When Diplomats Go Wild: Iran Hit With Major Scandal As U.N. Ambassador Shown Touching Hand Of A Woman

One would think that Iran would have its share of pressing social and political issues from the torture of prisoners to the denial of free speech to the development of nuclear weapons. However, Iran is aghast this week because of this video showing its U.N. ambassador, Ali Reza Sheik Attar, actually touching the hand of a woman. Yes, that is Attar giving a high five to Claudia Roth — a video that sent Muslim clerics in Iran scrambling to determine if he could be forgiven for such a public act of immorality. By the way, they are working on nuclear weapons.

Iran finally solved the problem by declaring it was the woman’s fault — there’s a change. A government spokesman announced that he was simply waving to be polite when this woman ruthlessly and unexpectedly high fived him in public. The spokesman stressed “The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran never shakes hands with a woman, and he has never shaken Claudia Roth’s hand either.” Thank God.

Notably, Germans are no happier with Roth, a Green party politician, that she is sharing friendship slaps with the representative of one of the most repressive, anti-women regimes in the history of the world. She has been declared “loser of the day” by one columnist and condemned by many Germans as someone who needs to find a wider circle of friends.

Source: Telegraph

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  1. Iran offered to abandon enrichment altogether in return for a guarantee of security (i.e. not to get attacked by the U.S. or Israel), so if anyone wants to prevent Iran from getting even close to constructing a bomb there would be this perfectly straightforward way out. Of course this was not an option, because then there would be no pretext for attacking it anymore, which seems to be the aim of certain political circles. So the EU, under diploimatic pressure from *guess whom*, didn’t follow this path.
    And by the way, all nuclear superpowers refuse to live up to the “Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” (“NPT”), which they signed decades ago. So to accuse Iran of – maybe (since the status of their program is unclear) – not living up to their obligations is an act of pure hypocrisy.
    Please excuse my bad english – I hope the point of what i am saying is clear enough.

  2. Iran has not barred inspectors. There is no solid evidence Iran is building a single fission weapon in any manner, shape, or form. Pitch-men from and on behalf of Likud have for decades declared Iranian nukes as just around the corner. Iran does seek to lessen dependence on fossil fuel. Japan is presently working with Iran to build power station reactors.
    Iran is enriching uranium, that is a fact. They do so in accordance with international protocol and the freedom of a sovreign state.
    If anything, Greg Palast notwithstanding, Iran is amassing a technical capability that a certain ME neighbor opposes and is doing everything in their mighty power to thwart. The problem I have is to decide which one I trust less. The rogue, or the nuclear armed string puller. Thanks.

  3. Lrobby I would refer you to Greg Palast who also thinks that the Iranians ARE working on nukes. He is NOT ah apologist for FAUX or the US government, nor am I, and I too think that the Iranians are indeed working to make one. If they are not, they can dispell the idea by living up to the standards that they AGREED to! They signed a treaty in order to get nuclear material for peaceful uses, and they have violated that in spades. Thus it is not unreasonable to guess the reason for that.

    I knew at the time of the Iraq invasion that Bush was lying about the nuke threat from them, but I also thought that Iraq probably had chemical weapons since they had the feedstocks and technology to make them. The rest was pure propoganda. Turns out that we found out that ALL the charges Bush leveled were LIES BEFORE the US attacked when the UN inspectors got in per the cease fire agreement that Iraq signed. Iran can do the same if they are truly only doing peaceful legal research. Of course, they refuse to do that, FOR GOOD REASONS.

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  5. perhaps they should send the ambassador in for a psych eval. I notice that their president is in charge of guns and rockets also.

    then again so is the president of the united states.

    Check list…
    people will follow other men and turn against GOD.

    the church will lie. ( yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! that is a real stumper that GOD would tell the church to lie to you about GOD.)

    the catholic church is trying to ban fire arms everywhere but the vatican.

    the other religions all say the same.

    mental illness will destroy the world by…

    THE PROPHET turned the president against GOD. the antichrist will claim the world in GODS NAME, by placing a false god in GODS NAME ( JESUS IS NOT GOD.)

    the antichrist will install false religious practice… whereas GOD will be challenging.

    the church will speak against GOD.

    THE PROPHET will run for cover.

    the churches will try to destroy THE PROPHET.

    the prophet will destroy the world.

    many false prophets will try to claim the world.

    remember the ten commandments when reading the BIBLE, is still taught by the false prophet.

    president obama accepted the antichrist and turned against GOD in his hour of need even though the president was told what to do.

    the president was informed of MY BEING.

    THE PROPHET will sit and watch the world move.
    ( there really isn’t a lot to do. nobody listens to the prophet like they are told to. )


    I’M doing pretty damn good … !
    I’M taking the rest of the day off!

  6. “working on nuclear weapons..” I would, along with the IAEA, the UN, the US Government, and the entire rest of the world, would like to see your proof of this charge, Dear Professor. Or are you just parroting certain propaganda ala’ FOX?

  7. Karl, The only diffrence is that the destruction of Iran doesn’t faze them as long as they can wipe out a number of “infidels” in the process. They live for the afterlife, not for the present. So even if they know that a nuclear offensive will end in their complete destruction, I believe that the yahoos in charge over there really don’t care. Religion is a powerful drug.

  8. I certainly wouldn’t want to defend Iran, but the insanity of hatred of women is also shared by our mid-eastern “ally” Saudi Arabia, the place where almost all of the 9/11 terrorists came from. To a greater or lesser degree women are oppressed worldwide by religious fundamentalists, or men whose own self image is such that they need someone to blame for their own inadequacies. Add to that men who are unable to establish intimate relationships with women, either emotionally or physically. Women in general are stronger constitutionally and in life wisdom than are men. Unfortunately, some of us men who are obsessed with the size of their penises and feel secretly inadequate in life, hate the fact that their muscles don’t make them stronger
    as humans than women.

  9. I like the old Saturday Night Live Show when they had that first set of characters. Like Rosann Rosann O’Danna. This is when Iran had our embassy people held hostage. It was a Pirate Territory then and it is now. Except now they want to get a nuclear bomb and al qaeda wants them to get those bombs too, so that they can steal one and send one over to Jay Leno. The Song they sang on Saturday Night Live still has some lure:
    Bomb, bomb, bomb, … bomb bomb Iran.
    Oh, bomb Iraaan, I’ll take my staaaand.
    Rockin and a rollin, rockin and a reelin.. Bomb Iran!

  10. I humped her leg. It was not any good at all. Better to give her a High Five or a Low Paw.

  11. raff,
    Where would women go? From what I read in the news, the government of the US has declared war on women. At least those who sit on the right side of the aisle. Also there are several states. For instance, it appears that Kansas and Texas would be good states for women to avoid, among others.

  12. Of course it was the woman’s fault. Women are the cause of all that is evil in this world. Rape is their fault because they look so darn good. Beatings are their fault because they probably said something bad. She’s a woman, its her fault. Isn’t that a law in the kuran somewhere?

  13. Iran, like any other country, has the right to nuclear weapons so long as the world is full of them. In fact possessing them is about the only way to ensure you don’t get bombed or invaded by Uncle Sam. North Korea may have lots of problems but getting bombed or invaded isn’t one of them.

  14. “By the way, they are working on nuclear weapons”.

    Not according to all 16 US security/intelligence agencies last estimate. Are those agencies as mistaken as they were about Iraq’s WMD or intentionally lying?

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