The Eagle Dad Has Landed: Chinese Father and Children Rescued After Climbing Mount Fuji With Only A Cup of Water and Chocolate Bar

We have previously discussed the growing trend to charge people for rescues in parks and remote areas — particularly where there is evidence of negligence. While I have opposed this trend, defenders of the policy could now cite to He Liesheng, known as the “Eagle Dad.” The father had to be rescued from the top of Mount Fuji after taking nothing more than a cup of water and a chocolate bar for the three of them. This is not the first bad landing for the Eagle Dad.

He Liesheng says that he thought there would be steps on Mount Fuji. However, he was expressly told that the mountain was not open because this was off season and dangerous. He took the children anyway without any proper clothing despite the strong winds and rain. Since they had no waterproof clothing, they were soaked. His son virtually collapsed from altitude sickness and exhaustion before the Eagle Dad gave up.

He Liesheng has been the subject of prior complaints about his treatment of his children, particularly his son He Yede, or Duoduo. As the video below shows, he was condemned during a vacation to New York when he made his young son run virtually naked in the street in the snow — refusing to pick up the crying boy and telling him to do push ups. He Liesheng insists that the boy was born prematurely and needs to toughen up for a challenging world.

To further endear himself to the Japanese, the climb was meant by He Liesheng to make a political statement that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. He then called on the Japanese to rescue him, his son, and his daughter. Upon his return, he proudly posted the picture of him and his son holding a sign reading “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China.” The Japanese rangers should return to the summit and take a picture holding a sign responding “He Liesheng Belongs To China.”

No charges have been filed against He Liesheng.

Source: NZ

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  1. Malisha,

    Callousness sufficient to abort foetii on the basis of sex is close enough to having a child only for the purpose of the child being a source of a pension.

    That surely endangers a child who grows up in such a family environment.

    The boys become chattels, to be owned and used. I have seen it up close in my wife’s family. And that was in this Swedish paradise.

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