Islamists in Yemen Unleashed Campaigns Of Crucifixions, Amputations, and Atrocities Under Sharia Justice

220px-Traditional_Ethiopian_pictureA new report by Amnesty International reveals in chilling detail how an al-Qaeda affiliate took control of Yemen Abyan province and unleashed a “human rights catastrophe” of Sharia-based “justice” from beheadings, crucifixions, and amputations. In one case, a woman accused of sorcery (a charge we have seen in other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia) was beheaded and her head then paraded through the streets of a town.

As soon as they took control, the Islamists set up their own Sharia courts and started to impose Islamically correct justice under their own twisted view of divine justice. In another video, a young man’s hand is cut off for theft (a punishment imposed also in countries like Saudi Arabia). After his hand is cut off (after he is beaten for days), one spectator grabs it and waved it around screaming “God is Great.”

The truly grotesque punishment and enjoyment shown in these killings shows how religious extremism leads easily to atrocities. What would be viewed as serial murder and torture can be legitimated in the name of God. It also reflects a view that God actually embodies the lowest common denominator of our society — demanding the savage beheadings, amputations, and flogging so enjoyed by these extremists.

Source: CNN

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  1. Jonathan H (and “The Living God”), we appreciate the sincerity of your beliefs, but this forum is not the place for proselytizing. Thank you.

    And a side note — in these posts (as is often the case in the Turleyverse), there are often gratuitous references to the Spanish Inquisition. While I am no apologist for the Spanish Inquisition, it would be well to remember that during the witch hunts in Europe, far, far more people were killed in countries outside of those that were under the purview of the Inquisition than those that were subject to the Inquisition. (Inquisition Spain and Portugal, obsessed with heresy, ignored the witch craze. In Italy, witch trials were comparatively rare and did not involve torture and executions. Anne L. Barstow, Witchcraze : a New History of the European Witch Hunts, HarperCollins, 1995.) And while the witch hunts are intrinsically tied to popular Christian beliefs and teachings (Catholic and Protestant), they were largely conducted through secular trials by secular authorities.

    When loosely talking about “the Inquisition”, we should remember that there was something called “the Inquisition” for centuries, but it took various forms , and was not the heretic burning machine of legend (thank you, Elizabeth I and your Black Legend). We need to look to secular authorities for mass murder. A comparison — the Spanish Inquisition is the one that has a well-deserved reputation for executing people brought before it (something like a 2% or slighter higher range) during the period of its principal activity (say mid-16th century through the early 18th century). Historians estimate a low of 1000 or so executions to a high of 3,000 (the range varies depending on how historians much extrapolate from documented executions). Compare that to what was going on in the witch trials, which were most active in the same period. Execution rates of 16% in some areas, and up to 90% in others. Documented deaths from the witch hunts in areas outside the control of the Inquisition approach 12,500 (Spain, in fact, had only 6 documented deaths, with an estimate of 40-50). Estimated deaths range from 35,000 to close to 64,000 (Inquisition lands cover roughly 1,800 to 5,000 of those deaths, the vast majority of those in Portugal).

    So while it is well and good (and fun: to bash “the Inquisition” or “the Spanish Inquisition”, we should remember the atrocities that were carried out through secular means (admittedly, with a religious glass) were far worse.

  2. During the inquisition it was the Poop that approved the civilizing techniques
    used, to force people to be civil. Lately he’s been helping his pedophile priests to become civil by holding them accountable to God, not the law or the victims. Chrisharia law historically has been equally as wack as any sharia edict.

    I prefer “Lord of the Flies” as an apt analogy. Uncontrolled undisciplined children grown to adulthood living within the prejudiced emotional values of their youth….. as taught to them by their pregeny raised the same way.

    Age does not make an adult. Civilization does.

    Laws make Civilization, Adults maintain Civilization, Blah Blah Blah.

    We all begin as children. The human race creates and maintains civilization with every generation. The end of Civilization is always only two generations away.

    1. This is why the KJV says for us to be reborn to becomes a humble child. A child will run, walk or stroll around with nothing on not bothered by it at all. it is the adult not being like a little child that corrupts the mind of the child making them into worshipers of clothing. That makes people think clothing makes a person better or worse than another human being. Have that have division, have war.

  3. It is about control.

    It will continue until the people rise up against it. And once the people rise up against it, it will also continue. And it will continue with respect to the people who rise up against it. That too.

    1. That control seeks is what Jesus calls a vain thing. It is gained by someone, and then lost in death. That is why Jesus says gain the whole world ending up losing your own soul. Mark 8:36 :King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? When will people see the truth in those words?

  4. Oh no this cannot be true surely. You see the Islamic establishment go to great lengths to tell us how their religion (it is much more than that) is the religion of peace, tolerance and goodwill to mankind. For some it surely is.

    Of course when you vist Islamic countries and see what is really tolerated and practiced under the name of Islam and sharia then it is quite different from the statements emanating from the moderates which are all very much designed to placate us and mislead us. Calculated misleading of and outright lying to the non-islamist in the interests of enhancing and promoting the spread and adoption of Islam is very much consistent with the religion.

    It is equally alarming when Islamists move to western countries and then lobby hard to have as many elements as possible of Sharia law formally recognised under the local legal systems.

  5. People- what have you done.
    Locked Him in His golden cage.
    Made Him bend to your religion
    Him resurrected from the grave.
    He is the God of nothing
    If that’s all that you can see.
    You are the God of everything
    He’s inside you and me.

    My God
    I Anderson

  6. Oh father high in heaven-
    Smile down upon your son
    Whose busy with his money games-
    His women and his gun.
    Oh Jesus save me!

  7. I play stoop ped walking around in a world of wander and have an i.q. of one hundred fifty five. obama is one twenty five… big deal!

    all those who deny GOD perish for HE(GOD) will judge the quick, and the dead.

    nicea had the wrong idea.
    some how someone needs to be re-hewed.
    who wants world fame? I do not! but islam does honor GOD, not JESUS, just as THE BIBLE SAYS.

    1. Jude Those that want to kill don’t have Christianity. Jesus ius not in religion that is like the Islamists who are militaristic condemning people being worse any western legal system.

      Sharia law seeks wrath as men see it. Gods wrath is Glory that Moses could not see is from the face of God. People that give wrath now call Gods wrath a lie trying to take the place of Gods wrath saying, HEY, God,.. you are not judging so I will do it for you. The devil wants to take Gods place. The religious scribes, and Pharisees wanted to take Gods place too Jesus said woe unto you scribes, and Pharisees = Islamists. Islamists. should be trembling asking for Gods forgiveness?

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