. Ill have to ask if he heard about this (sounds like maybe happened after he left)

  17. Jo,
    I doubt that any family practice physician anywhere would take you as a patient if you are using “medical marijuana.” At least not until it is fully decriminalized. Many, if not most, doctors I know would like to see that happen, but in the meantime, few are willing to step over the “knew or should have known” threshold. They worked too long and hard to get that degree and medical license to put it in jeopardy.

    As for your feelings about the state of Arkansas. I was born there, educated there and have extended family there. The place is a state, just like 49 other states, populated by all kinds of people of all walks of life. Based on your comment, I suspect that when you leave for your home state, the average IQ of both states will go up.

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