Hate Couture: “Hitler” Clothing Store Opens In India

If you are looking for a nice outfit to go with that Hitler wine, you might try the Hitler clothing store in Ahmedabad, India. The owner of the Hitler clothing store, Rajesh Shah, is under criticism for the use of the name but has said that he will not change it unless someone reimburses him for the new sign and re-branding costs. Here is the incredible part of the story, Shah says that he had no idea who Hitler was. “Hitler” is used in India to simply refer to someone who is strict.

Shah even put a swastika in the dot of the “i’ of Hitler to maximize the connection but he insists that he had no idea that Hitler killed millions. I am not sure what is more disturbing the thought of a Hitler store or a store owner who is so completely ignorant of basic history. Either way this is a man who is too moronic to be trusted with money.

Shah says that he wants 150,000 rupees ($2,700) to change “the logo, the hoarding, the business cards, the brand.” Of course, he is only likely to change it to “Goering Goods” or “Stalin Styles.”

Of course, one in four Brits do not believe Churchill existed. Still, the controversy over the stores in India is part of a broader debate over Indian school books which have been accused of downplaying the Nazi crimes.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. “Joanthan T. and the Leftists should be jumping for joy at the ignorance, or hatred, or whatever the case may be.”

    “Why? Because Leftists are Pro-Tyranny, Pro-Government Control, Anti-Liberty, and Anti-Freedom.”


    Quite frankly you’re an ass. The example of this is that you jump in with these remarks apparently without having read the comments preceding your own. In your narrowly ignorant mind you see the world through the pre-judgment of your own ill-founded political perspective. Stupidly, you who pretend to know history, see Hitler as a “Leftist”. You are so blind in your political conceptualizations that you see an extreme right wing theocrat such as Ahmadinejad as a “leftist”. You are little else but a political parrot.

  2. Joanthan T. and the Leftists should be jumping for joy at the ignorance, or hatred, or whatever the case may be. As long as Hitler, Nazis, IslamoNazis, Stalinists, etc. are promoted as respectible, the Leftists should be very, very happy. But please don’t pretend that you know or care anything about history.

    Leftists abhor history. Case in point. Today, there is another Adolph Hitler, and his name is Ahmadinijad, and he is a leader of Iran. In Hitler’s day, there was a Leftist named Neville Chamberlain and he was so happy to appease Hitler–all in the name of “peace,” just like all you many Leftists out there. Today, the Leftists are doing exactly the same thing. Why? Because Leftists are Pro-Tyranny, Pro-Government Control, Anti-Liberty, and Anti-Freedom. They are also Pro-Islam and Anti-Israel, so they are even more delighted that Ahmadinjad is becoming a World threat. So please stop being hypocritical. Take delight that a store would honor one of your heros–although I realize that you can’t officially admit that.

  3. Gee and all this time our outsourcing corporate types have been telling us that the are able to get better educated employees from India and that as a result they simply must have more special visas to import more to the US to fill the brain gap. Lying? Someone is. Surprised? Not me. You?

  4. This is not an example of miseducation. This is an example of disgusting greed. The guy thought he could make a buck or rupee playing off the Hitler theme.

  5. Remembering history, the Roman Catholic Church spent centuries trying to keep their bible from being translated into the Vulgate from Latin. Their reason being that their Priests would remain the only authority on “God’s” word. I use this as just an example of the fact that all people who strive to retain their power try to keep their subjects as ignorant of the past as possible. This is a worldwide phenomena that has proven effective since the dawn of human society. When a majority of people in the US have been polled to find that they consider Ronald Reagan our “Greatest” President, we can see this right here in our supposed “center of civilization”. While I have no doubt that this store owner is being disingenuous, nevertheless after almost seven decades past the lessons of World War II have been forgotten by most of humanity and it is in the interests of some that they not be taught. As I recall, my younger daughters 7th grade American History textbook covered WW II in 2 1/2 pages.

  6. Oh, I did not know who Mao was. So I named my store after him. And I did not know who the Shah of Iran was and I named my bathroom after him. And I did not know who Stalin was and I named the tolilet after him. When Hitler came for the Jews and Gypsies I did not speak up because I was not a Jew or a Gypsie. When Stalin came for the Poles and Catholics I did not speak up because I was not either. And when they came for the Hindus no one spoke up for me because no one was left to speak up for others. And when someone bombed my store…… And here I am just a dumb Indian living on the reservation in India set aside for….. And I know nuthin bout birthin babies Miz Scarlet.

  7. Hurrah for living in a country with access to books, media, and open internet. I would say free press, but I’m very cynical about this these days.

    My mind went to North Korea. What do their citizens think. George Orwell
    was not a prophet, he was an extremely perceptive human being.
    Ignorance is a tool, knowledge is a threat.

    The founders of our country were familiar with enlightenment. IMO there are political philosophies these days promoting “a great endarkenment”

  8. “Either way this is a man who is too moronic to be trusted with money.”

    As long as the money is his, then I see no issue with how he wants to spend it.

  9. “I could understand a peasant farmer being so inept about Hitler, but a business owner?”

    What about a US Congressperson? We all seem to have a share of ignorance.

  10. Why am I not surprised that India, a third world country, is defective in educating its people. Perhaps even the adult population doesn’t like to read or become familiar with world history.

    I could understand a peasant farmer being so inept about Hitler, but a business owner?

  11. I guess Rajesh Shah thinks that “Hitler” clothing means “strict” clothing, uniform clothing, that is, strictly conforming.

    Fashion designers will love that, but of course they will select other examples they want us to conform to.

    Strictly save some of your ties as they go out of strict fashion, and they will come back into strict fashion once again given enough time.

    It is a strict fashion cycle doncha know.

  12. Its not hard to imagine that Hitler and the Third Reich had little impact on India of 70 years ago. The Japanese Empire maybe more of an impact but even then neither invaded so it would have mostly been folks grandfathers & great-grandfathers might have gone off to fight. We shouldn’t expect them to have the same cultural sensitivity to the subject matter.

    That said someone needs to explain to them why this is wrong & hope they are smart enough to fix it.

    Historical ignorance is not just an American or Western phenomena.

  13. I once read a story where the occupiers of India were Germans and not the British. The point was that Gandhi made his protests, etc.

    But then the Germans shot him and gassed his followers. One more rebellion quelled.

    The least of Indias ills are their lack of schooling. and bias in the schoolbooks.

    Try starting at home, try finding a good solid account
    of American history.

    With the truth of the amerindian genocide.

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