English Police Arrest Man “Spraying Urine To and Fro” While Making Sounds Of An Elephant

220px-Asian_Elephant,_Royal_Chitwan_National_ParkPeople are hoping to see less of Robert Moore, 48, but a court released the defendant who was arrested in Plymouth after “spraying urine to and fro into the flower beds while making noises like an elephant.” Despite his lawyer admitting that Moore has a “raging alcohol problem” and exposing himself of children, he was released and given another chance to tackle his drinking.

Moore did his elephant gig over flower beds in front of shoppers, including a family with a child that reported that he exposed himself. There was a public bathroom across the square. He had a prior community order and offense on this record.

We often discuss appropriate sentencing and this one struck me as a difficult question. Given the five-year-old girl who witnessed this act, should Moore’s alcoholism result in probation with no jail time in such cases? He was given only a fine for £50 prosecution costs. I am less concerned with “fouling the flower beds” and the exposure allegation. What do you think?

Source: Plymouth

24 thoughts on “English Police Arrest Man “Spraying Urine To and Fro” While Making Sounds Of An Elephant

  1. He has priors. It’s less the actual damages caused by his actions than his inability to control himself. He’s clearly not being deterred by fines alone. Perhaps a week in the pokey would help convince him that at least seeking some privacy when choosing to urinate in public is a good idea.

  2. It would be interesting to know if he would have received a stiffer (sorry, couldn’t resist) sentence had he been sober at the time. There’s a persistent mentality that things you do while drunk somehow don’t count–or at least don’t count as much. I was struck, for instance, by how many responded with indignation to the 2-year sentence of the teabagging student, claiming his behavior was just normal drunken college hijinks.

  3. Public drunkenness isn’t an excuse. It’s not as if he did this in his own backyard and someone saw him over the fence (most English homes have fenced yards, even hedges).

    He’s not dealing with his drunkenness, nor with his history of public exposure nor respecting his previous light treatment by the court.

    A medium stint residing ‘at the governor’s pleasure’ (aka jail) would separate him from his alcohol and give him lots of time to ponder his behavior.

  4. On a serious note. It’s not clear if he is specifically exposing himself to children or if his alchoholic rants just cause him to pis in front of them. Obviously, it matters little to the child. However, if he’s a sexual predator type that is substantially different than being a deranged alchoholic. If he’s the former stiff sentence. The latter, more than probation because alcohol is the cause of this behavior. It appears to be the latter

  5. He caused a commotion and likely scared a small child. The conditional discharge, which takes into account his previous history and his efforts to improve, seems appropriate. I would hate to live in a country where a relatively harmless man can be sent to prison simply for being a drunkard.

  6. I was a bit shocked by Europeans ability to relieve themselves in public so I am not entirely sure how far from normal this behavior was. OTOH I am not the least surprised that alcohol was involved. With his record a little time in spin dry would do him a world of good.

  7. Ths man obviously has a kidney stone. The English make it sound like he had a spray bottle of pee and was spraying the roses. When one has a kidney stone attack it compels one to make an elephant noise and pee at the same time. The kid wont be bothered by it because his time will come when he gets kidney stones from drinking the same metalic water from the city water supply and he will know what to do to relieve the pain. One must walk and pee and bellow. Been there, done that. Ben done it too.

  8. BarkinDog, Kidney stones are no laughing matter. I had one and the pain was unbearable. The crusty ER nurse was very empathetic. She said she appreciates men w/ kidney stones because they then know the pain of childbirth. I just nodded and said, “Give me the f@ckin’ demerol!”

  9. I am in favor of jail time in a case like this only if he gets treatment for his alcoholism which is the root of all these problems for him.

  10. I had kidney stones and a doctor shrank them or dissolved them with some vibration machine about thirty years ago. Then about fifteen years ago I had been kidney stone free and I ran into him at the symphony. At the break we were talking and he commented that he never had a patient with kidney stones who was a beer drinker. I said, Why didnt you telll me that back then? Jeso. I think red wine is bad for you. But I did the elephant bellow thing and peed all around the back yard. Of course that was in my prior life as a human. Us dogs dont get no kidney stones and its probably due to good diet.

  11. I don’t know which way to call this one. What does the Constitution say about it?

    By the way, here’s a honey badger.

  12. Many years ago I ran into a situation like this. I had to pick up a few guys in the jail van and take them to from the county jail to arraignment in Muni-court. One of the inmates and I struck up a conversation as I was driving him and a few other guys who were sitting in the back. The man said he felt he was essentially overcharged.

    95% of the time these type of stories are such that I can hear the tiny violin playing the saddest song, but this one was legitimate.

    He said he got drunk at one of the city’s bars and was walking home. It was just after dark, probably around 9:00. He said he had to pee but he wasn’t able to hold it back before he got home so he walked behind what he thought was a hidden place behind a dumpster. He didn’t realize in his drunken state that he was visible to people driving by.

    A woman passing by, with her pre-teenage daughter inside, saw this happening and telephoned 911. One of the city officers responded and the woman was adamant about him being arrested for indecent exposure. The city officer found the man and hooked him up for indecent exposure. In our state doing this to someone under 14 is an enhancement and can trigger sex offender status.

    The man told me that he knew what he was doing was wrong but he didn’t believe he should go to jail over it and said he would just rather pay a ticket and be done with it. He then said he didn’t want to be made into a sex offender for this.

    Then, one of the crooks in the back of the van overheard him say sex offender and indecent exposure and started making bravado threats like “we’ll be waiting for you when you get back to jail.” and “I hate child molesters.” taunting the man. Even though I told the other guy to shut up or I would hook him up for Harassment, the muttering was still there and it was making it difficult for the other man.

    As I was pulling into the parking lot all I could think of was how BS this whole thing was. When I got them into the courtroom and he was on the stand while the judge read the information to him on the charge, I swear to you it took everything I had to not just speak up in the court and tell the judge this was garbage; this whole thing being blown completely out of proportion. I couldn’t understand why he was just not written up for Urinating in Public with a $100.00 fine. No, rip the guy apart to please mommy and her daughter.

    Luckily before I broke decorum, either the judge or the city attorney ( I was not watching) brought up that “Maybe he could just be charged with Urinating in Public” and the city attorney asked for a postponement of arraignment until “negotiations could take place” (i.e. make this go away).

    Finally, some reason. But on the trip back, the other inmates started taunting this guy. I had to have the jailers segregate the two for the man’s safety. All of this when he could have just been instead written a ticket and not have that scarlet letter put on him.

    So after that long backstory. When asked what I would think of this particular man making a fool of himself, the elephant noise and the UIP. He’s a lot more outrageous that the man in my story, but it is one thing to make an ass of oneself but it is not worth jailing someone over and possibly making them register as sex offenders.

    Surely people want to have an enjoyable and normal life being downtown with their children without having to suffer this type of inane behavior. But writing someone a criminal charge for that is too much in my view. Just write him a civil infraction ticket, I think $100 or so dollars is a reasonable sanction. It’s not like he was trying to sexually assault someone.

  13. Was he “spraying the flower beds” or actually urinating? If he was peeing in public, he should have to register as a sex offender and serve time.

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