Doctor Banned From Practice After Ordering Chemical Castration To “Cure” Homosexual Teen

Mark Christopher James Craddock, 75, will not be practicing medical any more in Australia after he prescribed chemical castration for an eighteen-year-old patient as a cure for his homosexual inclinations. Both Craddock and the teen were members of the Exclusive Brethren Christian sect.

It reportedly only took a ten-minute consultation in his home for Craddock to write the script for anti-androgen therapy cyproterone acetate (Cyprostat). The boy had come out as gay and a church leader informed him that “there’s medication you can go on.” He was sent to Craddock. Craddock did not look at the teen’s medical history, conduct a physical examination or order any follow up appointment. The drug regimen can cause serious bodily harm if used incorrectly.

The sect that the doctor belongs to states a rather idiosyncratic relationship with the government:

Exclusive Brethren believe in Government and are subject to it as outlined by Paul in Romans 13:1. They do not live in countries that do not have a Christian Government. Their approach is non-political. They do not vote , but hold Government in the highest respect as God’s ministers , used by Him to restrain evil and provide conditions for the promotion of the glad tidings. Exclusive Brethren hold formal prayer meetings every week and include prayers for the support and guidance of right Government which is clearly of God , and also for divine resistance to the devil’s efforts to influence it. Contact with members of parliament or congress is encouraged to express a moral viewpoint of legislation in relation to the rights of God and this ongoing communication is found to be acceptable and productive.

Source: SMH

20 thoughts on “Doctor Banned From Practice After Ordering Chemical Castration To “Cure” Homosexual Teen”

  1. I have four sisters, and no brothers. The shrinks say they either turn gay or alpha.

  2. That doctor’s time will come– when he is called to Heaven and has to be interviewed at the Pearly Gates. Of course, Saint Peter always has a stand-in and in this case the interview will be on Wednesday which is golf day. The stand-in will be a gay teenager. Doctor Ball Cutter Offer will go not to Hell but to a Limbo station outside Saint Louis called Oakland. He will grow up in a gay houseold and have to wear dresses as a child, and be assigned to the Girl Scouts even though he is putatively a male. His nickname will be RamRod.

  3. David Blauw – does it by any chance suggest that the persons parents were never wed? I ran into that a couple of weeks ago here – the busterds!

  4. I’d suggest a trans-cranial hypersonic plumbium injection as a possible cure for these guys.

    Advisory: I am not a medical doctor nor do I play on on the TeeVee

  5. The former boss lady at the IRS , Jean, kept telling me I should go to ComPsych. I thought you should go to ComPsych first.

    1. To complete the Doctor’s punishment, Let’s castrate him with a dull Axe…. Banning him from practicing is no solution…. There’s no telling how much damage the ”Freak” caused before he was finally caught….. How did someone with such a ‘feeble’ mind ever get through medical school………..

  6. Fear of, and the inability to accept the finality of, death or life, drives the conscious aware mind to delusion and illusion.
    This must be an evolutionary bred response in humans. The survival of the fittest belief. Please note, fittest does not mean best, it is better interpreted as most efficient, and life propagating.
    Rule by Law and ethics is relatively new to our 200K yr species.
    The righteous league of spaghetti monsters are fighting tooth and nail to remain superior and eternal. There are many tough rascals out there willing to die for them. ….. Of course they are much more eager to have non believers die for them.
    I do not fight to promote my view. Comfort is an understandable way station, when we disembark from Godot train before…..and await….Godot train after. I just don’t see the sense in throwing deadly different recipe meatballs at each other. It does not seem ethical or reasonable.
    Breaking bread together and savoring lifes flavors and opportunities is also
    a comfortable pastime. Goodness is godliness. No spaghetti monsters necessary.

  7. To save the patient’s health, I prescribe “Excommunication CR”

    Important Safety Information:

    Excommunication CR is a prescription clergy antagonist indicated for treatment of mild to severe Biblical Repressive Syndrome. In clinical studies Excommunication CR has been shown to improve patient survival by binding to the receptors of the protein Alpha-n-Omega-7 thought to influence the neurotransmitter Norleviticus which regulates the emotion Guilt.

    Patients using Excommunication CR should avoid Demon Chelation Therapy medications such as Exorcism XD as this might cause a dangerous drug interaction.

    Side-effects include euphoria, restlessness, and re-awakenings. If you experience a Rapture lasting more than four hours, seek medical attention immediately as this might indicate a dangerous spiritual condition.

  8. ”FORKING” Christians………………. make me want to PUKE every time I read something about them….

  9. “Exclusive Brethren hold formal prayer meetings every week and include prayers for the support and guidance of right Government which is clearly of God , and also for divine resistance to the devil’s efforts to influence it.”

    The human capability to have faith in weird things constantly amazes me.

  10. Sounds like, “The Family”. Which Christian govt.? Every sect doesn’t believe the same thing. Hold the govt. in the “highest regard”? Why?

    I have met many medical practitioners, some religious, others not, who hate gay people. Some tell me it’s because “scientifically speaking”, homosexuality “weakens” the species. It is scary that they are practicing medicine without a brain and certainly without any compassion whatsoever.

    I feel so sorry for this young man. It must have taken so much courage to come out and then this is how he is “treated”.

  11. ‘The drug regimen can cause serious bodily harm if used incorrectly.”

    “The drug regimen” causes problems even when it’s used correctly.

  12. I could cure that doctor and his priest or minister too, with a chemical that doesn’t even require a prescription!

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