11 thoughts on “Driving In Europe”

  1. Woosty,

    South France? Was that Provence or Massif Central?

    If the car was a 2 CV, deux chevaux, then I understand your enthusiasm. The closest thing to a rock and roll water bed on 4 wheels when taking uneven roads. Wheee!

    The one inParis in which I was riding got stalled (electrics?) in a rain shower. We had only 50 meters left to run to the “no.tourist” restaurant.
    Specially chosen perhaps with tablecloths hanging down into your lap, where hankypanky hand of the guy’s girlfriend could meet my thigh under cover.

    First intro to la chasse (“love”) Continental style.

  2. This WP system, after many queries by me for new comments, has almost 12 repeat 12 hours later than the comment timestamp, finally delivered Woosty’s comment. How many does it just not bother to deliver?

  3. Holy Hannah that’s insane!

    But it reminds me of the very best driving experience I ever had…in a wee standard Citroen on the back roads in Southern France….c’est bonne!

  4. Put too many rats in a cage and they will go mad.
    Holland is a very cramped rat cage. Extreme tolerance, for which they are notable, carries you only so far.

    I continued after lunch in Sorrento. The precipice on my side made me turn around, that and the meeting of tourist buses. Never got to the fabled fishing village.

    After having my new Alfa convertible only a week in Rome,
    I was “sided” by a young woman taking driving lessons. Don’t think her ideas were sexual at the time. The Alfa body shop was closed for vacation. The other party paid. Should be glad for that.

  5. Nal, Hilarious and frightening, thanks. Drove from Rome to Sorrento. Now I’m a train enthusiast! Tangential observation, All these cloudy day videos make me think it’s Seattle.

  6. HAve had several very close calls while driving in Italy years ago I was discussing driving habits with my Italian host. He told me that the word they used meaning “to pass” actually meant “to be superior to” and had sexual connotations. I don’t know if that is true but it sure made sense at the time!

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