Egyptian Islamic Leader: Faithful Muslims Must Destroy The Pyramids and The Sphinx

With have previously discussed calls for Islamic extremists to destroy or cover up the Pyramids as an offense to Allah. Now, islamic leader Murgan Salem al-Gohary has called for the destruction of the iconic structures as well as the Sphinx — citing the Taliban as a model for such destruction when they destroyed the famous giant Buddhas of Bamiyan to the disgust and anger of the world community. Murgan Salem al-Gohary is clearly an extremist and not someone that most Egyptians or Muslims would follow. However a far more worrisome development is the huge demonstration in Egypt a few days ago calling for the country to impose Sharia law on its citizens.

The call of Murgan Salem al-Gohary indicates that the riddle of the Sphinx may have been misinterpreted in asking what has four legs in the morning, two legs at afternoon, and three legs at night. The answer appears to be al-Gohary as a baby, a man, and then as a religious frantic with a sledgehammer.

The extremist wants these structures destroyed as “idols.” He insisted “[a]ll Muslims are charged with applying the teachings of Islam to remove such idols, as we did in Afghanistan when we destroyed the Buddha statues . . . God ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols. When I was with the Taliban we destroyed the statue of Buddha, something the government failed to do.”

We have been discussing how such extremists have destroyed ancient tombs and temples recently to “cleanse” their country of impure images or icons.

What is astonishing is that such men have a following in this country, even when he is calling for the destruction of the remarkable history and creativity of the Egyptian people. In some ways, the destruction might help these religous leaders in further reducing Western tourism and further isolate followers from the exposure to the modern world.

Source: Al Arabiya

27 thoughts on “Egyptian Islamic Leader: Faithful Muslims Must Destroy The Pyramids and The Sphinx

  1. Why stop there, ‘faithful Mooslims’ why not just destroy all of your history, then stand around and let the sands of the desert swallow you…The world won’t miss you…. the world won’t even think about you!

  2. Murgan Salem al-Gohary has doe the cause of Fundamentalist Islam in Egypt no favors. Not only is the entire Egyptian tourist Industry based on these magnificent structures, but the self esteem of the Egyptian people is heavily dependent on these symbols of past glory. He puts in stark contrast the assertion of fundamentalism, with the modern world and my guess is not only does he lose, but the fundamentalist cause in Egypt loses with him.

  3. Hang the schmuck from the Spynx or however one spulls it. Americans have no memories. Anwar Sadat was killed by a clique of Muslem Brothers, one of which Al Zawari, was only given three years prison. Then the country had a rather good dictator and now they are on the edge of taking on Sharia law. They need another good dictator.

  4. Stupid is as stupid does. If the Egyptian Taliban want to destroy antiquities, who are we to stop them. Of course, as Mike S. suggested, if the Sphinx and Pyramids are destroyed, their economy may follow.

  5. In the past, Egypt lobbied for the return of ancient artifacts from England and other countries. I think they had better start shipping them back.

    This news is unsurprising. Religions always try to wipe out traces of competing religions or history that they don’t like. The christians have done it, the jews have done it, the muslims have done it, and so have many others. This story doesn’t surprise in the least.

  6. Yeah, why don’t you destroy the only reason most people would go spend money in Egypt in the first place because your invisible sky daddy of choice is too weak to handle competition from gods that have been dead for almost 2000 years. Doesn’t say a lot about the confidence in the message of Mohammed if he and Allah can’t handle something like relics from one of the greatest civilizations to ever exist. And there are so few worshippers of Ra, Osiris and Ptah left to stand up for ancient Egypt. Hardly seems like a fair fight.

  7. Mike is correct about the tourism industry and its influence.

    I wonder of the timing of this kook. November 17th will mark the 15th anniversary of the Luxor Massacre

    Oh and good luck on destroying the pyramids at Gisa. It would take an extremely large nuke to attempt that outrage. But the will is certainly the worry.

  8. And to think I was horrified simply because my neighbor cut down 15 three hundred-year-old oak trees around his house because he did not like leaves and squirrels on his lawn.

  9. their economy will follow. the promised land is being destroyed and you all want to test GOD.
    for the perfectionists in the crowd do not test GOD for HE walked in the garden of eden and talked with atom and eve.

    do not change what is written unless you the ONE SENT TO DO SO.
    what does the atom and eve say in the end of times. keep in mind that there was a nuclear war four years ago and now there is infidelity in the ranks of the infidels.

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    if there is a holy war what are you going to use for weapons? crosses, and crescents! there is a a new religion on the block saying that her religion will speak against GOD also.

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  10. I propose a USAID (CIA cover) project to build a giant Nile dam in Namibia. Then Israel could send a giant swarm of locusts. Europe could contribute with some leftover plagued infected rats. The dried up Nile would serve well as a common grave for them all.

  11. And it is time to close all but 10 percent of our overseas bases, close down Afghanistan ops, all droning, all embassy based CIA, 75 percent of the military budget, and start making plowshares and solar power. Issue electric cars as free trade-ins, stop all TSA, DEA, Border Patrol, deal out gratis seed for growing your own grass. Idealist for President!!

    Stoned but not world terrorist anymore. Send all with incomes over one million to labor camps, wooeee, long list left. Didja say the Chinese were coming to watch us?

    Top that boys.

  12. They are going to be busy for a long time if they visit South America or he Asia continent…… Then they will have more trouble than they bargained for….

  13. So, The Living God, you’re opposed to proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling? Who knew? How is it possible for The Living God to have escaped from somewhere?

  14. I used to have some respect for religion, even though I believe in science, myself. Then I started working as a psychiatric nurse, and saw how many times insanity expressed itself through religious imagery. It’s not just Christians who vent their psychotic nihilism through the voice of their imaginary Sky Spook. Even Hindu and Sikh schizophrenics hear the voices of multiple gods, in the depth of their delusions. Mullah Murgan is no different.

    And as P Smith pointed out up-thread, religions and cultures have long destroyed what their predecessors made. I’m reading “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” and it’s replete with tales of melting down great pagan artworks after Constantine made Christianity the official faith of the Empire. Goths, who were Arian Christians, wrecked the churches of Athanasian Christians. Goths, Huns, Vandals (where do you think the word came from?) and other barbarian tribes smashed idols that conflicted with the dark rites they had involving severed horses’ heads. And don’t get me started on Tamerlane (a Muslim), Genghis Khan (an animist) Pizarro (a Catholic whose forces destroyed irreplaceable New World religious and cultural items)…

    Humans are just a nasty species. The dominant among us love to wreck everything we can touch. The sooner we wipe ourselves out through global warming, the better. Maye in 25 million years when raccoons evolve into an intelligent race, they’ll do better. Can hardly do worse…

  15. It is a true shame that historic sites can be held hostage because the islamist FEAR that God is feeling threatened by idols and such! NO SUCH THING! It is a “personal responsability” not one person being resposible for his fellowman! Judgement will be done individually. This Leader is a fool and a crazy fanatic who needs to be told that he is Not God to judge=He (this man) is the one being disrespecful to God thingking he can be the Judge of his fellowman and stupid fools follow his commands- he is Not God. Wake up! Then again, go ahead and do it! go back to the stone age and bring Egypt to its knees begging in misery.

  16. politicians all claim to know their religion. they do not know GOD.
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