Ahmadinejad Denounces U.S. Elections As Too Expensive

Yesterday, we saw how a Chinese newspaper was irate about the lines faced by U.S. voters — lines entirely avoided in a country that denies its citizens any right to select its leaders. Now, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has objected to the cost of the election — citing the runaway spending on the campaigns as a “battleground for capitalists” at a democracy forum. It is unclear why Ahmadinejad was even speaking at a democracy forum except as the balance against those who like democracy. Nevertheless, Ahmadinejad has certainly been able to suppress both democracy and its costs through the use of thug squads and widespread arrests.

Irony seems lost on the Iranian leader who previously criticized England for the mistreatment of protesters.

Ahmadinejad suggested the Iranian approach to democracy is far superior despite international condemnation of the arrests and beatings of his citizens: “Just take a look at the situation in Europe and the U.S.,” where the “election, which is one of the manifestations of the people’s will, has become a battleground for the capitalists and an excuse for hasty spending.”

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  1. Seriously can someone explain to me how in the hell do you spend 6 billion on arguing for a paid seat in the white house election fraud was to its all time high this election year and and in my own country they was caught coloring in the ballots of people that didn’t want to vote so was it even a fair election I know for a fact that Romney in the beginning was given the electoral vote that went to Ron Paul I bet if it was Ron Paul and Obummer Ron Paul would have beat the crap out of Obummer hands down but thanks to Goldmen- sachs Obummer is back never a fair election to begin with, And what about all the harm Obummer did to our rights and freedoms ? patriot act ,NDAA, oh and lets not for get Benghazi, was it really about a film that was never made it was just a trailer not movie was made …, and how he didn’t ask congress for the act of war he carried out on Libya and lied to the US people that no Americans was on the ground in Libya really i have “friends” in Libya that can prove that not true… and what a bout that fake birth certificate? kill list I hope I have made a huge point he isn’t for America he isn’t even American one day the congress and senate will grow some ball and do the right thing? protect the constitution and the people of this country that is there job…

    “Government isn’t the solution Government is the problem” – Ronald Reagan

  2. Ahmadinejad is 100% correct in that our election process is insanely expensive.

    But he might be taken more seriously had he made at least a passing admiration to our lowly election night morgue submissions.

  3. I don’t consider Ahmadinejad to be nuts. He is a national leader of a country under siege. Most of his rhetoric is for the home audience. And in this case, he is absolutely correct.

  4. Rafflaw, it appears there are only two ways to get public support: publish intelligent arguments that can be read by everyone and debated in public, or SPEND MONEY. One of these methods works better in our country.

    About Lammadinthehead [LOVE that!] being right: even a broken clock is right twice a day, IF it is not digital.

  5. According to Dennis Kucinich, the total cost of this election cycle topped $6 Billion.

  6. Everytime I see this midget I’m reminded of when he told reporters in NY that there were no homosexuals in Iran. After that, why would anyone care what he says?

  7. Forget Ahmadinejad. How about asking Canada’s opinion? Or does the US consider it not to be a stable and free democracy?

    The last Canadian federal election cost $291 million, and the one before that cost $288, while the last two US elections cost about $8.5 billion combined. With the dollars at equal value now, and Canada’s population and economy a tenth of the US’s, those costs (the highest in Canadian history) look like a bargain.


    At least Canada has more than two parties, making corruption a lot less likely, and it renders lobbyists useless.

  8. Dredd, That is why turnout was so important in 2010. I think someone here said to stay home that it did not matter.

  9. One of Democracy’s greatest problems in our modern world is the fluidity with which it is used. I’m sure the Iranian President was not being ironic in his remarks, because he believes that in Iran democracy (by the definition of their leaders) rules. This is, and has been, true all over the world. U.S. foreign policy has always defined democracy by whether or not we approved of a particular country’s leadership and that approval was based on how malleable that leadership was to seeing things our way. In Iran our original sin was throwing out nationalist Mossadegh:in favor of the Shah. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d'%C3%A9tat

    As Dredd pointed out about the Congressional elections, the Republicans carried the House via gerrymandering. The various attempts and successes of voter suppression provide further examples of our own tortuous use of the term of Democracy. This truth about the careless and malleable definition of Democracy struck home to me with a widely aired TV commercial some years ago. The commercial began by lauding American Democracy and then defined it as our “freedom” to choose between various
    products, ending with the exhortation to use that “freedom” and buy their superior product. Yesterday I exercised my freedom and bought a Perdue ready cooked chicken, I am so proud that I live in a Democracy.

  10. Cherry,

    Second time today we agree. Watch it! Keeping bad company.

    Justice Holmes,

    Nice unconventionable arguements. Never heard of them before. Screwing up America with NDAA etc, does not prevent Obama from criticizing him.

    I thougt that was why we have freedom of the press, which he untilizes.

    OTOH, calling him for the spade that he is is OK too.
    Just excuse me if I yawn and nod a bit. Just exercising my humor, hope you know that.

    The Iranians took an totalitarian relligion and added a Shiah twist, it is a sickening blend for the mind and citizen body, but anything that gets guys to flagellate themselves bloody at least once a year, can’t be all bad.

    As for suppression, the mullahs just took over the Shah’s system and double down on it.

    My friend, who is visiting grandmother etc sent me a postcard, writing in English. Of course it had been censored and it sang the praises of her visit. She mentioned NOTHING about conditions.

  11. Hey, Turbin-head, when you allow free elections in your country you can speak…. Until then STFU!!!!

  12. “Ahmadinejad has certainly been able to suppress both democracy and its costs through the use of thug squads…”

    You really don’t know that America has its own “thug squads?” Hard to believe but, oh so true.

    “Democracy” isn’t faring so well here but… when one is personally impacted, it will really sink in…

  13. What a hypocrite! I am tire of listening to this guy. Do we have issues, yes! Do we need this guy’s advice, no. He should consider how to protect his own citizens from the “democracy ” by mullah. Maybe he should focus on helping the Syrians now being murdered by their own government, Why does this guy get any ink? I get it. He gets a pass because he hates the great Satan, US.

  14. I agree with Ack(whatever his name is) on that one. This is one Iranian without a tent or turbin on his head who tells it like it is in America.

  15. No one forces Daddy Warbucks to get all rogue and mavericky with the big bucks.

    A little research shows that gerrymandering is what caused the Republicans to keep the House majority.

    The Democrats in the House received a half a million more votes than the Republicans did, yet as a result of gerrymandering during 2011 the Republicans suppressed once again the will of the American people.

    Can’t blame money for that, it was Republican state legislatures redrawing congressional districts in various red states that did it.

  16. Ahmadinejad is limited to two consecutive 4-year terms as President, so he is out after the national elections are held in June 2013.

    Speculation on his successors is here.

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