None of the Above: Fastest Growing Religious Group in the United States Is “No Religion”

Reflecting a trend in other Western nations, Americans who describe themselves as without a religion continue to grow in number. They now represent one-fifth of all Americans and a huge one-third of adults under 30. It is an incredible disconnect with our politicians who continue in both parties to push faith-based politics. Some of these individuals may believe in the concept of a divine being but not associate with a particular religion. Perhaps sensing this trend toward agnostic and atheist views, U.S. politicians have increased their attacks on those who do not believe in an almighty being (here and here).

Yet with one out of three young adults listing themselves as without religious affiliation, other polls show atheists are trusted the same as rapists by other citizens. The prejudice against those who do not believe is worrisome. People like Tony Blair think that atheists may be a bigger threat than terrorists to the future of the world. Religious and political leaders around the world also opened up attacks on secularists as a growing evil.

Yet, despite this pressure, in the last five years alone, the unaffiliated have increased from just over 15% to just under 20% of all U.S. adults. “Their ranks now include more than 13 million self-described atheists and agnostics (nearly 6% of the U.S. public), as well as nearly 33 million people who say they have no particular religious affiliation (14%).”

Here is the report: NonesOnTheRise-full

32 thoughts on “None of the Above: Fastest Growing Religious Group in the United States Is “No Religion””

  1. This is not funny! I am under 13 years old and crying my eyes out over this!!!!!! I am upset of what this country has come to.:(

  2. The smile on my face gets broader and brighter, as the reality of ‘Non-belief’ in imaginary ghods and susperstition spreads slowly across America….

  3. “god being Brand

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    know consequently a
    little stiff it was
    careful of it and(having

    thoroughly created the universal
    being tested my being felt of
    it’s thoughts made sure my existence was O.

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  4. Although I guess it’s possible that if God exists he’s a poet who refuses to use punctuation or capital letters.

    Maybe he’s in college.

  5. “The man Christopher Higgins would be pleased to know more people believe that God is not great! And why am I automatically capitalizing the ‘G’ in God?”

    Because in that sentence it is a proper noun? Otherwise it’d be gods or “the god of…” or “a god.”

  6. frankly I did send all MY documents in to the proper authorities, years ago, and it is not to any church. they knew that I was actually going to be born and where. so what are the best kept secrets? does do not test GOD like the church, and congress is doing sound familiar? write your reps instead in washington, d.c. they know things that you do not.

  7. A welcome step would be for religious types to be just consultants rather than dictators. Like going to an interior decorator for ideas on how to furnish a house rather than handing the whole house over to the repo man.

    Personally, I like the ancient Greek et al idea of placing coins on the eyes of the deceased, to pay Charon’s toll for the ride across the Styx. Much more reasonable than having to surrender one’s soul in the untimate death tax. That is being forced to abide by some religion’s life long encumbrance and afterward it owning you in the afterlife.

  8. Religion is very important. It…… Well, ok it does not do anything positive. And yeah it does things negative. But without it we would not have……
    Hmmn. Ok, Dog spelled backwards is God. Four legs good, two legs baaaad. Believe in dog. Get a dog. Get papers for your dog. Believe in Dog. Forget all that christianity and muslim mush.

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