Leading Israeli Rabbi Calls For The Death of Iranians and Destruction of Iran

You may recall how recently an array of high ranking Israeli officials in the Netanyahu government, including National Security Council head Ya’akov Amidror and Interior Minister Eli Yishai, briefed ultra-Orthodox rabbi and Shas leader Ovadia Yosef on the proposed war with Iran in the hopes of receiving his blessing. Both the war (which Netanyahu reportedly wants before the U.S. presidential election) and the need to get nod from a religious leader were criticized, including by some of us who noted the extreme views of Yosef. Now, Yosef has called upon Jews to pray for the death of Iranians and the destruction of the nation of Iran. Now we have spiritual leaders is both countries calling on God to annihilate whole countries as examples of divine and moral justice.

Yosef told his followers that good Jews should pray for destruction of the enemies of Israel, particularly Iran and Hezbollah. The lesson in morality came with his weekly sermon and specified that the prayers should arrange for the annihilation of the Iranian during Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year). Apparently just to be clear in the prayers to avoid the annihiation of similarly sounding countries, Yoseh stressed “When we say ‘may our enemies be struck down’ on Rosh Hashana, it shall be directed at Iran, the evil ones who threaten Israel. God shall strike them down and kill them.”

With Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also calling on God to destroy Israel, we have perfect agreement on one point from both sides: God is being who can be called upon to kill millions in the name of faith. These guys both sound and look remarkably alike.

As noted in the earlier blog, Yosef has long espoused extreme and hateful views, including likening Palestinians to snakes and calling for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to “perish from this world” and describing non-Jews as “born only to serve us”. This is the person that the Israeli government wants to bless the upcoming war . Of course, as noted earlier, the scheduling of a new war against Iran before the U.S. election would be a transparent effort to use the American politics to guarantee support for the war on the assumption that neither candidate would want to risk alienating the Jewish vote and campaign donors. At a minimum, Israel would expect that the U.S. would help pay for the war — if not immediately than in a later mix of loans and military assistance. We could then ultimately find ourselves in a third war, particularly if Iran strikes U.S. assets in response to an Israeli attack. Of course we will have the comfort of knowing that Ovadia Yosef says it is all perfectly moral.

Source: Haaretz

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  1. Lona: ” We have heard an exhorting amount of opinions on this subject and I URGE all readers to listen to Dr. David Duke.com ” for our Heritage and freedom” and tell me if he makes any sense to you, he certainly gives another more honest prospective

    There is absolutely nothing- NO THING, a former grand wizzard/poobah of the Ku Klux Klan could say to me that would make sense to me.

  2. “Would probably become as depressed as from reading of today’s.” (id707)

    The more things change, the more they remain the same. We traveled the land we called America forcing the natives into assimilation or death out of fear over what they could do to us if left to themselves, and then we went to Iraq …..

  3. “I am now for the moment concluding that the best that schools can do, is to INTEREST children in the subjects and leave it to the kids to go on on their own” (id707)

    A teacher who can create interest in a subject to the point that the student pursues more info outside the classroom is a teacher worth his/her weight in gold. They inspire.

  4. Our government’s position vv Israel’s security seems clear to me. But what do the American people think? Any studies or polls by segments/ethnicities/religions/male vs female/occupations,etc.

    How large a majority position does the Israeli govenment have? What are the opposing views.
    And what do the the Israeli people think? Are they voting with their feet.

    And what are the views of the jews around the world.
    How many are pro-Zionist and how many opposed?

    Does Zionism speak for the jews of the world. Or do the jews of the world have the right to take a position?

    To find out what some anti-zionists think, check out this site. I did not find it dangerous.


    You’ll even find one person who says that the only right solution is to go back to how it was in the !930s, ie a united Palestine with Jews and Arabs with equal rights, and now wiht a democratic government, not a British protectorate. Interesting idea.

    1. All good and relevant questions.
      Thank you, would love to get the answers to your questions.

  5. Messpo,

    Do you still feel the same this morning after the debate has cooled?
    “You can be dragged or you can run up ahead and still in both cases you are going in the same direction.”–Messpo

    Painting black and white does polarize things, don’t you think? And the man who is running might want to keep an eye out for predipices. The future is not owned by anybody. So blithe assurances can bite back.

  6. Raph Adamo,

    You are very quick to draw conclusions.

    What do you conclude from the testimonials made by jewish organizations in his defence, including 30 years of following his info on the radio, etc.??? You can read them at the site? And can you answer the question as to Ben Gurion quotes authenticity? That would be constructive.

    1. We have heard an exhorting amount of opinions on this subject and I URGE
      all readers to listen to Dr. David Duke.com ” for our Heritage and freedom” and tell me if he makes any sense to you, he certainly gives another more honest prospective.

  7. Blouise and ElaineM,

    Wish I had been here to read this last night IRT.

    Elaine bring a whole new idea (to me) and Blouise drags in us into the picture. If Jefferson spoke with a forked tongue, then how many forks does Obama use on us and the rest of the world?? Not sure State nor CIA know themselves.

  8. Blouise,
    Impressive review although space constrains. Think if one had the time to study this era of development. Would probably become as depressed as from reading of today’s.

    They “taught” us in school that the LP was a big deal, looky.looky. But how, what and why was not covered. Not enough hours, not enough talent, I guess.

    I am now for the moment concluding that the best that schools can do, is to INTEREST children in the subjects and leave it to the kids to go on on their own. Otherwise it is cowboy and indian comicbooks, and the flicks.

  9. I say: “The Jewish-Leftists have one thing in common: they hate Jews & Israel,…”

    You say: “Is this hyperbole? because it makes no logical sense to me if it’s not.”

    Leftist Jews are typically self-hating Jews. They hate their own Jewishness, and do not identify with or feel any compassion toward other Jews. Surely you have met Jews who hate Israel. There are many such Jewish-Leftists. Google a self-hating Jew named “Norman Finkelstein.” Now, he will say that he only hates Israel, not Jews. But this is largely just a cover because Finkelstein does indeed hate his own Jewishness. A truly extreme case would be “Dan Burros,” whom you can also Google for more information.

    Although I’m not a psychologist, I’ve observed enough cases and had enough conversations with Jewish-Leftists to understand why they hate Jews, Judaism, and Israel. In essence, Jewish-Leftists identify with those people who hate them through a transference process. When they are also able to simultaneously imagine those who hate them as “victims” at the same time that they identify with those who hate them, they become passive self-haters and begin to feel better about themselves.

    They are able to say to themselves: “I don’t identify with the Jewish Zionist pigs…. I am better than that…. I identify with the “underdog” and with the “persecuted” Palestinians who suffer at the hands of the evil Israeli “apartheid” Imperialists.” Then, when some Muslim terrorist attacks Israel or kills Jews, they justify those actions in their minds by saying to themselves (or out loud): “Those evil Jews had it coming to them; they did not yield to the Muslim terrorists and repent for their sins.”

    Admitedly this may be difficult to understand, as it does seem to defy logic. But human beings–you surely must realize by now–are not necessarily logical, and frequently are not logical.

    1. Leftist Jews are a contradiction too. They are anti war, but they are not against violent acts done to their own. Jesus prevented stones from being thrown. Leftist Jews don’t care if they are thrown.

      1. As I have stated earlier elsewhere, I take my invitation back. After doing some back-checks on him, he did not pass the credentials, needed to be on my A-list, I apologize for luring you into his dark world.
        Just proves how you can be easily deceived, by words.

  10. Ralph Adamo,
    The Jewish-Leftists have one thing in common: they hate Jews & Israel,

    Is this hyperbole? because it makes no logical sense to me if it’s not.

  11. i nominate this for funniest phrase of the day

    “Therefore Jesus is not in Rabbi.”


  12. @AB, I have looked into Rabbi Lerner and Tikkun magazine and within a minute or two of reading, I quickly established that it’s a Leftist website, albeit produced by purportedly Jewish people. Among other prominent Jewish Leftists are Rabbi David Saperstein, Arthur Waskow, Norman Finkelstein, and Noam Chomsky. The Jewish-Leftists have one thing in common: they hate Jews & Israel, and they love the enemies of the Jews & Israel.

    Of course, they alibi this under various pretexts, and they each take a slightly different angle to the same position–but it is exactly the same, predictible position. Thus, each of them would LOVE to see Iran with nuclear weapons posing a constant threat to not only Israel by other nations as well, including the US.

    I would not consider any of them to be Jews, except by ehtnic heritage. They are as repulsive as Neturei Karta International, and all of them would gladly serve the next Hitler in not only the wholesale extermination of Jews, but for the rest of civilization as well. Here’s a video of the perverted, vile, noxious Neturei Karta scumbags: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-r04SQ97_Q

  13. mespo:

    “Perpetual” is a good description of it. Continuous occupation of Afghanistan, while slaughtering “Taliban” and “Insurgents,” which are interchangeable, just generates more Taliban and insurgents.
    Funneling billions to the totally corrupt Afghan government enriches the Taliban and insurgents, who are part-time contractors of the government.
    We are protecting the interests of war contractors with this endless cycle. What is it now, eleven years or so?
    We are also supplying the Taliban with a rich source of Crusader targets.
    I haven’t missed any boat. I don’t want to reason with the Afghan government or the Taliban. Neither of them needs the U.S.A. to mess up their country. They can do it all by themselves. Go away and let them do it.
    We’re safer?
    I’ve been protecting the U.S.A. from rampaging elephants for eleven years now. See any elephants? I’m protecting you! I need more money!

  14. Elaine/Mespo:

    we did not need to stay in Afghanistan for more than a few months. Kill as many Al Qaeda and Taliban and then leave should have been the strategy. I am reading a book from the mid 1800’s about the British in Afghanistan, nothing has changed.

    Whomever was advising Bush was a moron to think we could do anything but kill those blighters and leave. A warning should have been left that any thing like this ever happens again and Tehran will be held responsible.

  15. Bob Kauten:

    I’d call it perpetual vigilance in the face of a fanatical enemy bent our utter destruction by whatever means are available all without any sense of remorse. If you think you can reason with fanatics, you’ve missed the boat. I think disrupting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere has made us quite a bit safer. I think we are in Afghanistan protecting our national interests by fending off the Taliban who is allied with al-Qaeda.

  16. Elaine M:

    Sure, I think we cold have ended it sooner but the political will just wasn’t there to accept the casualties an all out war in that region would have brought. You make enemies no matter what you do and we all know there is very little we can do to appease religious fanatics. We have to act to protet our interests.

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