Court Staff Tasers Obnoxious Man Insisting On Entering Area With Camera

This video shows a clearly obnoxious and possibly unstable individual who hounds court security with a series of nonsensical statements about not being a person. The court staff shows considerable restraint and professionalism until the man is tasered for trying to get into a court area with a camera.

In the view, the man insists “I don’t have a last name. I don’t have a first name either. I got a name, my name is Robert. You can call me Robert.” He then draws a nonsensical distinction in saying “I’m not a person. You deal here with persons, of which I am not. I’m a man.” When he denies being a citizen of the United States, but admits to being a citizen of Idaho, he then refuses to produce his license on the grounds that “My person does [have one]. I don’t. And I don’t wish to create joinder with you.” He was soon joined with a taser.

I am highly sympathetic to the court security in such a situation and I do not contest the right to keep out cameras. However, I wonder why a taser was used rather than simply restraining the man and possibly arresting him. Once again, the man is clearly rude and seems a bit off. However, we have previously discussed how tasers have become the first response in such situation and used almost casually. This man was clearly in the wrong in trying to get in despite the warning. However, he took one step and was tasered by the officer. These tasers can be deadly in some circumstances and are similar in the legal level of force to the use of a police baton. Where officers (of which there were at least four here) once physically restrained such individuals, they often now use tasers.

What do you think?

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  1. What a blatant (and potentially dangerous) abuse of power. Imagine if YOU were just verbalizing your beliefs – even strongly. (FREEDOM OF SPEECH, ANYONE?) Is this how our “law enforcers” are trained to combat WORDS? I hope that bailiff gets struck by lightning while standing in a puddle so he can see how 50,000 VOLTS IS NO JOKE! What an over-empowered piece of crap. I pity his children if this is how this dolt dishes out HIS IDEA of justifiable physical abuse. (And no, I’m not a punk – I am a 55 year old, law-abiding, educated business professional who believes we STILL have constitutional rights.)

  2. I can’t get enough of this video!!!! People like this should be tasered regularly and often; I would NEVER find a bailiff, LEO, or anyone guilty of any rights violation with video evidence like this.

  3. The man committed no battery. He used no force. Was he obnoxious? Yes, of course, but that isn’t a crime. He was no threat to the bailiffs and in fact had stepped back after being blocked. He was not warned that he might be tased. The fact is, the one who should be prosecuted is the bailiff who tased him. Tasers are abused and this is one of the worst abuses I have ever saw of a law enforcement officer in regards to a taser. The bailiff should have been fired. I know though that the prosecutor will side with the LEO, as they almost always do no matter what. Their loyalty isn’t to the public or the law but to cops, no matter how much the cop is in the wrong.

  4. ID,

    Appealed to the Wisconsin State Court of Appeals. Received a single judge reply that they wouldn’t overturn a properly arrived at jury verdict. Decided to let it go. I keep all the documentation.

  5. Matt J.,

    Beside your point is another. How to remain competent when old tools and talents no longer are sufficient?

    I presume the judge can not handle the tools which his daughter can. But to admit it in open court seems senile and grounds for some action.

  6. A circuit court judge in Waukesha County was talking about, during a 12 person jury trial, how he was going to have to discuss this with his daughter who was in law school. He said he was going to ask his daughter if she had ever researched any case studies like this. It was a farce. I’ve got the court reporter transcripts to prove it.

  7. nick spinelli 1, September 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    I’ve never used a taser or pepper spray, although I bought a taser for my daughter when she moved into a tough neighborhood.
    Why did your daughter move into a tough neighborhood? Was it in Madison? I worked there on a contract basis for about seven months. Just before being hired by the Service.

  8. bettykath,

    mkahill 1, September 18, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    nick spinelli, Sure tough guy. Sooth your aching ego with fantasies of ignorance. You dig in the dirt and somebody pays you to do it. You are not law enforcement. And back up your words, tough guy, “I know you had your feelings hurt and left for awhile”. Come on PI, support your statement the way you wanted bettykath to support hers. Don’t want to get the reputation as the blog’s hypocrite.
    bettykath 1, September 18, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Matt, The game is put up or shut up.
    Don’t know what your statements or those of anybody else were, bettykath, so can’t put up or shut up.

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