He’s Baaaack: Roy Moore Elected Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court

You remember Roy Moore. He was the Alabama judge who was challenged by the ACLU for posting a copy of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and began jury deliberations with a prayer for divine guidance. He became the personification of the movement in the United States to reduce the wall of separation between Church and State. Most people assumed that he has returned to well-deserved obscurity. Well guess again. As of last night, he is again the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Moore was not only known for his contempt for separation principles (a trend that I have written about) but his contempt for basic principles of the rule of law. He was removed after refusing to obey a federal judge’s order to remove a 5,200-pound granite Ten Commandments monument from the lobby of the Alabama Judicial Building. He was later investigated for the misuse of funds of Coral Ridge Ministries for his defense (though no charges were filed).

Moore was elected with the support of that towering legal figure, Chuck Norris, who called him a “true patriot.”

For his part, Moore told supporters last night to “go home with the knowledge that we are going to stand for the acknowledgment of God.” The crowd reportedly responded appropriately with “Amen.”

Source: AL.Com

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  1. judge did you know that THE BIBLE says that GOD is coming to the earth as a man. and you voted on issues that are contrary to GOD.

    the judge asked for divine guidance. since the judge voted against GOD, he should go shoot himself for thinking and talking as an antichrist cleric that apparently the judge sees daily.

    THE BIBLE says that the christians will not know how far off they are from what GOD wants, and those who do not believe will go to hell for ever.

    judge, did you vote against gays, and lesbians? how about voting against abortion? How about voting against GOD?

    like I said judge, go shoot yourself! I will put the TEN COMMANDMENTS in every court house and school in case the parents are to lazy to teach their children values. that is why parents send their children to church and Bible schools. they are to f’ in lazy.

    judge do you believe in GOD or your church…, IT IS WRITTEN that babylon (babble on) will be destroyed. what are the sons of baptists saying? if your church said, or says that I am not real, you and they all go to hell. THE BIBLE says to look every where. and if your not reading this web site then your not following GOD. maybe some body will email you because I won’t. if nobody tells you you might want to consider the fact that wants you in HEAVEN either. but it says in prophecy that all christian clergy will hang them selves from the highest girder and that the height from that girder should be posted on the door since 1988. should any body need to help the preacher to hang himself.

    since the antichrists are saying that it could be ten thousand years. ask them what the nick of time is? the big rock gets here next decade.

    churches were told that about websites, and that I am here and have denied MY presence.

    the ring of fire is around the pacific, not johnny cash. what would a war in HEAVEN look, and sound like?

    GOD has not received any tithes, the clerics keep it all. that is theft and the judge asked for Divine guidance.

  2. The marble monument had text inscribed on it that is on buildings in Washington DC. The 10 Commandments is on the wall in the Supreme Court. There wasn’t anything new or unique about the monument, except the ACLU had a hissy fit to have it removed. The separation between church and state was intended to keep the government out of the church. Such doesn’t even apply to the marble monument. Judge Moore is an honorable person that had the guts to stand up against idiotic groups like the ACLU. It’s shameful, but predictable, to read such ad hominem attacks against him.

  3. I was unaware I was in trouble, AY.


    And sarcasm is right out, isn’t it Mike? :mrgreen:

  4. Gene,

    Sorry I got you in trouble for agreeing with me….I’ll tell you why off line…

    1. Having not once in my ever life ever used hyperbole, it’s hard for me to recognize it.

  5. And, Touchstone was one of my favorite Sakespearean characters, the court jester voice of the Bard in, As You Like It. Malcolm would be a precious one.

  6. Blouise, I respect confidentiality. One of the reasons my clients hired me was because they knew that was in the bank when they did.

  7. Blouise, I need to make a note to myself to stay off this blog on Thursdays. I will tell you why in an email. 😉

  8. We’re on the same page then, AY.

    And hyperbole? Me? Never. *snicker*snort*giggle* Yeah, I almost said that with a straight face. 😀

  9. Gene,

    Was just throwing that out as a block…..preemptive as a safety net…..you know what I mean without having to rehash last year….

    And comparing Malcolm Little to Adolf….Is one of those rethorical euphemisms…. I think you’ve used them before….

  10. You lil’ scamps have been busy.

    I’m pretty sure no one thinks you’re a racist, AY. But as Mike alludes to, Malcolm X was neither saint nor sinner. He was – as are most – a bit of both. Like him? Don’t? Your choice. No one’s going to fault you one way or the other. I admire the journey he took and where it led him – which to be clear wasn’t a perfect place but certainly a better place than where he started – and I don’t find him racist post-Haj. Agree to disagree is fine, however, I think comparing defending Malcolm X to saying Hitler was just misunderstood is fairly hyperbolic. I’m pretty sure Malcolm never engaged in industrial genocide.


    Oooo. More professional self proclaimed victimization by the guy with the “incredible people skills”. How very exciting expected.

  11. I’m sure you do…http://jtf.org/america/america.malcolm.x.homosexual.htm

    Just because one reports the facts….. Never heard of this site before…. I’m sure it’s slanted…. But it serves this purpose well…..

    If you now label me a racist …. It will show your true colors as you know quite well I am not….. It’s particular people I do not like…. Not a race or a faith….

  12. Mike…. I am aware…. But defending this person…. Is like saying Adolf was just misunderstood…..

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