16 thoughts on “Dog Versus Lemon”

  1. Ah for the days of childhood, and puppyhood, when anything could be seen as an object of fun.

  2. Some journalist asked Martha Stewart what she missed while she was in jail. She said, “lemons; there are no lemons in jail.”

  3. Thank you for spelling Bernese correctly. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it spelled Burmese when referencing these pooches! They ain’t pythons, they’re pups!

  4. Reverse the spelling….G-d…. and also you witness humankind’s failure to deal with an equally bitter concept……….

  5. We had a dog who was a cross among beagle, chihuahua and orange terrier. She’d hang out in the kitchen when I cooked so if I dropped something on the floor she could score; the vet made us feed her only “science diet” and it was boring. One time I dropped a black olive and she chased the thing all over for about 10 minutes, finally cornering it and managing to get it into her mouth, but when she tasted it, she spat it out and looked at me very accusingly: “You did that on purpose — FEH!”

    She was adorable, not terribly smart. She’d lunge at the fridge when the reflection of a flying insect went by, and every time she got smacked down and fell, she was both humiliated and angry at us for laughing — which we REALLY tried not to do, but you know how it goes.

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