Obama Administration Secures 10 Year Sentence Against Medical Marijuana Grower

PresObamamarijuana_leafFor those insisting that President Obama is likely to turn over a new leaf in his Administration’s crackdown on medical marijuana, you might want to tell Aaron Sandusky who was just given 10 years in prison for operating three medical marijuana growing enterprises in California.

U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson gave Sandusky the lowest possible sentence but the Administration stacked the counts to guarantee a decade in jail for growing marijuana for medical purposes. Sandusky was charged with conspiring to manufacture and possess marijuana with intent to distribute it, conspiring to operate a drug-involved premises and one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it. The Obama Administration is pursuing three other medical marijuana cases.

In his sentencing memo, Anderson acknowledged that Sandusky was running a marijuana operation under cover of California’s medical marijuana laws. However, he insisted that Sandusky was not acting for altruistic purposes in this operation.

In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215 allowing medical marijuana in the state. These cases reaffirm statements from prosecutors after the recent legalization of marijuana in two statutes. Obama officials are quoted as saying that they would continue prior enforcement policies.

Sandusky was sentenced on his 43 birthday.

Source: Contra Costa Times

52 thoughts on “Obama Administration Secures 10 Year Sentence Against Medical Marijuana Grower

  1. Also, see below: “FISA Extension Gets a Bipartisan Pass” Jan. 6, 2013

    I am so glad I voted for Jill Stein- Green Party. President Obama is off and running to the right again, just as I expected. Recipients of Social Security and Medicare will find themselves (ourselves) under the bus before the robins return. Just another establishment hack politician. Hope and Change? Not this time either.

    People who consider themselves Liberals or Progressives need to take a look at the Democratic Party and ask themselves- “Is this really the direction I want to go?” A Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate that can only get 19 votes against a 5 year extension of the vile assault on civil liberties that is the FISA warrantless wiretapping law? Where is the outrage you had when Bush and Cheney and the frightened Republicans passed the FISA Act? Outrage for Bush, silence for Obama.

  2. Legal scholars here: Is it possible for a person in this defendant’s position to claim Entrapment because he was induced into the crime by the California government that what he was doing was sanctioned under state law?

  3. This is your federal government respecting your rights citizens of the various states. This is just one example of what is to come.

  4. Mr. Anderson should have gotten on the stand and told jurors that he was operationing under cover of California law for medical marijuana purposes and they have a right to not convict under an unjust law/prosecution, under jury nullification. Of course, he would have to say all of that within about 10 seconds before the judge has him removed on the stand.

  5. Jury nullification: the last line of defense when a citizen is railroaded. I know there are examples of when jury nullification is corrupt, such as the examples of when all white juries in the past aquitted KKK men who killed someone who was a minority. I am talking about the honorable jury nullification, one where in the jury chamber the jury decides this case is garbage and tosses it.

  6. Ah, garbage, Ill-smellling garbage wirh which they fill your stomachs and your intestines until the two streams meet.
    That is our government. My rant.

    Why don’tt the Med drug operators come to WashDC the same day as the NRA’s are planning their pre-inaugural demo?

    ACLU too. And JT-folk. In short all who believe it is BS and Obama must deliver now.

    Altruistic? Are business men supposed to live off altruism. BS.

  7. Obama, what a huge disappointment, in many ways………. The only reason he won re-election was because the alternative would have been worse.

  8. This kind of dichotomy impairs people for life.

    It is like one parent saying “it is ok” then the other parent punishes the kid when the kid does what the other parent said was ok.

    There are better ways to do this.

  9. You can bet he won’t be enforcing any states rights to …… Oh sorry…. That was preelection……. Dang….. Sorry, they don’t count anymore….. But still the lesser of evil……

  10. It may have been better if Romney had won.
    Mitts feed the rich starve the poor policies would have united Progressives, Liberals, and Dems.
    Now we have (R)Obama, a DINO, that receives laurels from 50% of dems, and undermines many long held dem philosophies.
    Mr Obama is fracturing the unity on the left.

    While the press fiddles with Congressional fabricated BS. The political center of this country continues to slide to the right.

    Who Benefits??? is benefited, and daily continues to benefit.

  11. So… cannabis is the nation’s third largest cash crop behind corn and soybeans, but growers must be punished (seems like a sisyphean task).

    At the same time, CIA cocaine dealers get state secrets protections:


    We also have to assume that medicine must come in the form of an unpleasant, expensive, bitter pill; otherwise we might see medicine based on research such as US Patent 6630507 (“Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”, assigned to the Department of Health And Human Services).

    Sounds reasonable!

  12. David,

    You speak your truth at your own peril… There are some here that are blind, even with the ability to read they fail to comprehend….

  13. Obama seems to love putting people in jail unless of course they are bankers, AIG CEOs and others of that ilk, war criminals who sanctioned, ordered and engaged in war crimes like torture. He is more than an embarrassment, he is a disgrace and he hasn’t even begun that Second Term that was going to be so much better because he wouldn’t have to worry about reelection.

  14. Obama officials are quoted as saying that they would continue prior enforcement policies. -Jonathan Turley

    Obama has also continued to allow a Stasi-like apparatus to work its magic in the U.S. I should hope that good Americans will be shocked, stunned and angry when the truth comes to light, but we all know that most people are perfectly fine with almost anything the government does as long as it doesn’t impact their nice, comfortable lives. Ah, the many “willfully blind” citizens of these United States.

    And everything that Justice Holmes said. This is an outrage.

    Head on over to the FISA thread:

    FISA Extension Gets a Bipartisan Pass

    Published 1, January 6, 2013
    Respectfully submitted by Lawrence E. Rafferty (rafflaw)-Guest Blogger


  15. Now we wouldn’t want to upset Obama’s wet dream that he’s really all out for the poor and middle class. Four more years of grooming his resume and he’ll be properly ready to join Bill in raking in the millions and living the great life. Heckuva job barry, you’ve hit the jackpot.

    But let’s not get angry about all this. Gotta remain civil and work within the system. Can’t blame the rich. No no. Can’t blame defense pigs. No no. Can’t incarcerate the bankers. Oh no. Oh, but let’s get tough on pot growers and whistle blowers. And so it goes.

  16. We had a bad dog catcher in this county under Bush but we didnt blame The Bush Administration for him. Yeah, I know, he was not a federal dog catcher. But it was on Bush’s pocket watch.

  17. Obama the lesser of two evils? Yes indeed. Obama the man that took GWBs detention policy and turned it into a kill list.

    There were other options people. Neither Mitt nor Obama got my vote, In fact I have not voted for a R or D for the Pres in quite some time. There are one and the same. Both advance war and killing, expand the Fed at the expense of the state.

    There are alternatives, Don’t let the news media tell you that there are only two parties to choose from.

  18. Paul, Amen, Amen, Amen! However, not only the media; there are a few folks here who sing the duopoly ballad. It’s as entrenched as the corruption it fosters.

  19. “However, he insisted that Sandusky was not acting for altruistic purposes in this operation.”

    Show me a for profit business that is. I’m sure those criminals running AIG aren’t. Why aren’t they in prison again? Along with their other Wall St. cohorts?

    As for the rest of it? What Justice Holmes, DonS, David B and Paul said.

  20. This is excellent news and confirms the integrity of the Obama administration. The Obama administration is the best. It has its priorites right. The medicial marijuana industry is the #1 menace in society today. Have we learned nothing from the excellent instructional film, “Reefer Madness”? I am so thrilled to learn that Obama has paid such close attention to the details of the film and, moreover, has put its superb guidance into action.

    Obama is a man of action. Just think of what would happen if Obama didn’t have his priorities straight, like addressing waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the government, of which the government admits to more than a trillion dollars over 10 years? How would addressing those things benefit society? We all know that waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement are good for society, and, in fact, form the very backbone of our economy. But growing medical marijuana causes incalculable damage to the moral, ethical, and philosophical fiber of this great nation of ours. Praise Obama, a genuine America leader of the 21st century.

  21. In addition, everyone seems to missing the fact that this is the second time that Sandusky has been involved in infamous activities. First, there was the Penn State debacle. Now this? I’m glad that Obama is clamping down on Sandusky. Who know what he might do next?

  22. “US Patent 6630507 (“Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”, assigned to the Department of Health And Human Services).”

    Just perfect for MS sufferers. I guess they know that but don’t give a damn.
    Nothing new there.

    Support the rest said here, except for those who think voting for a fractional percent party is worthy. Indeed it is worthy of being ignored, Unless you get 5 percent in a swing state, then muddaphucker……..!

    And don’t blame poor Obama, he is just Bernie when the investors came to call in their money ie our tax money. And he is bought like all pols. And we know who the buyers are.

    How can you kill those who invest for you, feed you, fuel your cars, and think for you? Such ingrates.

  23. Idealist707-

    The “fractional percent party” doesn’t grow to be a major party until disgruntled victims of the 2 “respectable” parties grow enough balls to walk away from them. It’s never easy.

    A wise man (probably Charlie Chan) said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

    The Whigs, Federalists, and Know-Nothings didn’t disappear in a single day, but they did disappear. The “lesser of two evils” theory doesen’t get us where we want to go- it just prolongs the agony.

    How powerless do you feel when the people you vote for become your worst enemies?

  24. Is there no way to FORCE our government to PROVE that all of the documented medical uses for cannabis are false? The drug’s schedule is based on it having no medical use. If only a fraction of the proven benefits were accepted by the Drug Warriors, they would still have to re-classify the substance. How abjectly STUPID is it for a culture to give up the many many benefits of of HEMP as a cash crop because of our ignorance that hemp can get someone high?

  25. I’ll bet the NPR crowd here is happier than a jumpin jumbee jamboree. That liberal Obama’s really a swell guy, ain’t e!

  26. Gene H.: Under California law, it is still illegal to cultivate or distribute marijuana, even if intended for medical use, for profit.

  27. The election is over. The Title of the Topic blames Obama for the prosecution. The White House does not approve or encourage every prosecution in the country.

  28. Regulations Regulations?!!! We don;t need no stinkin Regulations!!
    (except on evil marijuana) ..


    Excerpt: Jack Lew, likely nominee for Treasury Secretary.

    “As previous reports from The Huffington Post have noted, Lew declared at the 2010 Senate hearing that he didn’t think financial deregulation led to the financial crisis, saying the real problem was banks taking too many risks with bizarre derivatives.
    Lew, in contrast, was “very much toeing the establishment line,” said Barofsky, “the Wall Street line, that it was unnecessary to go back to the types of common-sense protections that served us so well after the Great Depression for so many decades.”

  29. I bought shares in Cannibus Science. they are developing a skin cancer cream in London. I know hemp oil cures skin cancer. It is a long shot, but I bet they get bought out by Pharma eventually.

  30. Why should this guy have to be operating his facility for charitable purposes? Does anybody else? Is there a required charity law? Is this crazy or what?

  31. Henman,

    Has there been any signifcant third party since Nader?
    Also have not complete figures, so is the alternate party growing in strength.
    I went into detail on launching a third party once, naive as I was.
    Now believe we need money and pros, not just idealists like me.

    A thousand miles, I thought it was Mao, not that I support him.
    He did use old chinese imperial methods, off with their heads. Probably Confusion or whatever he is called. :-)

  32. The non-profit requirement is ridiculous.

    You have investmentsm normally based on loans which need payment from the income side. Etc for land depreciation, salaries for workers, etc.

    Maybe with good tax help, he could take out a million dollar yearly salary, if he has a board to approve it.

    This is how you say yes while actrually saying no.

    The facial creme will be forbidden as containing THC. Of course, ingesting and injection is not possible, but regulations are regulations, says the mind numb bureaucrat.

  33. blhlls,

    I knew it was still illegal to grow for other than medicinal purposes, but not the for profit restriction. You got a cite for that?

  34. @Swis

    > Is there no way to FORCE our government to PROVE that all of the documented medical uses for cannabis are false?

    I would rather found a corporation with the purpose of infringing the government’s medical marijuana patent (#6630507), forcing them to argue marijuana’s medical efficacy in court — if they wanted to defent their patent.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never started a corporation before. Anybody know a good lawyer?

  35. The statutes at issue (California Health and Safety Code sections 11362.7 et seq.) do not purport to legalize marijuana. They relieve people from criminal liability under state statutes prohibiting the cultivation and possession of marijuana in limited amounts for medical use. The original proposition protected only patients and their caregivers. Subsequently language was added permitting collectives or dispensaries operating on a non-profit basis only. Basically, the intent was to permit medical use, but not permit the cultivation or distribution on a commercial basis.

  36. Indigo Jones,

    Hard to believe you are not chief tech for one or even CEO for one.

    Put out a notice on a venture capital sought site.
    It sounds like a sure deal.

    But corporations are persons, the Sct declares, and can be put to death at birth. Not usual but could happen. Or at least be sent to Guantanamo.
    Oh God you say, can’t it be the Caymans instead?

  37. Indigo,

    If it is listed as a penny share stock, sign me up for USD50. I’m a bull on the markert, particularly for idealistic and hopeless corporations.

    Do I get a place on the board? George always did, and he slept throuh the meetings and still got 54K a pap.

  38. BTW, just to keep it serious, it is the cannbiol component which helps and it can be extrscted without the THC following. Maybe that is what the patent is hiding the separation process, Just speculating. The person who posted the comment of skin cander curing put the link up again. *Seemed from that article that it was one that was not difficult to produce cannabiol or cannibioi.

  39. Hope that everyone will send messages to the White House, maybe our president will get off his buttocks and seriously consider at least a debate on the marijuana issue.

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