Retreating Islamic Militants Burn Ancient Manuscripts And Destroy Temples

220px-Large_bonfireWe have another shocking act of cultural destruction by Muslim militants in Mali. As Islamist insurgents retreated from Timbuktu, they set fire to a library containing thousands of priceless historic manuscripts — some dating back to the thirteenth century. They also destroyed statues and temples in the name of Allah.

French troops joined the Malian army in liberating the town but found these amazing manuscripts in ashes. These works survived for centuries and had been hidden during prior wars to preserve the history of the area, including ancient works describing astronomy, poetry, music, medicine and women’s rights. The oldest dated from 1204. These included the golden era in Timbuktu — an explosion of intellectual work in the 14th and 15th century.

The Muslim militants also burned temples and statues in their intolerance for any work or writing not based on the Koran and their extreme religious views.

In addition to hanging their black flag with “God is Great” around the town, the militants flogged people in the square to show Islamic justice.

SOURCE: Guardian

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  4. PS Are petrodollars the source of all our extremist troubles?

    The Saudis never could raise an army. But they can now buy ones using all their resources to spread the true faith.

    PS Do we need a similar movement sponsored by USA megabucks to get the “madrasah” of civil liberties built, and the voters for a clean America to the polls under the flag of a truly clean goverment party? They would only be legal if the moneys are given by American parties, etc etc etc.

    Half seriously said.

  5. LottaKatz,

    welcome back.
    Or have we missed each other in the turmoil?

    At any rate, as a guy who has followed and understood the Falafists since 3 years when my Iranian urologist warned me for them

    Excellent article in France24, don’t see what the blog re-reblog added.

    So Wahabism, re-named as Republicans can do too, now publicly uses a less tainted name is fronting for their political/religious/power strivings.

    So a question, in whose name are all the madrasahs and mosques being built.

    Again, fhe article wa a big important point in understanding USA ventures in the deserts which sponsor religions, especially visionic ones. Hallelujah..

    Question: Is this quid pro quo (?) in the internal fight between the Wahabist religious and the Royal Family? Or has SA Family felt itself have a mission, or threatened by Shiism?

  6. Yes. Thanks, Working Man; thats a much better ending. We can also blame the western suppressives who try to hold us down, lie to us about 9/11 and generally try to create enemies, the more radical the better.

  7. This story needs an update. Someone did a little preplanning and moved 28,000 relics out-of-town. The rebels burned or stole (some are quite valuable) the remaining 2,000. Of course it is still a great loss, but we’re better off with the complete story, eh?

  8. I found a coin over there in Alexandria, Egypt back in 1980 that was dated 12 B.C. That seemed kind of strange since, as the coin expert said, they did not know Christ died in that year because it had not happened. I sold the coin to an Islamic dude who thinks that B.C. means Buddha Cringle, whatever that means. Why would an Islamic guy want a Bhuddist item?

  9. I don’t care who is responsible and the reasons they give for doing it. It’is beyond criminal that history, literature, and art can be and are destroyed so cavalierly. Just imagine what we could know now if testosterone-flogged individuals had not chosen to destroy what others have held valuable and/or sacred in order to show their power, control, anger, frustration, and intolerance.

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