Gallop: Faith In Organized Religion At All-Time Low

While both President Obama and his Republicans challengers continue to engage in faith-based politics, a recent poll shows Americans faith in organized religion at an all-time low. Nevertheless, attacks on atheists and agnostics and secularists appear at an all-time high in the West (here and here).

Ironically, while confidence in our politicians are also at an all time low, they have reached out to churches to help push the faithful to the polls.

The new Gallup poll shows only 44 percent of people expressing a “great deal” of confidence in organized religion — down from the 1970s when 68 percent of Americans had a high degree of confidence.

Not surprisingly, Catholics show the sharpest decline. Yet other polls still show atheists trusted as much as rapists. Recent scandals appear to have lowered the respect and trust of religion just as those numbers are failing for political institutions.

We have also seen a decline in actual faith figures around the world with rising numbers of atheists and agnostics.

Source: MSNBC

44 thoughts on “Gallop: Faith In Organized Religion At All-Time Low”

  1. Thankfully, these are the final remaining gasps of a failed system of beliefs. May the Human spirit finally prevail………….

  2. ID707,

    A morning (for me) read of rain reports from over Wisconsin is always interesting. Is my suspicion correct that all the cold fronts which are converted into storms, tornadoes and other excesses cross the border in Wisconsin?
    Turns out it wasn’t much of a storm. They’re predicting more later.
    And a prolonged vigorous discussion on humor and philosophy between Matt Johns(t)on and Blouise would have been cool. Being a friend (still?) of Blouise I would side with her. But believe his obvious (to me) joke:
    “I’m agnostic. And speaking against the State is your God given right, as long as you don’t say anything threatening.” can be deeply humourous.
    I’m not qualified to discuss philosophy. No doubt you are.

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