Retreating Islamic Militants Burn Ancient Manuscripts And Destroy Temples

220px-Large_bonfireWe have another shocking act of cultural destruction by Muslim militants in Mali. As Islamist insurgents retreated from Timbuktu, they set fire to a library containing thousands of priceless historic manuscripts — some dating back to the thirteenth century. They also destroyed statues and temples in the name of Allah.

French troops joined the Malian army in liberating the town but found these amazing manuscripts in ashes. These works survived for centuries and had been hidden during prior wars to preserve the history of the area, including ancient works describing astronomy, poetry, music, medicine and women’s rights. The oldest dated from 1204. These included the golden era in Timbuktu — an explosion of intellectual work in the 14th and 15th century.

The Muslim militants also burned temples and statues in their intolerance for any work or writing not based on the Koran and their extreme religious views.

In addition to hanging their black flag with “God is Great” around the town, the militants flogged people in the square to show Islamic justice.

SOURCE: Guardian

31 thoughts on “Retreating Islamic Militants Burn Ancient Manuscripts And Destroy Temples

  1. It makes you wonder – why were the supposed stewards of these documents, who hid them in prior wars, so irresponsible as to not have them scanned / digitized or otherwise preserved against the destruction of the original artifacts?

  2. nate:

    because it is a poor country and they were working on it. do a google search and you will see that as early as 2003 they working preservation and digitizing.

  3. What a waste. Happened in Baghdad when U.S. invaded. Taliban destroyed giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan. The library at Alexandria was destroyed by Julius Caesar & soldiers.

  4. Bron,

    That was the summer of love…. I’ve read about it….. Heck…. From Mike S and his writings…. Probably lived it……

    Islam… Muslim…. Not very tolerant….. Nor we’re the Catholics….. Or the Puritians…… Heck, come to think of it…..not even the end result for the summer of love…….

    Now, for the story….. I wonder if these were just lesser copies the Vatican left there or didn’t steal them……as well….

  5. Yes indeed there are many that still believe Islam is all about love and tolerance. Not too different than todays liberals that believe in tolerance as long as it agrees with their thoughts. Just think of the talk about how fox news should be shunned. Think of that for a minute, liberals believe in tolerance yet want to shun a different point of view. Even our President gets in the act with his intolerance of Fox. Islam, modern liberals, and the difference is?

  6. The Islamist have a long history of burning books and manuscripts, Remember the Library in Alexandria, anyone??? Their quest for information goes all the way from Capital A to small a……….

  7. Fox News is an entertainment organization. Just ask Roger. That is why they can say anything. As to tolerance and Fox News, liberals are too tolerant of this entertainment station but that’s liberals. In my opinion liberals are too tolerant of intolerance.. They usually wrap it in a claim that that’s the culture. I for one don’t buy that excuse.

    As to these serial destroyers, don’t tell me about the Crusades. This is the 21st century. Until we are willing to say some things, some cultures are just violent we will continue to be confused about who and what we should support. This kind of situational tolerance for “Islamists” who destroy their own history and the history of other cultures should not be tolerated but we tolerate their supporters like the Saudis and the Emir of Qatar every day. When the Pope says intolerant things we should criticize him and not accept his “I represent Christ” argument.

    We tolerate intolerance in this country every day when we say ok to state sponsored rape in Virginiaor to disenfranchise the poor and the black. Liberals lets stop equivocating. Tolerance of intolerance is just wrong.

  8. I was in a museum in London in 1978 along with a group from a guest house which included an Egyptian guy and a woman from India. They were both castigating the Brits for the display of Egyptian and Indian artifacts which had been stolen by somebody along the way and were now safe and sound in the British Museum. I said that someday there might be a communist take-over in Cairo or Luxor and your articles of history and culture will be destroyed. I was not envisioning the pirates of Islam who are so prevalent today.

  9. Ya know. Not so surprised. Go figure. Waiting for this to start happening in the UK. In the name of cultural diversity and tolerance of course.

  10. BarkinDog – “I said that someday there might be a communist take-over in Cairo or Luxor and your articles of history and culture will be destroyed. I was not envisioning the pirates of Islam who are so prevalent today.”

    At least communists might not have destroyed older history. The Soviets usually destroyed only the things which posed a threat to the power of the party (e.g. the tsarist history).

    In case you missed it, read this unsurprising item from two months ago:


    Bron – “But it is the religion of peace and love.”

    The islamic cult worships the same “god” the christian cult worships, the “god” of the “old testament”. It’s not shocking to see that muslims are destroying history the same way christians destroyed history in Spain (re: El Cid) and the Library of Alexandia.

    Then again, all ideologies, religious or political, have tried to destroy the evidence of their predecessors and rewrite history (re: the USSR, Israel eradicating evidence of Palestinian towns). Even in ancient Egypt, pharaohs tried to eradicated evidence of other sovereigns (i.e. Thutmose III and his step-mother, Hatshepsut). And in Central and South America, many of their temples, pyramids and tombs were built on top of those bulit by others.

    Religions always resort to strength of force because they can’t win on strength of argument. The religious “think” you win arguments by preventing questions, while the educated know you win arguments by answering questions.

  11. “liberals are too tolerant of this entertainment station but that’s liberals” I love it, what a great quote about tolerant liberals. Not!

  12. This is why the Germans will NOT return the bust of Nefertiti to Egypt. Frankly, I am SO sick of religious destruction of both lives (too often female) and art that I think another mythos would be handy about now….Star Trek’s Klingons KILLED their gods to get rid of the pesky need to be so orthodox and obedient.

    Right about now, that sounds good.

  13. Are we again using the deeds of a few extremists to condemn the second largest religious sector of the worlds population?

    Would I oppose extremists destruction? You betcha, and hopefully better than we did in Iraq.

    I support neither Christianity (inanity?) nor Muslims. Because all religions have the same wrong purpose, which I won’t waste your time reiteratiog.

    If we are truly concerned about saving the worlds cultural treasures, then one penny from each of us would have saved these documents, including a new museum where facsimiles would be on display. The originals would be stored under some mountain in Switzerland.

    Are we bettter than the Muslims? We express our will by generally working without calling attention to our deeds or causing public damage (exception drones). The muslims seek to excite fever and get media time. So how did this all develop without the famed CIA and Securité getting wind of it long in advance? 9/11 all over again?.

    Oh my, the horse got out of the barn again. Let’s send in the marines.

  14. I will not pass judgement on anyone who is a muslim, but here is where I am in life (this maybe be a little ol’ school):

  15. sure , send in the marines and remember, they have chaplins that will anger the muslims also. then again nobody told the president that might be a problem that only he could prevent from happening. but he does go to a church that says that jesus isn’t here. so what is the president looking for.

  16. Please do not speak disrespectfully of the work these fine Muslims have done. Rather, think of them as Righteous Fahrenheit 451 Firemen carrying out the Will of Allah. We should trust them. They know what’s best for us.

  17. I don’t care who is responsible and the reasons they give for doing it. It’is beyond criminal that history, literature, and art can be and are destroyed so cavalierly. Just imagine what we could know now if testosterone-flogged individuals had not chosen to destroy what others have held valuable and/or sacred in order to show their power, control, anger, frustration, and intolerance.

  18. I found a coin over there in Alexandria, Egypt back in 1980 that was dated 12 B.C. That seemed kind of strange since, as the coin expert said, they did not know Christ died in that year because it had not happened. I sold the coin to an Islamic dude who thinks that B.C. means Buddha Cringle, whatever that means. Why would an Islamic guy want a Bhuddist item?

  19. This story needs an update. Someone did a little preplanning and moved 28,000 relics out-of-town. The rebels burned or stole (some are quite valuable) the remaining 2,000. Of course it is still a great loss, but we’re better off with the complete story, eh?

  20. Yes. Thanks, Working Man; thats a much better ending. We can also blame the western suppressives who try to hold us down, lie to us about 9/11 and generally try to create enemies, the more radical the better.

  21. LottaKatz,

    welcome back.
    Or have we missed each other in the turmoil?

    At any rate, as a guy who has followed and understood the Falafists since 3 years when my Iranian urologist warned me for them

    Excellent article in France24, don’t see what the blog re-reblog added.

    So Wahabism, re-named as Republicans can do too, now publicly uses a less tainted name is fronting for their political/religious/power strivings.

    So a question, in whose name are all the madrasahs and mosques being built.

    Again, fhe article wa a big important point in understanding USA ventures in the deserts which sponsor religions, especially visionic ones. Hallelujah..

    Question: Is this quid pro quo (?) in the internal fight between the Wahabist religious and the Royal Family? Or has SA Family felt itself have a mission, or threatened by Shiism?

  22. PS Are petrodollars the source of all our extremist troubles?

    The Saudis never could raise an army. But they can now buy ones using all their resources to spread the true faith.

    PS Do we need a similar movement sponsored by USA megabucks to get the “madrasah” of civil liberties built, and the voters for a clean America to the polls under the flag of a truly clean goverment party? They would only be legal if the moneys are given by American parties, etc etc etc.

    Half seriously said.

  23. […] Now in the African nation of Mali, Muslims extremists of the Taliban type seized the northern part of the country and imposed their harsh laws on the local population. Over the last few days, French forces along with the Malian army have pushed back against them. As they retreated, the extremists have destroyed some of Mali’s most historical treasures. […]

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    Will the real Ralph Adamo please stand up.

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