Saudi Government Holds Woman For Months Without Charge In Business Dispute With Saudi Princess And Then Orders Her Flogged 500 Times

Nagla Wafa, 39, an Egyptian wedding planner and designer, had a simple business dispute with a partner over a cashed check and a joint business venture. The partner says that she cashed a check and reneged on opening a restaurant. It is the type of thing that is standard fare for courts around the world. However, this is Saudi Arabia and the partner was a princess in the Royal family. Wafa was arrested without charge and held for months. She was then belated charged with fraud and sentenced to 500 lashes and five years in prison in a case that has drawn rightful condemnation in Egypt. She is shown here with her two sons.

When the family finally went public, the Saudi government reportedly cut off all contact with Wafa in prison.

The case is an appalling violation of basic due process guarantees and makes a mockery of the Saudi legal system. It is also highly ironic given the continual claims against Saudi royals of not paying their bills abroad (here). This is not the first time that draconian punishment has been meted out in a case involving a Saudi princess.

Source: LA Times

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