Saudi Government Holds Woman For Months Without Charge In Business Dispute With Saudi Princess And Then Orders Her Flogged 500 Times

Nagla Wafa, 39, an Egyptian wedding planner and designer, had a simple business dispute with a partner over a cashed check and a joint business venture. The partner says that she cashed a check and reneged on opening a restaurant. It is the type of thing that is standard fare for courts around the world. However, this is Saudi Arabia and the partner was a princess in the Royal family. Wafa was arrested without charge and held for months. She was then belated charged with fraud and sentenced to 500 lashes and five years in prison in a case that has drawn rightful condemnation in Egypt. She is shown here with her two sons.

When the family finally went public, the Saudi government reportedly cut off all contact with Wafa in prison.

The case is an appalling violation of basic due process guarantees and makes a mockery of the Saudi legal system. It is also highly ironic given the continual claims against Saudi royals of not paying their bills abroad (here). This is not the first time that draconian punishment has been meted out in a case involving a Saudi princess.

Source: LA Times

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  1. there is a sick love affair going on between some Americans and Saudi money….I have to wonder if the Sauds don’t just get a rabid kick out of the whorishness of it all….

  2. Signed contracts are merely the beginning of negotiations in some cultures.
    not the case in American law.

    I don’t know any adults that change the rules unilaterally after the contract has been signed. That is just plain sleezy.

  3. Saudi princesses (and there are many) have become notorious here in Orlando for beating their maids and walking out on hotel bills. I even have a contractor client who was stiffed for over $250,000 on a construction project in Riyadh. The owner of the project shook my client’s hand at the airport with a smile and the hopeful thought that perhaps my client could make it up on the next Saudi project. Signed contracts are merely the beginning of negotiations in some cultures.

  4. Well, do you mean Occupy Washington. They were not so many as that. And they got no media at all. They did not fill the mall like MLKjr did. That’s what I mean.

    Like what you wrote to Jill about the way things are.

    You see, better than others, how scary it is. And, if it is so, then there is no hope.
    We will be either useful tools or proles, or serfs.

    I like it here. Just the cold Daaarrrkkk winters that chill the soul of all. You can see the summer evaporating now from peoples’ faces. School again, work again. They are like flowere whose blossoms are gone.

    My morning helper just now is from Hungary, although born here. She’s going to take a course in “argumentation and debate technique—both written and oral” this year or maybe just a term. Amazing women here.

  5. Woosty,

    I think you were saying something important. It is just I don’t get it.
    Sorry, if I’m gonna comment, I have to understand first.
    That you are angry, that I understand.

    People like JT are already speaking. But for safety’s sake we need a million or 500,000 in Washington is my point. I don’t think FEMA camps can handle us all.

    Just got up from a nap, so maybe am slow right now.

    PS What crappy blogs today here! I wastebasketed them all.

  6. Sorry to intrude again, but Leftist Ralph:

    You missed one. You didn’t do your Leftist rant in the comments regarding JT’s
    “Running Over Big Foot: Montana Man Hit and Killed Along Highway Trying To Convince Drivers That He Is The Sasquatch”

    We miss your thoughtful analysis. Please indulge us.

    Yours in Proud Leftist Liberal Appeaser Solidarity. Right on, bro!

  7. Where do we get our MLKjr? Or will the many small principled people do? Maybe JT can speak then.~Id
    are you looking for a martyr? Go then and be the martyr.

    There are demonstrations on every continent across the globe. Not even the history writers will be able to escape this time with their lies. No one who has asked, is asking, for their rights to be respected, their property to be left alone, their lives to not be fodder for greed is responsible for doing anything more. The takers the liars the hiders behind false words…have all been outted. All that’s happening now is the creepshow. The fundy extremists should be commended by those who believe that trickery and deceit are nifty, they have once again been successful at using abortion, bullying towards women and instilling fear of violence to gain purchase into the minds of those who are weaker.

  8. Ralph,

    Your leftist rants are always refreshing for comic relief. Thanks for that.

    Every time things start getting serious, Leftist Ralph cuts in with surrealism.

    “If you can’t say something nice, say something surrealistic.”

  9. A few weeks ago the turley guy would criticise Obama if the mailman was late with the mail. When we started pointing this pro Romani aspect of turley then he became more obtuse.

  10. AFTER we got Obama re-seated, THEN is the time for “ONE MILLION IN WASHINGTON” for justice and civil rights.
    Where do we get our MLKjr? Or will the many small principled people do? Maybe JT can speak then.

    Until then, it is Obama with every tooth and nail.

    If we get Romney, we get a quick passage to the middle ages using new laws to greaee the skids. It will NOT be a pleasant slide however.

  11. Woosty,


    1, August 28, 2012 at 3:59 pm
    There are a 1000 reasons to vote AGAINST Romney.
    And only a few to vote against Obama.
    There is no other POLITICAL choice.
    I was very surprised when I learned that in the game of politics, there are those who are preparing thier players not just years, but GENERATIONS ahead of the curve…”

    Explain what you wrote, PLEASE.
    Who, what, when, where and why?

  12. Jill,

    National politics is playing a game. It is not playing principles. Principles are stupid there. There is no principled major candidate to vote for who can win. Thus principles don’t count.

    Go ahead and let Romney win? Not on my life. How about yours.

  13. May I remind any who are still reading here that I made a very early assessment in the first primaries.

    I said that the whole election was rigged. That whoever won the primary out of this selection of nuts, would go on to lose the race to Ogama.

    Why? Because they were content to control the Congress, thus control Obama, and paint him so black that they would win the next five elections.

    I said that they realized thay had no viable candidate. And nexti time with a lame-duck Obama, they would win the Presidency in a landslide.

    I still feel thay are going through the motions to solidify their base and to clearer outllne their new evangelical points, and their old profile on economics, wealth distribution, etc. Gather strength in other words.

    Rick Sandorum is gonna speak tonight it is said.
    Anybody going to miss the “hate him”-session?


  14. Some of the commenters above say that Turley is in favor of The Willard and against Obama. Is that true? How could anyone who studies law and the constitution even think about voting for the Willard? Just watch the collection of schmucks on TV at the Tampa party this week. They kicked Todd Akin out because he spoke the party line too clearly. A woman who votes for Romney is like a slave voting for the Master. Look up the words Romani, and Romney, on Google. The bigots who hate Obama because he is half black are on the train with a gypsie mormon–which is quite against their own bigoted views. He will be President when they start discovering Google. Throwing Todd Akin off the bus was a huge mistake. People in Missouri who voted for Akin are likely to vote Akin for the Senate and Ron Paul for President. You just lost another state Willard. And all those cowboy hats in the audience. That is really selling well in Ohio. And all this critcism of Sharia law when the RepubliCons treat women just like the Saudis do. The Willard was spouting the need for another 100,000 troops a few weeks ago when he was running against the likes of RickyBoy Perry. Now he is not so noisy about his wishes for another mideast war. No, its all about the economy and how this Bain of Capitalism with his larger Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force will remake Amerika. Land of the Free, Home of the Chumps.

  15. What’s the matter with Jonathan T. and all you other Leftists out there? I would think you would applaud the floggings. This is they way of Islam. Learn to love it, and there is much, much more to come….. to a neighborhood near you, sooner than you think, thanks to you Leftists. You want Iran to have a nuclear bomb, don’t you? You should enjoy your Islam experience to the fullest. So stop whining and celebrate the Muslim way of life. You know you love it, deep down. The Leftist in you says so.

  16. Hi Jill, I am with you on the fact that Pres. Obama had been disappointing a choice for the US. I am not sure if my reasons for this disappointment are the same as yours but let me mention a couple I can gripe about no end: his drone policies, his killing of an American, albeit despicable, citizen in Yemen; his inability to close down Guantanamo; his increase in the military ‘boots on the ground’ in Afghanistan are foremost in my mind.
    I had hoped so much to see a female president in 2008, but who knows what Hillary would’ve done differently.
    I entirely deplore however that you’d not vote for the current president and that’s mainly because I fear that the extreme views held by many in the current GOP party (Tea Partiers) are so arcane it worries me deeply. Yes, Pres. Obama didn’t truly do that much in general for women but he also doesn’t talk about taking away our constitutional right to choice; he doesn’t flip-flop on that issue much at all; I also think that his Obamacare may benefit women as well.
    I am, like you, constantly looking for another option but surely dislike the Ron Paul option.
    I have told my friends and family I wouldn’t vote for Obama again but after delving a bit deeper into the women’s rights issues on the right, I changed my mind.

  17. Jill,
    Once again, In our political system when we vote we make a choice. That choice is never 100% perfect. When I balance the pros and cons of Obama and Romney, the choice is easy. Your statement seems to allege that if anyone votes for Obama they have no compassion or courage. And you complain about being insulted?

  18. Applauding such appalling cruelty is a strange, scary, authoritarian thing to do.~Jill
    I think applauding cruelty is a fear inspired thing to do. I am often astounded at cruelties that go unrecognized by the perpetrator….often under the guise of fear based cop outs like “gee, I had no choice” or “they deserve what they get” etc etc…. in the interview you pointed out a very real and substantial threat to peoples safety….the actual disconnect between what our governing body is currently doing and the rights that our law says that we as citizens have. There is a lot of soul going on right now and it may be that when the dust settles from this huge disconnect, that there will be even more that have lost their livelihoods, their fortunes, homes, land and their lives, to this weak governing body that now sees the act of accumulating power to be more important than utilizing the power of their office for what it was actually given to do. That there are cruel people in the world is an unfortunate truth….there will always be those who are so fearful of a thing that they would impose it on another in the attempt to rid themselves of their fear of it. Cruelty is, after all, just another coat that fear wears. It is compassion that takes courage….

  19. rafflaw,

    Sometimes you guys will answer straight up. You will give an honest argument. Most of the time I get called a racist, traitor, an elitist etc. for the “crime” of not agreeing with Obama supporters. If those aren’t put downs and refusal to face the issues squarely, what constitutes a put down? I’ve made real arguments and real suggestions.

    I would like to stay away from insults and discuss the issues that lie before us. There is a lot to do. I haven’t seen hardly anyone able to address simple things like the example JT and I both have had of people giving standing for an Obama lackey saying he has the right to kill people and that this is a legitimate form of due process. That is a substantive issue, it has really occurred and it needs to be addressed head on by his supporters. What is going wrong that so many of you will do this? I’m not saying YOU are doing it but Obama supporters do it. Why? Why do people give ovations to Bush? It’s very disturbing. It does not speak well of people that they will do this. Something is wrong. Why do you think this happens? Applauding such appalling cruelty is a strange, scary, authoritarian thing to do.

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