It’s Official: We Make Our Wives Drink Heavily

This may come as no surprise to married readers of this blog. A new study found that women increase their alcohol consumption during marriage while male consumption actually falls. Once divorced, men increase their alcohol consumption. In other words, there is nothing more sobering for men than marriage but there is no better reason to drink for a woman than a man in the house.

Women on average drank 9 drinks a month when married in comparison to 6.5 drinks when divorced. For men the drinking increased from 19 to 22 drinks once divorced.

Women are also catching up to men as booze hounds, though men still outpace women.

By the way, the leading theory is that women drink more because we are a bad influence in developing heavier or more regular drinking habits.

Source: CBS

26 thoughts on “It’s Official: We Make Our Wives Drink Heavily”

  1. These posts are the road traveled by a hardcore drug abuser. Maybe a classy one… Went from a few drinks a night to snorting and shooting; pills…

    So what I got out of this, is that marriage is a gateway drug. Ha! Classic!

  2. Glased Donut Vodka= double your pleasure=sugar and alcohol high=double hangover=double bad

    Yeah, paying for an alcohol hangover is hell. Did after the first evening with my niece here recently. Sher, her husband and I got to drinking beer and chattiing. The next day was ruined.

    I can have fun sober, but some things I can not get as on MJ. Rubbing erotically feet with a girl, listening to music, the high that comes from just fixing the fixings before the first puff.

    Rubbing feet? Yeah, I am easy to please. 😉

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