California Judge Refuses To Order YouTube To Remove “Innocence of Muslims”

Cindy Lee Garcia, the actress in the anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims,’ has failed in her attempt to get Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Luis Lavin to order YouTube to remove the film. Garcia insists that she was not told of the real nature of the film and said that she has lived in fear since the protests erupted over the trailer of the film.

Garcia insisted that she was told that she would play a role in “Desert Warrior,” an “historical Arabian Desert adventure film.” She insists she had no idea that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was doing an anti-Muhammad film. She insisted that the film constitutes an invasion of privacy and violated copyright laws. She claims that the script did not mention Mohammed and “intentionally concealed the purpose and content of the film.” She claims that she was also never told that her voice would be dubbed in Arabic. She is claiming false light invasion of privacy, violation of publicity rights, fraud, unfair business practices, slander and intentional infliction of emotion distress.

The principle reason for the denial was the fact that Garcia was unable to serve a copy of the lawsuit on Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. She reportedly served Steven Seiden, Nakoula’s defense attorney, but Seiden said that he is not representing Nakoula in the civil matter.

However, the judge also denied the filing on the basis for the unlikelihood of prevailing on the merits.

There is some skepticism that Garcia would not have an inkling of the nature of the film or that she did not consent to the use of the film by participating in it. Yet, the dubbing of the film, if true, does create a novel claim that is worth following.

Source: Wired

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  1. People,

    It appears that there are many who are stil buying this “two religions, two ways of life, unending strife” propaganda.

    Frankly our gov does not give a periwinkle for who believes what. They want to incite, abuse, and confuse and have that enemy which they need to milk us in endless undefineable wars on terrorism and conquests of oil.

    Of course, “their” side is propagandized as well. Who ever heard of any rulers using religious fervour and the booty of war and conquered civilizaiions to energize a lazy peaceloving populace. Certainly not Mohammed’s successors and the Popes and their willing handymen.

    All praise to the Crusades. Keep the fire burning boys. It is still helpful if not crucial today.

    How simple, simple, simple fools we are.

    Two party system? There is but one party. Rule the plebes and make them serfs is its name.

  2. I wish the guy had used the article I instead of we. Much of what he says is ridiculous generalizations and I have no patience with him trying to include me in his rant.
    He would make a great guest on fox. Maybe even have his own show.
    “Fox and Fiends” …comes to mind as a great name.

  3. Cornpone,

    If you posted in support of the 20 seconds I listened to, then you have an equivalent intelligence level.

    Or, hopefully, this was intened as ironic humor. ?????

    Won’t you come out of your closet?



    The State Department signed a six-figure deal with a British firm to protect the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya just four months before a sustained attack on the compound killed four U.S. nationals inside.

    Contrary to Friday’s claim by State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland that “at no time did we contract with a private security firm in Libya,” the department inked a contract for “security guards and patrol services” on May 3 for $387,413.68. An extension option brought the tab for protecting the consulate to $783,000. The contract lists only “foreign security awardees” as its recipient.

    The State Department confirmed to Danger Room on Monday that the firm was Blue Mountain, a British company that provides “close protection; maritime security; surveillance and investigative services; and high risk static guarding and asset protection,” according to its website. Blue Mountain says it has “recently operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, the Caribbean and across Europe” and has worked in Libya for several months since last year’s war.

  5. Meanwhile, the consensus grows that it is a plant for a propaganda excuse to try to cover up growing blow-back from the Middle East:

    “According to the best information we have now, we believe it was an opportunistic attack on our mission in Benghazi,” he said. “It appears that some well-armed militants seized on that attack as the events unfolded that evening. We do not have any specific intelligence that there was significant advance planning or coordination for this attack.”Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said earlier in the week that there had been no intelligence warnings that an attack was imminent.

    (NY Times, LA Times, etc.). There was no “significant” pre-planning for perfectly executed military style murder and destruction of an embassy?

    It would not be believable if we were told a mob decided to rob a bank on the spur of the moment incited by a video on youtube.

    The video is not relevant to widespread dislike of the U.S. in the world of “the 47%”, “those people”, as Bush II called those who were hit by Katrina.

    The judge did not fall for it.

    Evidently, Gunboat Diplomacy has never been so unpopular.

  6. Remember Mel Gibson made that film about Jesus being crucified? I never saw it but the press was all over it and every Easter it gets resurrected and played again and again. It wasn’t much worse than this Muslim-baiting film but Dershowitz never sued anybody over it. :mrgreen:

    There’s a young woman who was an aide in Senator Al Franken’s office. There was a big flap recently because she was all hateful and horrible to her mother because her father had allegedly molested her and then she married a guy who worked at the Pentagon and whose father was a big-wheel at American Enterprise Institute but she had to get people threatened and so forth to block her mother from attending her wedding — you know, one of those criss-cross brainwash stories but this time with a few twists, the kind that are good for B movies about evil super-religious people (this story had EVERYTHING: child molesters, government corruption, judges approving adoptions of people by “parents” younger than they were, anorexia nervosa, tall blond gorgeous Jewesses, surgeons who worked for the VA and who couldn’t diagnose a headache, feminists, blind legislators, Jews for Jesus, agencies that, like Second Mile, provided children for abusers, EVERYTHING!) (it even had bad Arabs, some of whom married children as young as eight years old and who were called, by someone with the same unusual name as this young woman, on the Internet, “inbred monsters”!) — and set in Brooklyn in an Orthodox Jewish community — and a bigshot civil rights lawyer got into it (Professor Turley wrote about his suit against Jimmy Carter on a blog a few years back) and wrote threatening letters to people who were seemingly about to publish something. It occurs to me that a typical horrendous idiotic mockable low-budget ($100/day and all the pizza you can eat) film should be made of it. Hmmmmm……Hmmmmmmm…… bet I could find a producer! Imagine, a whole community could erupt into violence because I made an idiotic film with a cast full of wannabes and thrift-shop costumes! What POWER!

  7. This film was paid for by Iran. The front man is their “student”. The release onto the arab world and the organized assaults on the various emabassies was all organized by Iran. Schmucko with ten different names will probably tell all that he knows about his financiers. But he may not know much. When the front men for the mullahs (“students”) took our hostages in 1979 there was some insight by Americans as to what was going on. Now when the front men for the mullahs shoot missiles from Gazz into Israel or from Syria into Israel there is little cogniztion amongst Americans of the relationships. Now these terrorists have killed our Ambassador and the public is buying into the front notion that these were just enraged arabs–enraged by this film. Americans, went in dumb, come out dumb too, shufflin round Atlanta in their alligator shioes.

  8. Any law made in this case will apply to the making of other films. Thus, I’d be somewhat surprised if the California courts create liability in favor of actors and actresses and against producers and directors based upon the actors or actresses alleging they were misled as to how the film was going to be edited or distributed.

  9. It’s a shame that in 2012, so many millions of people are still so unreasonable. The several hundred nut ball protesters don’t represent all of the Muslims, yet they get all of the press and air time. It should have been made clear decades ago, that there is a basic human right of freedom of speech, which applies to everyone – including the Muslims. Worldwide. freedom of speech, assembly, and petition for redress apply to everyone, except, it seems, to subjects of a ruling class still subservient to a religion which has no central authority. Similar to the Baptists and the US. Eek. How ironic.

  10. a couple of things – this video sat unnoticed until a clown in Egypt noticed it. This clown is known as “the Rush Limbaugh of Egypt”. Anyone who has heard that bloated pustule grab a hold of a silk purse & tear it into a sows ear can just imagine how bad the other guy must be. They do a nice job of inciting the mobs.

    If the actors were in fact duped into this do they have a legitimate cause to sue the makers for the pain & suffering inflicted on them?

  11. CornPone, OMG, you watched for a whole 13 minutes?

    Are you OK? What did you take afterwards?

  12. I watched a 13 minute trailer, it surpassed terrible, it was beneath stupid. If Muslims are upset by that movie, they dont think, in their heart of hearts, that their religion and their God and Prophet are very powerful.

    Only the weak would be insulted by that bit of gibberish.

  13. It is with continuing frustration that I observe our government refusal to explain to the religious zealots out there (and to the world in general) the reasons why we have no intention of removing or censoring this minor work of criticism aimed at Islam. We do so for the same reason we do not condemn or censor the peaceful protests of this film. If the world does not understand our allegiance to notions of freedom of speech we need to explain it and not express condemnation of this YouTube movie trailer on “religious toleration” grounds.That citizen had every right to make that film under our law, and damn those who would force it from the public’s view. Some may not like its content, but we need not succumb to bullies in keffiyehs and deny someone the fundamental human rights we cherish and which have proven the foundation of our other freedoms, Nor must we accept their premise that criticism of holy cows is a societal evil. If our democracy proves anything at all, it is that skewering holy cows is a societal good.

  14. I believe there is something ill sick and tragic about the Westboro church. Ditto the KKK, and Aryan race members.
    My stomach turns when I hear and see their practices.
    They do not represent me, there message is harmful, and they are evolving backward. Our constitution allows these groups to devolve publicly.
    Our constitution allows individual citizens the right to choose to devolve within these groups. It is sad, but it is called freedom to choose and will remain legal. Hopefully these groups soon devolve out of existence.

    Ignoring and repressing ignorance helps sustain ignorance. Expose discuss and evaluate the values expressed by these groups, and I believe the light of logic, reason, and common human dignity has the power to end their insane twisted harmful ignorance.

    Here is a super nova bright shiny ignorance of mine, I don’t understand the relentless tragic deadly battle of Spaghetti monsters that rages throughout the world. Why do these noodle beings (I assume they must share similar godDNA) hate each other so. …… Perhaps human beings can rise and educate these sustaining starches to preach love, unity, and growth.

    It is very early here, I may still be dreaming.

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