Germany Moves To Re-Criminalize Bestiality

There is a rather unexpected debate occurring in Germany where the government is moving to re-criminalize bestiality. Since 1969, bestiality has been legal in Germany, but it would now be punishable with a fine up to 25,000 euros ($31,000).

In 1969, the country decriminalized both homosexuality and bestiality. It is not clear why these two acts seemed related or whether the country would countenance acts of bestiality or “animal rape” as activists have called it in Germany. Under the existing law, sex with animals was only punishable if the animal was severely injured.

What is interesting is that the re-criminalization of bestiality is opposed by a zoophile group called ZETA. Lobbyist Michael Kiok estimated that there are more than 100,000 zoophiles in Germany. Kiok lives with his dog Cassie and says that he fears the state will now separate them. He insisted “Mere morals have no place in law.”

The last point is familiar to many civil libertarians who oppose morality law from criminal adultery law to criminal fornication law. Kiok however misses the point. Animals cannot give their consent to such acts. The mistake of Germany was to equate bestiality with homosexuality in the first place — a connection drawn in the past by Justice Scalia.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. “shouldnt that be Ewe?”

    LOL . . . yeah, ewe won’t get an argument from me on that one, Bron. Also, I thought the Cap’n was probably already packing a bag and checking Expedia as well. To each their own, I reckon. Some like Coke, some like Pepsi and apparently some like Purina.



    Thanks for the input. I’m not too surprised if the animal brothels are a case of urban myth. When I read that one of my first thoughts was “How do you get charter for this kind of operation?” Surely someone must have read their applications for permits and the like and said, “Nein, ich glaube nicht.”

  2. When the Germans emigrated to Missouri in the mid 1800s after the failed social revolution in France and Germany they came upon the Scots who had settled here a hundred years before. The Scots were by now what one would call an Ozark hillbilly and were known to have sex with sheep. The Germans would not mingle with them despite the fact that they were Christian. The German communites had laws passed in towns and then statewide to outlaw bestiality. A lot of the sheep porkers moved to Arkansas. Mike Huckebee can tell you the stories. Clinton refuses to and says that he had no sex with that donkey.

  3. @Gene H.: The “animal brothels” are most likely an urban myth, like snuff films. The Badische Zeitung did an article about that recently and basically everything can be traced back, not to proven cases, but to an article that came out 2006 in the Danish free ad paper 24timer…

    @Malisha: Well, I wouldn’t call 1968 “recently,” but yes it was legalized back then.

    That was of the the “Great Criminal Law Reform” (Große Strafrechtsreform) which among other things (a shift from a retributive to a rehabilitating outlook probably the most important) tried to get rid of “moral laws.” The professor already mentioned “sodomy” (i.e. homosexual penetrative sex) and there were a few others like “adultery” and so on.

    The reason that there is this push to make it illegal again is the fear that bestiality isn’t just a rare thing that some farmers do, but that there is a whole sub culture with internet forums and even the (IMHO mythical) animal brothels.
    The not very stringent underlying premise of the State administration of Rheinland-Pfalz (which introduced this bill) seems to be “We’re OK with it being rare isolated cases, but not more.”

  4. i have a feeling Cap’n johnny is moving to Germany.

    Dont forget your hip boots Cap’n!

  5. Florida was just having the same fight in its state legislature. I’m dead serious about this; the GOP majority killed the bill. I guess to them two consenting adults who happen to be of the same sex is right out but a man and a cow, well thats OK.

    Its about consent guys – two adults can consent a cow/sheep/turtle cannot

  6. Um, let’s get this clear. Germany wants to make it illegal for a human to have sex with an animal. right? Which was recently legalized, having previously been illegal? What were the arguments used to make it legal when it was already illegal, would be my first question. And my second question would be: have they defined “legitimate bestiality” yet?

  7. HumpinDog:

    most dogs do so without the consent of the human and most use the leg so I dont know if you can go with “iality”.

  8. One word, describing one form of humpin, ends in “uality” and the second word, describing another form of humpin, describes “iality”. Never the Twain shall meet. These Germans dont understand life on the Mississippi.

  9. I don’t know, raff. I’d think it was pretty important if an animal brothel opened next door.

  10. Putting aside the consent issue, it’s just nasty, but as long as the animals weren’t injured? Who is harmed? This is an area where while I don’t personally agree with the practice and note that it is in the DSM as a form of paraphilia I will have to agree that it is also an area where the laws make criminals with no actual victim and do so needlessly. Criminalizing bestiality does not serve justice or equity. “Ewwww!” is not sufficient grounds for prison or penalty. Like many, I have the same reaction to booger eaters and they don’t deserve legal sanction either as there is no victim.

  11. Do not criminalize anything especially sex. We are to judge ourselves. To condemn is to condemn ourselves. Our body sins just because it dies killing life to live. Don’t penalize People for having a form of sex. That is to God a crime.

  12. Do not criminalize anything especially sex. We are to judge ourselves. To condemn is to condemn ourselves. Our body sins just because it dies killing life to live. Don’t penalize Pepe for having a form of sex. That is to God a crime.

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