Islamic Leaders Denounce Outbreak of “Social Freedoms” In Zanzibar

251px-Coat_of_arms_of_Tanzania.svgThere is rising concern in Zanzibar that it is poised to be the next the next country to fall to extreme Islamic rule. While long a favorite for tourists for its beaches and resorts, the Saudi-based Wahhabi movement has established hundreds of schools and programs with money from Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The result is rising criticism of what Suleiman Ali, director of Radio Al-Noor, called the outbreak of “social freedoms.”

In a mantra heard in other countries facing Islamic rule, Ali objected that “There’s no social responsibility; the government keeps producing more [social] freedom.” His station has started to warn tourists to wear headscarves and cover their knees — not an easy proposition in a beach resort area. The Saudi money has helped fund more than 2000 Muslim schools or madrassas and a movement away from the more moderate and Sufi forms of Islam in favor of the more radical views of Wahhabi Islam.

The effort is targeting the children by funding Wahhabi schools and sending many to Saudi Arabia for study. Ali’s objections to the outbreak of social freedoms highlights the inverse values of these teachings where freedom is considered an evil and “responsibility” is now code for compelled orthodoxy.

220px-Approaching_ZanzibarThe question is whether it is only a matter of time before Wahhabi approved Burkinis appear on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar.

Source: FT

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  2. But at this point I would favor either occupation of Saudi Arabia, closing funds for madrasas, and a forced modernazation to a democratic state. etc. Or reviving the bomb development that Carter stopped.

    I mean “preemptive strikes” are officially a foreign pollicy and militarily executed activity which is approved all the way up to Obama and the JCS.

    If I recall correctly, it was either GeneH or Misspo who advocated a quick solution to the Taliban and Al Qaeda problems in PakAf with nukes as warnings.

    Myself, I am not a surgeon but a cautious internist. What lies in the nuclear box of Pandora, I don’t want to find out by experimenting.
    The non-use seems to be the only thing restraining owners now.

  3. Saudi Arabia is, as well, funding private Islamic schools and programs all over the western world – in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. It is a global activity with a goal and purpose.

    We should, in the first instance, be a lot more concerned and critical about what is happening in our own back yards and what is being taught in these schools than worrying too much about places like Zanzibar.

  4. Wahabism? That was part of our deal with the Saudis…… no protests from us. Who is supplying arms to the rebels in Syria. The Saudis, with our secret instigation/approval.

    Who is more connected to USA than Israel? Right, the Saudis are. Jew have very little oil. Other comments I refrain from out of fear of AIÅPAC revenge. 😉

  5. Good point GeneH.
    I will play the ball now, turther I hope.

    Just how in Russ Bakers’s book on the Bushes am at the part where Poppy Bush as CIA director establishes contact with the Saudi director of security, etc. He allegedly also through Bath a “useful” relationship with the responsible head of bin Ladens, the mega buiilding company with royal suipport And with the only “private” bank which takes care of the royals “private” money and investments.

    Bush is thus wired into using the Saudis as covert sponsors of (off budget) and financing (as a rebate for help here) illegal CIA ops. He also makes millions in sharing the benefits of Baths puny sales, but mainly through the Saudi royal sponsored and owned bank which opens the door to the finance and banking part of the USA.

    Kicked out by Carter after one year, he suffers not at all. The texas oil people are willing to cooperate for the sake of intelligence info as well as a channel to the royals.s

    Results see we when the bin Ladens et al were expedited out of the USA even tho all flying was officailly forbidden immediately after 9/11.

    Read the book. You will be astounded for every two pages you read. Monay back, don’t believe it, but take an eyeopener. It shows America as it is. Biased? Perhaps, but with reliable sources which richly footnoted. Even clear disclaimers for questionable ones.

    Bath? A talented poor boy recruited as a minder for George when he was still on flight status. He said openly, all I have I owe to the Bushes.

  6. Frankly,
    I didn’t need to see the story about the priest in Italy blaming the deceased victims. I suppose that is the same story line for his fellow priests that abused children.

  7. Look at the Globe. It is east of Corfu. East of Corfu the Ten Commandments dont apply. It is pirate territory, not qualified to be termed a country. If you go there expect to get robbed, assaulted, and preached to. Fly over and flush. All you can do. All from here, Howard DeMere. Anybody out there from Saint Louis?

  8. Religion is the needle whereby the sociopaths inoculate the people with the opiate that controls them.

  9. “We really need a Mars colony where loonies like these could be exiled to for the benefit of decent society.”

    And ruin two perfectly good planets?

  10. Too bad Jimmy Carter killed the Neutron Bomb…. Saudi Arabia would have been a good place to test it out…….

  11. Saudi Arabia, our ally and friend! We saved them from Sadam so that they could fund terrorists, send a group of their best and brightest to attack us and now they are set to ruin yet another country with their fanatical anti human being beliefs. Joined by Dubai another country held up as a paragon of capitalistic bliss but a country of human suffering carrying the billions we have handed over to them.

    Chilling that they now call their attacks on human freedoms a call to “responsibility”. That has a familiar ring to it. When rulers wallow in a vat of money and power isn’t it interesting how they claim that any one who doesn’t agree with them or isn’t as well placed as they are need to act responsibly or take responsibility. The fact that they wrap it in religions makes it even more potent and dangerous.

  12. Just to think . . . all of this could have been avoided if we’d only invaded the country that actually attacked us on 9/11.

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