Gallop: Faith In Organized Religion At All-Time Low

While both President Obama and his Republicans challengers continue to engage in faith-based politics, a recent poll shows Americans faith in organized religion at an all-time low. Nevertheless, attacks on atheists and agnostics and secularists appear at an all-time high in the West (here and here).

Ironically, while confidence in our politicians are also at an all time low, they have reached out to churches to help push the faithful to the polls.

The new Gallup poll shows only 44 percent of people expressing a “great deal” of confidence in organized religion — down from the 1970s when 68 percent of Americans had a high degree of confidence.

Not surprisingly, Catholics show the sharpest decline. Yet other polls still show atheists trusted as much as rapists. Recent scandals appear to have lowered the respect and trust of religion just as those numbers are failing for political institutions.

We have also seen a decline in actual faith figures around the world with rising numbers of atheists and agnostics.

Source: MSNBC

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  1. Shame this petered out so early.

    A morning (for me) read of rain reports from over Wisconsin is always interesting. Is my suspicion correct that all the cold fronts which are converted into storms, tornadoes and other excesses cross the border in Wisconsin?

    And a prolonged vigorous discussion on humor and philosophy between Matt Johns(t)on and Blouise would have been cool. Being a friend (still?) of Blouise I would side with her. But believe his obvious (to me) joke:
    “I’m agnostic. And speaking against the State is your God given right, as long as you don’t say anything threatening.” can be deeply humourous.

    He refers to the obvious uselessness in basing your rights on God, when addressing the state particularly if it feels threatened, is my interpretation. And in keeping with his agnosticism. Not that I encourage fights, but two obviously astute and adult persons who can keep it within the bounds of civility is cool on occasion.

    Also enjoyed Blouise’s: “Guess you had to be there.” It may sound “Made in America” but is a universal human reflection, which even an ex-pat can understand.

    Maybe I can use it by saying about Jesus; “you just had to be there”

    God? Why should he craate us, be concerned with us, or do we inhabit a special place in the universe and in his attention? Question of faith, and your willingness to realize we are all symbionts on the same planet. And we are EFFing it up, very quickly. If it is the gift we received to be lord over, then we sure are doing poorly.

    Right now I’m replacing God with survival of life. Seems a better and more plahet-wide guide than any churchly (in wider meaning) utterances.

  2. Très drôle, Jérôme.

    But I think cannibal jokes are really funny to begin with so you can’t go by me. :mrgreen:

  3. Quand il est converti, un cannibale, le vendredi, ne mange que des pêcheurs

  4. The rain stopped and the wind slowed down a bit, but the birds aren’t chirping.

  5. Wind’s picking up and it’s raining again. Raining really good.

  6. The rain stopped, but the mild wind didn’t. You can still hear thunder rumbles. Sometimes it blows over.

    Now we’re getting more rain.

  7. And The Willard is not off the hook for what he did to his dog. He will have a lot of answering to do when he gets to the Pearly Gates and my bet is that he will be travelling in a crate to his next destination.

  8. Tony C.

    Presently, the rain has stopped but just heard a big lightning flash. Will keep you informed.

    It’s cloudy, but no rain. Just lightning.

  9. On the Eighth Day the Lord created Dog– to be of assist and give guidance to mankind. After that God quit ruling, went off to nirvana and let Dog run things on earth. If you have a question that is really bothering you go see Fido. Things will get better. Ya gotta have Faith– in Dog.

  10. Rain is funny that way, it is always temporary. Thanks for the weather reports from an undisclosed location, I am sure there are people out there that like to be notified if it is raining somewhere in the world.

  11. The rain seems to have been temporary. It isn’t raining anymore. But there is still lightning.

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