Florida Alligator Eats Mans Hand . . . Man Charged With Feeding Alligators

This would have seemed a good case for prosecutorial discretion. Wallace Weatherholt, 63, was operating a tour boat when he allegedly dangled a fish in the water to feed the alligators and give his passengers a good picture. The alligator took the fish . . . and his right hand. It was a stupid and illegal act if true. However, I would put the act of having one’s hand bitten off by a nine-foot alligator as sufficient punishment without the need to add a second-degree misdemeanor.

Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities concluded that Weatherbolt was operating a tour for Captain Doug’s Small Airport Tours in Everglades City for an Indiana family when the attack occurred when he dangled the fish.

Even after his Captain Hook moment, Weatherbolt was able to steer the boat back to the docks — no small feat.

I understand the need to deter this type of crime. However, anyone seeing Weatherbolt around the docks is likely to be deterred from following suit. What do you think?

Source: Daily News

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  1. depeltonon Pelton

    thanks so much for the Jerry Reed video. Spent the entire evening listening to him.

    1. bettykath:

      Yeah, I did that not long ago too when I rediscovered him again for the umpteenth time.

      Don Pelton (I don’t know I created all that “depeltonon” garble! ?)

  2. Having lived in FL for a time (a toilet with palm trees) I understand a possible motivation for the prosecution. There are a lot of stupid people who think it is cool and fun to feed the gators. The gators become more aggressive and have think of humans as a meal ticket. Often this means death or injury for someone other than the feeder. By charging the doofus the state gets attention for the seriousness of his stupidity.

    I would hope this will draw attention to the problem & then be dropped. But would people be upset if a bank robber was shot during a hold up? Would we say “aw, poor dear lost a lung so lets not charge him for the shoot out”?

  3. Who the hell shot the alligator? That schmuck should be the person charged with a crime. The alligators in that neck of the woods have a long memory. That schmuck better not go swimming.

  4. HenMan

    Fine the man. It will teach him a good lesson. Every time he looks at the receipt, he will remember not to feed the alligators.


    And this from the man who has two arms sewn on backwards due to tussling with bobcats. Where’s your compassion?!

  5. Pat, The alligator was killed. The hand was found inside it (which may be one reason that it was not in condition to be re-attached).

  6. >”If thy right hand offend [the state]…<

    Oh Malisha! You are SUCH a hoot! 🙂

  7. The defendant should demand a jury trial if he can get one on a misdemeanor in that unreconstructed state. He should represent himself. When he picks the jury he should make a point of pointing his stub at the prosecutor and the cops.

  8. Fine the man. It will teach him a good lesson. Every time he looks at the receipt, he will remember not to feed the alligators.

  9. Oh, things are just getting out of hand in Florida. I wonder who fingered him for prosecution??? Whatever, the poor guy will now either be on the hook for a bunch of legal fees or else get palmed off on the public defenders. Mitt needs to say something about this and give the guy a hand.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. I would venture to say the reason he was charged was a CYA to add a measure of protection from civil liability for the local gov’t or agency. If they could show that he was engaged in a criminal act, the locality would have additional defenses if he filed a tort against them.

    Sad that it has to come to this, I agree losing the hand was enough.

  11. Kraaken.

    “this type of crime”
    I had missed that.

    The build on that would be to introduce the War on Terror.
    People feeding alligators – particularly if they are Muslim (the people, not the alligators) could well be terrorists training alligators to attack.
    Somebody should dig deep into Weatherbolt’s history, associations and on-line activity.

    Threat is everywhere !!!

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