Post Service Or The Karzai Family Fund? Congress Unsure Of Whether To Save Postal Service in The United States For A Fraction of The Cost of The Afghan Budget

Many of us have been highly critical of the decision of President Obama to allow our involvement in the Iraq and Afghan wars to continue. We continue to lose men and women in these countries and spend billions of badly needed revenue in countries where we are increasing despised. Indeed, Iraq is now becoming one of Iran’s closest allies and supporting that country in conflicts with the United States. While accepting hundreds of billions, Karzai has called the U.S. the enemy and said that he wished that he was fighting with the Taliban. We have been comparing the costs bankruptcies of cities and closing of programs with the billions spent or simply lost to corruption in these countries, particularly Afghanistan where the Karzai government has reportedly allowed billions to be stolen by Karzai family and associates. Now our postal system is facing default and its future is again in doubt. While Congress is unsure of whether to save this basic service for citizens, it has done little as many billions of dollars are stolen or wasted in countries like Afghanistan. It is perfectly insane.

The Postal Service will default unless it can secure $5.5 billion by August 1st. While service will continue after the default, it shows how uncertain the future of the service has become. The money is needed for its 2012 retiree health payment.

There is no question that the postal service needed reforms in light of new technology and consumer habits. However, it remains a basic function of governance. It is losing billions. I agree with critics in Congress that that is unacceptable. However, I remain amazed by the disconnect. These members are up in arms over a few billion while remaining silent on the loss of hundreds of billions in these continuing wars. We continue to fight over cutting scientific programs, educational programs, and basic services to often save less than a billion at a time while literally billions have disappeared in these countries. The public does not support these wars (while supporting our troops) and wants our involvement to end. They would clearly want this money spent here at home. Yet, there is not only a disconnect in logic but politics on the issue. I fail to understand why there is not greater outcry over this lack of priority in Congress.

Source: WSJ

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