Husband in Bangladesh Responds To Divorce By Throwing Acid In Face Of Ex-Wife, Serves Only One Year In Jail, And Blinded Ex-Wife is Then Coerced Into Remarrying Him

We have another chilling tale of the plight of women in some traditional Islamic areas. A woman known as Nurbanu had divorced her husband when she found him in bed with another woman. The husband than responded to the divorce by throwing acid in her face — an all-too-common crime against women in the Middle East. The woman was disfigured and blinded, but the husband received only one year of jail for the crime. Nurbanu said she was then coerced to remarry him and he now allegedly continues to beat her. Warning the picture below is graphic and disturbing.

The husband was hidden for almost a year by friends and family until authorities located him. However, his mother had him released on bail so he spent just 12 months in jail for the heinous crime.

The 36-year-old mother is left with horrific facial injuries. She is now blind and unable to even prepare a meal for herself.

There are thousands of such cases in the region, as we have previously discussed.

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  3. Darren Smith,

    I agree with what you say, BUT let me add the ironical comment of:

    They lack a full-coverage social security contract.
    They lack a proper jusice system.
    They let family solutions preempt just ones.
    Thay lack a full coverage medical system for rehabilitation, for example here.

    All five items lacks the USA too.

  4. I have heard a lot of stories pertaining to women suffering from acid attack, and for me its really frustrating and saddening to have a culture values where women are being treated as animals and no rights. Acid attackers are not being held accountable for what they are doing and the wife/ women are left with nothing but broken faces and dreams.

  5. Is there any limit to how much horror this woman is going to be forced by her society to endure? Will she just simply be treated by outsiders with sympathy but yet not more than a mere curiosity for a topical amount of attention to her as a fellow human being. It can sadly be convenient to just turn the page, relegating her to just another example.

    It would be simply worthwhile to have by whatever means it requires to cause a government agency over there complete with budget, power and resolve to provide shelter for women who has suffered as she begin a new life free from the tortures they have endured. Couple this with some true social pressure and legal sanctions to change this attitude among too many in her country as to the status of women and their plights.

    Sure it would be easy to dismiss the group of persons in her community that espoused this abuse as being backward and either incapable or unwilling to change their murderous ways and thereby pointless to influence to any real change. But in doing nothing, it only perpetuates the horrors. A real attempt would be worthwhile.

    There can be many ways, one is not a panacea and there is no point in spending years debating what One is the best. Many reasonable approaches should be tried since they would certainly have more merit than continuing to do nothing and abet the abuse. From over here in the US certain diplomacy can help, or from various NGOs but at least advocate something.

  6. Thanks for responding.

    While the Rules seem simple and straightforward, they are not by any means. Perhaps that’s because judges rely on what “appears” to be inappropriate based on the way they see things, not the way they believe the public will perceive things.

    How many average-bears could preside over a case where the defendant is a friend and escape the rumblings of a guilty conscious? Judges, I fear, are immune to the limitations of the typical citizen, to whom they owe their allegiance. The Canons always drive home the point that preserving and building the confidence the public has in them must be the goal of all they do.

    “Woman is the soul of man, the radiance that lights his way. Woman is glory” DQ

  7. One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic. – Stalin

    Not much silver lining in the realm of reality these daze:

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    A U.S.-based Egyptian-American said to be behind the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” and six other Egyptian Christians were sentenced to death in absentia by a court in Cairo Wednesday.

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    (NBC). If just making a film that is anti-Mohammad is sufficient to bring a death penalty, what will global warming caused deaths of hundreds of millions bring?

    Seriously, over 100 million by 2030 is one holocaust per year (5.8 million per year). Germany did one holocaust in ~4 years.

    Take cover.

  8. Jimmy Carter had a point. Apartheid.

    The bully religion is seen by those who say “some of my friends are Zionists”:

  9. The story HT linked to has some strange information:

    … his family coerced her into re-marrying him.

    “His mother paid for his release on bail,” she said. “She made me sign an affidavit to have him released. She used my sons to convince me to marry him again.”

    Sounds like a family affair, a bad social dynamic.

    The story has some other interesting language:

    While government efforts have seen a decline in the number of acid attacks which has fallen from 500 in 2002 to 111 in 2011, there is still more work to be done Ms Rahman said.

    Bangaladesh had a population of 150,493,658 in 2011.

    Our military has more attacks on women, including rape, each year by far than that, with only 1% of their population.

    Being bad to women is part of the bully religion, a universal religion according to George Orwell.

    He was on to something.

  10. This is meant as an explanation, not as an excuse for abuse of women. Clear?

    OK. When you are living on the brink of starvation for as long as civilization has existed, this problem of women’s worth will arise.

    (Let me hop in and note that civilization is not a trigger. Social stratification can be indicated as far back as 6,000 years BCE in pre-civilized cultures.)

    The custom arises that the woman, after marriage becomes part of the man’s family, thus contributing to that family. She has no value to the family that she was born into.

    Where child production and menial labor are the only “employments” offered, the wife is but a chattel.

    This has existed and still exists in all cultures and in all religions, and even traces exist today in our “modern western world”. From China, Japan, to the Middle East and all in between, the woman is the last one that her family puts any resources on.

    I discussed this just today with a chinese descendant born here in Sweden. I did not inquire how it was in her family.

    I also discussed it in 1965 in Bangkok, also with a young chinese woman, whose brother was studying in the USA, but nothing was spent on her.

    Thus I think it is simply incorrect to point to Islam as the cause of this problem. It happens both in the religious of all faiths, and in the irreligious groups too.

    Poverty is the reason, I feel.

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