Legos or Logos? Turks Protest Latest Lego Set

Screen-shot-2013-01-25-at-10.21.08-AM220px-İstanbul-AyasofyaAustria’s Turkish community has launched an international campaign against Lego because it insists that a Lego model sold as “Jabba’s Palace” is based on the sacred Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul. It is a curious argument since the only similarity is the use of a classic domed palace structure. I have been to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (which is spectacular) and I fail to see the clear duplication. Ironically, the original church was dedicated to the Logos not the Legos, which might be the source of the confusion.

Hagia Sophia was originally built as an Orthodox patriarchal basilica and later converted into a mosque. It was dedicated to the Logos, or the word of God in the trinity.

The use of a general domed structure for an exotic palace in Star Wars was not surprise as a classic image. It does not mean it was based on the Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia was a breakthrough in architecture and is considered the classic representation of Byzantine architecture. It was much duplicated or referenced in later designs.

The campaign against Legos appears rather hyper-sensitive. What do you think?

Notably, Legos appears a lightning rod for interest groups.

Source: Telegraph

21 thoughts on “Legos or Logos? Turks Protest Latest Lego Set”

  1. how about how satan will usurp the power of God? the article of the supreme court refusing to hear the illinois case is an answer longer than obamas health care bill.
    critical thinking.
    I am a parent as well as being indigent while people are freezing on the east coast.
    THE BIBLE says to do every thing in JESUS NAME!
    I’LL BET the soul of every atheist that the pope goes to hell on the one statement, to do everything in MY SONS NAME. so I did, and the christians lie to you about it, and will continue to do so. so who are the blasphemers???

    to come back to the original article, religion is in the world of legos, logos, lagos, and lo-go’s, and they are all deep ones. they all claim to know the ways of ME. the commandments say to have no graven image. yet your clergy tell you to give to GOD, IN JESUS NAME to the point that your children are all going to become amish.

    amish refuse to kneel to another person fearing that they would be a false prophet. (sexual encounters don’t count!)
    then there is the tv show where one man coerced another into submission!?!? both were amish.
    ??? what do they teach you! that it is not even safe to play is translated.

  2. What you all said.

    Have we no turks here, or they too ashamed to admit it?
    Amazing realm. over 800 years. We should do so well.
    Successors to Aryans.

  3. I have been to the Hagia Sophia also. It does not resemble the lego toy.

    Ironic how Hagia Sofia ( Ἁγία Σοφία ) in Greek means Holy Wisdom.

    The lego company should do nothing about this. Legos can be used to duplicate whatever the user wishes. They cannot back down because then anybody could conjure some infringement or affront based on any creation lego makes.

    It is just as ridiculous and possible unfortunately that the Lebanese could complain that a green lego tree resembles a symbol on their flag. The complaining would never end.

  4. Let me get this straight, some fake religious people steel an “Orthodox patriarchal basilica”, convert it to a mosque, then are offended when someone makes a toy that vaguely resembles the basic structure?

    People are so weird.

  5. The rise of irrational religious protests that resulted in deaths and the acceptance if not out right approval given to the claims of “religious offense” as the reason for those protests by many in the West has given the green light to insanity like this. This is insane. No person or country owns an architectual style or look. Even if it was modeled on the Hagia Sophia this protest would still be insane.

  6. I have one question…. ”How do I get off this freakin’ Planet?”

  7. ID707,

    That’s the problem….. People read but rarely digest its true meaning or implications….

  8. As for the moronic statement from Turkey… Where were they in 1983 when the movie came out? This is modeled after the movie version, which also could be said to look like Hagia Sophia.

  9. This is not the latest LEGO set. This has been out since the summer. The latest is an addition to this – the Rancor pit that came out in January.

    Uhm, I only know this because I know some people with kids… Yeah, that’s it…

  10. JT,
    Was the Pantheon in Rome the elder of the two? Nice, but much smaller. Fits well with the square it stands by, Only meters from what once was a favo restaturant with I parliamentarians.
    Logos by name puts it under the period of Constantine and successors.

    “That’s the problem with lack of education…..they know not the meaning of words…..”

    True in a broad sense. Ever looked with new eyes at old words whose meaning is accepted, but not seeing its root parts?

  11. I like my icons better than yours….. But we all have icons that we use in everyday life…. Whether you acknowledge them or not….. That’s the problem with lack of education…..they know not the meaning of words…..

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