It’s Official: We Make Our Wives Drink Heavily

This may come as no surprise to married readers of this blog. A new study found that women increase their alcohol consumption during marriage while male consumption actually falls. Once divorced, men increase their alcohol consumption. In other words, there is nothing more sobering for men than marriage but there is no better reason to drink for a woman than a man in the house.

Women on average drank 9 drinks a month when married in comparison to 6.5 drinks when divorced. For men the drinking increased from 19 to 22 drinks once divorced.

Women are also catching up to men as booze hounds, though men still outpace women.

By the way, the leading theory is that women drink more because we are a bad influence in developing heavier or more regular drinking habits.

Source: CBS

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  1. no mj either. guess i’m just a stick-in-the-mud but it works for me. I like natural highs. They last longer, can be readily recalled, and there is no “down” afterward as there is with alcohol. I don’t know about other drugs.

    I did take one of my mother’s pain pills when I was caring for her. No one should feel that good. The next time I needed one I took 1/2. Once I no longer needed to lift her, the pain went away and the need for the pills was gone.

  2. My theory is that, intercourse frequency drops off rapidly below the man’s insatiable sex appetite as soon as lovers become legal mates, especially, after she gets pregnant. The easiest (but ineffective) way to get her to want more is to get her drunk. I know I tried that when I was younger and heck it did not work. But, I did try..

  3. Jalapeno Atomic Rust Vodka, sounds like one for the guys. After every shot ya get more manly, younger, handsome and smart. …..and the women start to swoon. ….OOPs that’s what Guiness does for me now!! except for the swooning part, ….. and the other things. OHHHHH Youth when you left you didn’t even say Goodbye, :o)

  4. Women under 35 tend to like foofoo liquors like Whiped Cream vodka while guys in this range tend to like more conventional drinks like rum but with ones having some kind of marketing schtick. One gal came into my store and saw a new product “Glazed Doughnut Vodka”. She saw this and jumped up and down like a little girl, cheering like she just won a box of lollypops. It was a bit bewildering.

    I also noted formerly teenage girls have traffic accidents significantly due to inattention. With guys tends to be recklessness.

  5. AY, Males use cannabis almost 2-1 more than females, although women have increased a bit in recent years. My anecdotal observations over 3 years @ medical cannabis dispensaries in Ca. would have it higher. I see ~5 men to every woman when I’m shopping. That may be just chore assigments, “Honey..I’ll get the mj, you go get the Twinkies.” However, when it comes to edible medical cannabis purchases I’ve seen, it’s about even. There’s a honey cannabis to put in tea, on cornbread, etc. that women seem to love. Heroin overdoses[unfortunately the best stat since heroin addicts don’t tend to take surveys!] in males are 80% higher than females. I’m sure the school marm fact checker is on Google right now!

  6. Well one person does not make statistics, but a close in-law, elder female, joined her boys in enjoying a joint occasionally. Otherwise it was alcohol. Too much of it. Drained her of vitamins.

  7. I have always been a supporter of women drinking…..I am not surprised by the study……


    If you’re a needle freak….. Sex or nationality make no distinction……when it comes to weed…. You’re probably right….

  8. idealist, Cannabis is much more of a male thing. So is snorting and shooting. Women love the pills.

  9. Big Tree,

    Thanks for your anecdote. Welcome anytime.

    “So as I see it. Marriage has caused me to drink more and use mj far less… I’m also heavier, more tired, and slightly more irritable.”

    I think you got the right answer, but only you know the details. And if it is so.

    You say a wine or two. My wife would put away half a
    bottle. Never anything more than relaxed, your tolerance builds over time. Kept her company, so did mine. After a year dried out because of triglyceride levels, I could not drink a glass again the first few times.

    I found MJ to be great, except when I would get paramoia attacks. The next day after one good evening, I was so mellow that I decided I could not do a Bill Smith life and do this too. It became a Bill Smith life. Right decision?

    That was another anecdote.

  10. BettyKath,
    Then you’re not a wine snob. I was into Italian once.
    Sounds like you never liked alcohol. You did not mention MJ. ????

  11. Worked that way for me. Apart from an introduction in college, the only time I drank alcohol was when my husband was present, drinking. After I left him nearly 30 years ago, less than a half dozen drinks total.

  12. Idealist…this is anecdotal, take what you will.

    My wife drinks a wine or two most nights, I figured she got the habit from her mother…I guess that’s just a habit we’ve been pushing them into all these generations. It used to be I would not tend to have a drink at home but once or twice a week…I would have a bit of mj. Now that its considered a disgusting & terrible act I rarely dig down to find my stash. But I do drink a beer or two most nights.

    So as I see it. Marriage has caused me to drink more and use mj far less… I’m also heavier, more tired, and slightly more irritable.


  13. I never boozed, don’t now. But my wife got in the habit of putting away a bit in the evening.
    I thought it was her job. Might have been having me in the house. Although no other signs of that.

    Wonder what MJ smokers do? Any stats?

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