Oy Vey: Anti-Semitic Hungarian Politician Discovers His Jewish Roots And Becomes Pariah In Far-Right Party

For those looking for proof of a divine Being, you might want to look this week in Budapest. The star of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik Party, Csanad Szegedi, 30, has been catapulted to national fame through anti-Semitic attacks and charging that Jews have been desecrating national symbols. He has particularly railed against the hidden influence of Jews in government — a message that resonated with a fraction of the electorate in Hungary. Szegedi is a founding member of the Hungarian Guard, which wears black uniforms and striped flags that closely resemble the pro-Nazi party that governed Hungary at the end of World War II and killed thousands of Jews. Szegedi’s career, however, came crashing down when it was learned that, under Jewish law, Szegedi is . . . you guessed it . . . Jewish.

Szegedi has acknowledged that his grandparents on his mother’s side were Jews and his grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor. His grandfather was a veteran of forced labor camps.

Szegedi is now described as a “pariah” in his party.

Making this story all the more enticing is an audio tape of a 2010 meeting between Szegedi and a convicted felon where the felon confronted Szegedi with evidence of his Jewish roots. Szegedi allegedly offers money and favors in exchange for keeping quiet.

Some 550,000 Hungarian Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Fortunately for Szegedi, his grandmother and grandfather survived. They were Orthodox Jews.

Someone is going to have a busy Yom Kippur this year.

Source: NY Times

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  1. Noam Chomsky a jew hater?

    Noman Chomsky, someone who opposes:

    “1. Believes in One Almighty.
    2. Places exceptional value on Liberty and Freedom.
    3. Believes strongly in the value of Education and Self-

    Can you offer evidence to support this remarkable claim?

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