Louisiana School Requires Pregnancy Tests and Expulsion for Pregnant Girls

Louisiana education officials are moving to block a decision by the Delhi Charter School to ban pregnant students and require pregnancy tests for students suspected of being pregnant. The state-funded school in Delhi, Louisiana implemented its “Student Pregnancy Policy” to remove pregnant girls from school — requiring them to either find another school or study at home.

The measure is obviously unconstitutional and it is astonishing that any school official or lawyer would believe that it was lawful. Yet, School board member Albert Christman is quoted as saying that he was surprised to hear that their policy was possible unlawful.

Not only does it discriminate against female students, it violates Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Under the rules, a Delhi students suspected of being pregnant will be called into a parent conference and then referred to a doctor of the school’s choice for testing. If the girls refuse, they will be required to study at home or leave the school. The school insists that it is all just part of teaching students to be good citizens: “Delhi Charter School has established an environment whereby the conduct of its students must be in keeping with the school’s goals and objectives relative to character development. The Delhi Charter School curriculum will maintain an environment in which all students will learn and exhibit acceptable character traits that govern language, gestures, physical actions, and written words.” That lesson apparently includes teaching students to accept arbitrary and authoritarian measures.

Delhi was created to take advantage of the state voucher program. 23 percent of Delhi Charter’s students are minority, nearly 5 percent disabled and 53 percent eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

Source: MSNBC

40 thoughts on “Louisiana School Requires Pregnancy Tests and Expulsion for Pregnant Girls”

  1. Do blood tests on admission to high school.
    Do blood tests on all born babies or aborted fetuses.
    Then we can forget the BS and at least apportion or find out in whose name we assume jointly the costs of that child of an unwilling to pay father.

    Shares the responsibility at least. Mothers need education, not exemplary punishment.

  2. Put a rubber machine in the bathrooms. Suspend knocked up teachers and principals. No principal is a Pal.

  3. Thank you, Mike, for posting the link. I signed it right away. The attempt at shaming and punishing girls for reason of pregnancy is disgusting. I wonder if the girls attending this school will be forced to wear a burka sometime soon?

  4. No one has mentioned the opportunities of false “suspicions” against the girl who stole your guy.
    “Well, I suspected it was so.”
    Ho hum.

  5. “suspected” of being pregnant? So gain an ounce and the school will try and make you an example as a possible “bad girl” Forget all the other issues what happened to innocent until proven guilty: proven by the proof not the suspicion.

  6. Mespo,
    It will be interesting to see at what level of Court will it take before this school gets smacked down for their Taliban like policies.

  7. AY:

    “I think God will…..”


    I’ve never heard the federal courts referred to in this way but given the attitude of some on the bench, it makes some sense. 😀

  8. Mespo,

    I think God will…..

    I wonder if there is an expecting to this rule if a student is impregnated by a school employee…… You know the exceptions they have for pregnant folks incarcerated by guards and the like…..

  9. My guess is this is more about controlling the sex lives of women than it is about “establishing an environment whereby the conduct of its students must be in keeping with the school’s goals and objectives relative to character development” or the boys who are responsible for the pregnancies would be forced into home school as well.

  10. I would say it’s no different then our nanny federal or state government pushing their morality laws on US citizens.

  11. Pregnant girls need an education too. Maybe even more so since they’re going to become a parent.

  12. I’d be curious to know whether part of the school’s “good citizen” training would include requiring the male students who’ve contributed to these pregnancies to be home-schooled as well.

  13. My guess is that “sex education” in the school consists of “abstinence only”, with messages against abortion thrown in. Leave it to the phony moralists who would anathematize the female sex drive, while encouraging their son to get “laid” to prove their manhood.

  14. “The school insists that it is all just part of teaching students to be good citizens”

    Doing what the state tells you to do must be an indication of a “good citizen”.

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