Obama Administration Secures 10 Year Sentence Against Medical Marijuana Grower

PresObamamarijuana_leafFor those insisting that President Obama is likely to turn over a new leaf in his Administration’s crackdown on medical marijuana, you might want to tell Aaron Sandusky who was just given 10 years in prison for operating three medical marijuana growing enterprises in California.

U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson gave Sandusky the lowest possible sentence but the Administration stacked the counts to guarantee a decade in jail for growing marijuana for medical purposes. Sandusky was charged with conspiring to manufacture and possess marijuana with intent to distribute it, conspiring to operate a drug-involved premises and one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it. The Obama Administration is pursuing three other medical marijuana cases.

In his sentencing memo, Anderson acknowledged that Sandusky was running a marijuana operation under cover of California’s medical marijuana laws. However, he insisted that Sandusky was not acting for altruistic purposes in this operation.

In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215 allowing medical marijuana in the state. These cases reaffirm statements from prosecutors after the recent legalization of marijuana in two statutes. Obama officials are quoted as saying that they would continue prior enforcement policies.

Sandusky was sentenced on his 43 birthday.

Source: Contra Costa Times

52 thoughts on “Obama Administration Secures 10 Year Sentence Against Medical Marijuana Grower”

  1. Hope that everyone will send messages to the White House, maybe our president will get off his buttocks and seriously consider at least a debate on the marijuana issue.

  2. BTW, just to keep it serious, it is the cannbiol component which helps and it can be extrscted without the THC following. Maybe that is what the patent is hiding the separation process, Just speculating. The person who posted the comment of skin cander curing put the link up again. *Seemed from that article that it was one that was not difficult to produce cannabiol or cannibioi.

  3. Indigo,

    If it is listed as a penny share stock, sign me up for USD50. I’m a bull on the markert, particularly for idealistic and hopeless corporations.

    Do I get a place on the board? George always did, and he slept throuh the meetings and still got 54K a pap.

  4. Indigo Jones said; “Unfortunately, I’ve never started a corporation before. Anybody know a good lawyer?”

    Good one, Indigo.

  5. Indigo Jones,

    Hard to believe you are not chief tech for one or even CEO for one.

    Put out a notice on a venture capital sought site.
    It sounds like a sure deal.

    But corporations are persons, the Sct declares, and can be put to death at birth. Not usual but could happen. Or at least be sent to Guantanamo.
    Oh God you say, can’t it be the Caymans instead?

  6. The statutes at issue (California Health and Safety Code sections 11362.7 et seq.) do not purport to legalize marijuana. They relieve people from criminal liability under state statutes prohibiting the cultivation and possession of marijuana in limited amounts for medical use. The original proposition protected only patients and their caregivers. Subsequently language was added permitting collectives or dispensaries operating on a non-profit basis only. Basically, the intent was to permit medical use, but not permit the cultivation or distribution on a commercial basis.

  7. @Swis

    > Is there no way to FORCE our government to PROVE that all of the documented medical uses for cannabis are false?

    I would rather found a corporation with the purpose of infringing the government’s medical marijuana patent (#6630507), forcing them to argue marijuana’s medical efficacy in court — if they wanted to defent their patent.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never started a corporation before. Anybody know a good lawyer?

  8. blhlls,

    I knew it was still illegal to grow for other than medicinal purposes, but not the for profit restriction. You got a cite for that?

  9. shano, Not a bad longshot. With all of the skin cancer in our culture $10 could pay you $100.

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