Two Russians Roll Down Ski Slope in Huge Ball And Then Careen Off Nearby Cliff

Huge ball, snowy hill, and a cliff . . . what could possibly go wrong for these Russians at play?

[Update: it appears one of the Russians died and the other was seriously injured]

This is like a legal demonstration of rolling assumption of the risk.

This makes play with jackhammers seem so much more fun . . .

21 thoughts on “Two Russians Roll Down Ski Slope in Huge Ball And Then Careen Off Nearby Cliff”

  1. Wedge,

    At Russian traffic lights they show red in all directions before changing.
    Some are in a hurry, so they try to get through before the change is done.

    Just guessing. Won’t ever drive there. 🙂

  2. Sprite:
    There is a movie on Netflix that may be the one you remember. The title is “e’Lollipop”. The setting is South Africa. I might even watch it!

    Thank you very much. I just watched the movie and that was the one I was thinking of. I was probably 8 or 9 years old when I first saw the movie. It was nice to see it again. Watching the boy in the tire going down the mountain was a bit scary to witness. I guess I had some lingering feelings from seeing this as a boy. The movie is certainly worth watching Sprite, I hope you find it as enjoyable. And again thank you for your research.

  3. Darren:

    There is a movie on Netflix that may be the one you remember. The title is “e’Lollipop”. The setting is South Africa. I might even watch it!

  4. One of the sources in the link woosty provided (a few layers deep) reported the ball travelled for one and a half kilometers down a cravass before stopping. One of the men died and the other greatly wounded. Seeing the ball at the end of the video, I cannot imagine the G-forces these guys went through just based on the speed alone, not to mention bounding through the crags.

    I saw a movie when I was a child, I don’t remember what the name of it was and I would be curious to know what it is, but there was a similar situation where two boys were playing in a large tire. Something tells me it was set in Africa but I don’t know. One boy was white, and the other black. (just in case some of you have seen this and know the movie) One boy pushed the other down a slope and the tire (with the other inside) rolled too quickly and out of control down a large ravine. There was a camera shot looking from inside the tire with the boy screaming in horror as the tire bounded down the hill until it crashed at the bottom. Later, the boy is in hospital and a doctor commented about his kidneys being damaged and he would now have to take pills for the rest of his life.

    When I saw that movie as a child it left an impression on me about how fun things can go bad and spin out of control until some one is hurt badly, hopefully some others will see this video and have the same effect.

    Anyone know the movie I was talking about?

  5. Why not drink and have fun with vodka and anything “amusing”

    There is little else to do there. Haven’t been there, but reading books convinced me. Thank god that women have clothes to strive for nowadays which keeps them off the booze……some of them. But a drunken husband who does it Russian fashion (dog fashion) will make any woman take to having a drink before hand. Of course that is a matter of taste.

    Many drunks survive. Something to do with being relaxed. But a hit to the head will do even them in for “good”, the common good.

  6. The Russian ball video? That’s not surprising. There seems to be a complete disregard for safety in that country – toward their own lives *and* for the lives of others.

    Have you ever watched videos of Russian driving habits and car accidents? You could spend a week watching them without repeats.

  7. Testosterone and vodka. That’s how we won the cold war..we were simply more sober.

  8. Crazy video of the ball rolling down the mountain side. I hope no one was injured. The blind leading the blind.

  9. At the risk of stereotyping and from my own experience of being at a number of Russian social affairs and Nightclubs, some of their consumption of vodka is staggering in amounts. I would wonder if both these videos showed people who had been drinking heavily?

  10. A “fiscal cliff” in action. In a territory which understands such things.

    By the way, did you wake up and wonder if our government, acting on your behalf, tortured Bradley Manning last night?

  11. People are reckless all over the world. Unfortunately for us a lot of reckless people are in our Congress. Sometime I feel as if our country is in that big ball rolling aimlessly. Yikes.

  12. People make jokes about the Georgia in the US and the one over there but maybe they are more related than we think. I can almost hear the guy say “Here, hold my beer and watch this!”

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