Philadelphia Woman Arrested After Stripping Naked With Adult Children In Front of High School To Prepare For The End Of The World

It appears that stripping naked is becoming something of the rage around the country. After a Michigan State Professor stripped naked in his math class, Sarah Butler brought her three children to a high school and stripped naked in what she believed was a logical response to the approaching end of the world.
Her attorney insisted that the incident in front of the suburban Philadelphia high school was triggered by an adverse response to a prescription drug. I can accept that but what I find intriguing is the fact that her two adult children and teenage son also stripped naked in front of the school.

The attorney said his client was taking a medication for lupus and had an adverse reaction to it. The 44-year-old mother became convinced that the world was ending and everyone knows that in such a circumstance it is better to run to a local high school and strip naked in anticipation of the apocalypse. Apparently, “[i]n order to please the Lord, Miss Butler felt that she needed to exit the world in the same manner that Adam and Eve entered the world, and to do so she needed to be naked.”

She appears to have wanted to pick up another children but Butler was not the custodial parent. According to reports, she appeared with her two adult daughters, Joanne, 23, and Bessie, 22, and her 14-year-old son. What is not explained is the decision of the adults to go along with the idea of stripping in preparation for the end of times.

Police say all of family members then stripped and became to chant religious phrases.

Butler and her adult daughters pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and related charges. None were jailed and are now on probation.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Good lives within us. God is a tool developed in the stone age to hammer tribes into ruled sheep, for the benefit of order in best cases, and ego and self aggrandizement in worse cases. The man created version of god has simply changed clothes throughout the milleniums.

    Science reason and logic are the new tools of a rising civilization.

    Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, et al will be joining Zeus in his cave before the next millenium. ….. Unless the rapture in the form of Nuclear war, Mass starvation, Huge comet, or Over population destroys civilization.

    I give science reason and logic a 50% chance.

  2. david blauw, this is not a slam to you, but all churches want the world to end. they think it will be wonderful. they do not know or believe the world was destroyed over four years ago.

    benny hinn said he asked for satan to come to the world so MY SON would get here faster. JESUS was born in 1976 according to The Bible. and hence He is a born again Christian. this is something that no clergy, or cleric will ever get to do from hell.

    if billy graham had preached to put on a bomb and blow up an infidel there would not be brain left on religion. that is how strong the antichrist is. they went on to become gods that THE BIBLE warned you about.

  3. The Roman Catholic church is much more sophisticated.

    Heck, even Pat Robertson doesn’t take his clothes off. ….. but if you send him money he will pray the end days away for you.

  4. call me if christina hendricks says the world is ending. that would be one worth watching

  5. I can appreciate that she felt she needed to do something that she felt was religiously appropriate for the occasion. But it baffles me what religion she was following. Where does it say ANYTHING in the Bible about ANYONE, including Jesus or the angels, knowing when God (The Father) will “pull the plug” on this system of things (aka “age”)? (See Matthew 24:36). I assume she is a professed Christian?

    What apocalyptic message was she following? It can’t be the Mayan Calendar thing as that is ALL wrong. If you do your “accurate knowledge” research you will see that Mayan’s predicted NOTHING at all. They only got violently interrupted by a Catholic Priest named Diego DeLanda when they were up to December 2012. He burnt everything and punished them for pagan worship (i.e. a different quasi-pagan worship than his own religion I guess).

    That’s what’s wrong with the world today. Everyone seems to be guided by half-baked half-arsed knowledge and NO ONE seems to be looking for “accurate knowledge” (See 1 Timothy 2:4(b)) just blind followers of trendy and new age nonsense and deceptive teachings (2 Timothy 4:1).

    I am also baffled as to what Lupus drug has side-effects of delusional thinking and makes your kids also have those same delusional thoughts. I think she was put up to this by some charismatic preacher in Philadelphia. Many of you have never heard of “Father Divine” (a/k/a Frederick Edwards) from Philly in the 1960’s. This man thought he was god and African-Americans in his church followed EVERYTHING he said. This sounds so much like that period of time.

    Ms. Edna Rose Ritchings (a/k/a Mother Divine) is still alive today and conducts services in NY and at Circle Mission Church on Broad Street in Philadelphia

  6. Anonymously Yours1, October 4, 2012 at 9:12 am

    The world may be ending as we know ….

    Well it is changing now rather fast now. Faster than anyone thought.

    The conditions that the majority of the population here in the good ole USA have deteriorated to are untenable. Our compassionate overulers have never been capable of seeing through their ledgerous self serving eyes with compassion or equanimity so it really isn’t till peple don’t even have a shirt on their back that they begin to take notice. I predict much more nakedness in the not too distant future…..

  8. What is with the naked people series? Naked professor declares the end of clothed religion, now woman declares family gatherings should be naked.

    Reminds me of the page in Harry Reid’s book where he describes life in suburban Las Vegas.

    It was discovered by some folks that a brothel was a certain distance from a school, which said distance was less than legally required.

    They moved the school.

    The clothes you take to Vegas stay in Vegas.

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