A Stocking Stuffer For Shakers?

srKGoI saw this picture on Reddit and just had to post it. It is not clear if this is a spaceman Jesus or a deep-sea diving Jesus. However, I can understand it being on sale.

Isn’t it a tad sacrilegious to be shaking the son of God to make snow hit him in the face? This may have been just a last holiday gift for Shaker customers before their decline.

11 thoughts on “A Stocking Stuffer For Shakers?”

  1. @The Living Dog – being told I am going to hell for not believing in your particular brand of cosmic muffin is a lot like being told I will not get a gift from Santa because I said I don’t believe in him.

  2. It’s Davey from the 50s & 60s early sat. morning TV show Davey and Goliath. Sadly Goliath is no longer around. I believe Davey started hanging out with Sandy the squirrel from the Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon.
    He wears the diving helmet when he visits her.

    Daveys grown up!!!! PS. Don’t tell sponge Bob …. he might get his square pants in a twist!!

    Who could resist Sandy, she’s intelligent, a scientist AND She’s HOT!!!

  3. well since everybody is in such a good mood, and writing about THE BIBLE is such pain in the ass sounding like proselytizing like a preacher all the time. at the end of the day all I want is a cold beer and a piece of ass, forever. we’ll send all the clergy to search for JESUS, and see if the clergy ask JESUS what is GOD like? if they do not ask JESUS, what GOD is like, then they would be denying GOD just like they preach, and, go to hell. I do not preach, but I do warn you. I will win because, the candle is burning from both ends.

    now the clergy can not say, they were not warned. the only real way to verify that I am real, is to die and see a 🙂 if some one goes to hell then I don’t care. the warnings were sent.

    the only thing wrong with the big bang theory is, how could the universe be only umteen billion years old from something that was compressed into the negative numbers. both would be impossible, but if I say something to anyone, they want to change it to fit their name. so all presidensts are lead by the theorists. after all they kneel before their own clergy of choice, and it would be awful embarrassing for a president to kneel before GOD like is written. to each their own.
    now wonder how to get a presdent to make a video in black and white could have been a sign that obama was known to be president, and no body knows who got bushy to say that he was going to kill millions of people.
    so that must be a space JESUS 😉

  4. The other thought I had was if it were the BABY Jeshua wouldn’t shaking the thing be child abuse?

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