Lunch Lady Told To Stop Serving Fresh Bread and Vegetables To Lower Quality To Other Schools

Annika Eriksson is not your usual lunch lady. The Swedish lunch lady often served fresh bread and vegetables to the children at her school in Falun, Sweden. The school district soon heard of the rave reviews from students and teachers alike. It moved quickly to stop Eriksson — telling her to serve the same fare as other schools so not to give her students a better meal than other students. It is managing a school to the lowest common denominator. Rather than striving for all schools to serve better food, it was easier to reduce the quality at the leading school.

The school officials were particularly upset to hear that students at the school were being served 15 different fresh vegetables. She was ordered to cease and desist . . . and to buy less fresh bread at the store.

Katarina Lindberg, head of the body responsible for the school diet plan, defended the action “to try and ensure everyone does the same.” All students will now eat non-fresh food in a triumph of egalitarian society. Erikkson was last seen in the school kitchen responding to the directives of the school administration:

Source: UPI

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  1. You all know that the typical body converts an excess of carbos into fat, triglycerides if you want the name.

    Then sugar level reduced it will slowly burn fat in the salad sauce, saving the newly saved triglycides for another day.
    Salad carbos are digested slowly, ie no sugar rise. And the fat sauce will keep you going until supper.

    Where’s my peanut butter?

  2. At my kid’s school I saw corn, potatoes, breaded imitation chicken substance, bread, sugar drinks, cakes with sugar junk on them, and of course catsup (that’s a vegetable). This was years back. :mrgreen:

  3. I couple of years ago I occasionally visited the school cafeteria for the purpose of buying lunch. (I sometimes worked in the school). It was nearly all carbohydrate, a disaster for diabetics or those on their way to diabetes. I usually got a yogurt and planned a restaurant stop for a salad on the way home.

  4. Feemeister,

    You were born at the right time. What is sometimes called an outsider position.

    I was too early: chip beef and cream once a week.
    Your kids were born too late. Did you brown bag’em?
    If so, the other kids stole their lunches, I’m sure.

  5. Nick S.,

    They say that the brain is over 50 percent fat. So what’s to complain over the food?? And the bodies prove they are getting some.

    Brains we import. I mean functioning ones.

  6. AY,
    Has he sold a franchise here? Nah, swedes have done this BEFORE he started running yours. We got people that do it our way.

  7. Idealist, when I was growing up in the 70s, our school lunches were DELICIOUS! Homemade bread and butter (NOT margarine) EVERY day! The food in the hot lunch line was just tops!

    My kids grew up in the 80s, and I went to their school for lunch once. It was atrocious! Dried up hard fried mystery nuggets, just horrible stuff! I was just amazed! For their breakfasts, they were served things like pecan twirls! And of course served on disposable plastic nasty crap; unlike the melamine trays we had, and real silverware. I don’t know what it’s like now in the 2000s, but can only imagine it’s even worse!

    And this is in FLORIDA by the way!!!!

  8. Tony Sidaway,

    Thanks for the link and I’m glad to see the “miscommunication” worked out in the kid’s favor. Salads and fresh bread for all!

  9. We Americans are superior. We don’t just “race to the bottom” in the lunchroom, our entire public education system is a race to the bottom. And we’re kickin’ ass!!!

  10. “Students in central Sweden have taken to Facebook in a show of support for their school’s head cook whose food was recently deemed “too good” by local authorities. ”

    OT OT OT

    BTW, is also featuring the latest cops’ new method to hids from the media, Greenpeacs breakin and report from two nuke plants, and the Nobel prizes in Physics, etc. All will be announced this week.
    See if your immigrant professor won one.
    Snark` Not at all, just the truth. Why do you think Obama wants to make it easier for foreign students to stay in America. Not because he is brown, that’s for sure.

  11. Tony S and others,

    The bureaucrats, who were “leading” a special lunch improvement program have “corrected the communicatios”-miss.

    Eriksson was only a assistant helper as it is called in Swedish. So not even the chef, if they even have one in the school.

    Individual initiative has always been disapproved of since I came here in ’68. The American spirit invades more and more. American TV series, etc can be thanked for that, and the message young visitors bring back from visits in the USA.

    BTW, what do your school kids eat? Not to be nasty, just saying again—-pass on the message.

    Greens fill the belly but not the belly fat.

  12. Are they trying to follow the techniques McTell News uses to falsely frame issues like global warming, i.e. seek the “lowest common denominator” as the “equalizer”?

  13. I was first to post this about the “lunch lady” quoting from our English languagee net newspaper, The Local, awhile ago.

    But I’m not JT and am thankful thet he exposes the backside of equality Sweden style.

    BTW, she baked her bread, not store-bought.

    Bureaucrats often win, but it looks like the parents

    and kids will succeed this time. A little help from the media goes a long way.

    Let’s hope we all help spread the word.

    Of course, the kids did. And the ones at other schools said “Why not us”.

    That may be what MikeS keeps sayiing. Don’t give up your dreams, at least not if they include better school lunchs.
    BTW, it was within the budget. No luxury stuff here.

  14. Got to agree there, raff.

    There’s a big difference between egalitarian and a purposeful race to the bottom.

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