The Inconvenient Country: Denise Rich Renounces Citizenship And Saves Millions In Taxes

The Rich couple is back in the news. If you recall, President Bill Clinton pardoned billionaire trader Marc Rich in one of the most unwarranted presidential acts under the pardon power — a pardon rightfully denounced as little more than a payback for a wealthy supporter by Clinton. Now, Rich’s wife, Denise, has given up her U.S. citizenship — reportedly to avoid taxes. Clinton should be doubly ashamed of his association and assistance to this couple.

Marc Rich became a fugitive in 1983 — fleeing charges of tax evasion, fraud, racketeering and illegal trading of oil with Iran. Clinton however felt that of all of the people charged in the United States, the billionaire fugitive warranted a presidential pardon in 2001.

Rich, 68, is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and socialite and divorced Marc Rich in 1996. Her application was filed under her maiden name Denise Eisenberg. Born in Massachusetts, she will now rely on her Austrian citizenship through her deceased father.

For my part, these recent denials of citizenship should focus greater attention at the ever-expanding number of “dual citizens” in the United States — a status that has never been fully debated in this country. We have never discussed whether citizens should be able to claim two or more home nations. Rich shows that such status allows for people to forum shop between nations. Obviously what was holding her to the United States was pure convenience — much like her husband who did not hesitate to flee when the laws were applied to him like an ordinary person — at least until Bill Clinton rescued him on his final day in office. That does not mean that dual citizenship is fundamentally wrong but it does suggest the need for some national discussion of the trend.

Source: MSNBC

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  2. Michael J. Marsalek,

    Be careful when attending Parties. Don’t drink the Tea.

    Please quote Obama’s Declaration of War on those making over $250K per year. I must have missed it.

    I pity the poor ‘people of means.’ They NEED all that money. How else will they fill their empty souls?

    Why should they have to pay taxes, anyway? They do so much for the U.S.A., already.

    Why, their mere presence glorifies us all.

  3. I have never heard or read that Bill Clinton was ever ashamed of any of his scandalous and/or illicit behavior. Given that Barack Obama has openly declared war on everyone earning in excess of $250K; Denise Rich is not the first, nor will she be the last, to pack up her milk & cookies and leave while she still has something to leave with. Obama has served notice that all people of means are now being targeted for extinction.

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    Good luck…..the other sentiments have been working expressed……

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  6. Rupert Murdoch obtained duel citizenship (here) and (there) so that he could buy Fox News. You should be doubly ashamed of your relationship with Fox News and the Wall Street Journal Mr. JT.

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    I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. I also send you a strong high-five to be applied when full sensation returns. 🙂

  8. The IRS should proceed immediately to investigate he tax status for previous years and any foreign accounts she may have. If any irregularities are found her assets in the US should be frozen. As she has given up her American citizenship she should be on a list that marks her as an undesirable and forbids the issuance of a Visa. This should happen to multinational corporations and their CEO who transfer jobs and funds to avoid taxes and make bigger profits while enjoying all the benefits this country offers.
    Good bye Ms. Rich and don’t even think of coming back.

  9. He was born in Oklahoma,
    His wifes name was Betty Lou Thelma LIz,
    He’s not responsible for what he’s doin,
    His moooothhherr made him what he is.
    –Jerry Jeff Walker.

    If you are born in Oklahoma you are also a citizen of the United States. You pay income taxes in both soverein states. That, my fine feathered friend is two states. So,its up against the wall you redneck mothers. Canada and the U.S. is common. NYC is a foreign country if you go by their language. Duel tools. So this rich lady wants to leave and get out of paying taxes here. That was the same rap of every person who came through Ellis Island. What are we? Hypocrites?

  10. . Born in Massachusetts, she will now rely on her Austrian citizenship through her deceased father.

    the austrian school of economics.

  11. “There are a lot of people in influential positions inour government with dual citizenship with Israel.”

    Well shut my mouth and smear my ears with jam!

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