Report: Poverty Fund Used To Pay For Beyoncé Performance In Nigeria

220px-Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklaces5_IMG_9905_0A report from Nigeria alleges that a million dollars of a poverty fund was used to pay for an appearance of Beyoncé in Bayelsa. While it is not clear if she also chose to lip sync that performance, she was paid, with Jay Z, to appear in 2006 allegedly with money dedicated to help 47% of Bayelsans who live in abject poverty.

The discovery was made after questions were raised about spending money to bring American “reality TV” star Kim Kardashian to the poverty stricken country. (I actually cannot understand why even people in an affluent country would pay anything to see Kim Kardashian). Kardashian was reportedly paid half a million dollars for a 24-hour period. Someone will also have to explain to me why a celebrity known only for conspicuous consumption and extravagance was viewed as the perfect person to bring to impoverished Nigeria. I suppose Kardashian brought comfort to starving Nigerians by showing how she continues to enjoy every possible luxury and excess.

The document in question demands contribution from the government for Beyoncé’s appearance. At the bottom of the letter, then Governor Goodluck Jonathan’s aides note “Release N150,000,000.00 (One hundred and fifty million naira) only to be drawn from the poverty alleviation subhead.” Later, Goodluck Jonathan announced that the concert would show that Nigeria was “not just…HIV/AIDS, conflicts, poverty, kidnapping, strife and riots.” No, if this story is correct, it is about corruption and unspeakable excess by politicians.

Here’s an idea for Beyoncé and Jay Z (who very well might not have known about this alleged pilfering) — give the money back to the poverty program. After all, this appears virtually stolen money from the poor of Nigeria. This is the risk in dealing with countries like Nigeria with rampant and grotesque corruption. Just give the money back so hundreds of thousands of starving families can get the benefits taken from them. I am pretty sure neither Beyoncé nor Jay Z will miss the money, but these families certainly do. Just a thought.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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  1. nick spinelli 1, February 21, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Dredd, Thanks! The Traveling Wilburys is one of my favs. Roy experienced so much tragedy in his life. He was blessed w/ what I consider to be one of the greatest singing voices. A humble, introverted, genius.
    Well, look at the genius around him in that band who agree with you.

  2. Dredd, Thanks! The Traveling Wilburys is one of my favs. Roy experienced so much tragedy in his life. He was blessed w/ what I consider to be one of the greatest singing voices. A humble, introverted, genius.

  3. they should give the $1,000,000 directly to as many people as possible. A couple of hundred dollars in that part of Africa can support a small family for a month.

  4. nick spinelli 1, February 21, 2013 at 11:45 am

    I miss Roy Orbison.
    Here is one of the last bands he performed in.

    It is a secret song about Gov. Christie and W. 😉

  5. At least they are trying to e joy the fruits if there thefts….good enough for Obama and the Super Bowl… Enough said…

  6. The blind leading the blind. I would hope that Beyonce was unaware of where the payment came from. Disgusting.

  7. Image over substance. Reality is so messy.

    The media (and governments) sells flavored butter to the mashed potato brains of a comfortably deluded public.

  8. Even if she gave the money back, I doubt it would go where it is supposed to go. The officials would simply use the money to buy a Rolex for their families or other such luxuries.

    A friend of mine went to Nigeria as an expat oil refinery worker, and the company could not or would not even feed them. Owing to civil unrest in the Muslim part where he was working, he and other workers had to subsist on banana and peanut butter sandwiches for about one month. After that he pulled the plug and demanded to get out. They stalled him, but he finally got out. He said he started sobbing once the plane left the ground going back to Lagos he was so relieved. Of course, given the dismal state of aviation there, he might have saved his tears for the landing, since flying in Nigeria is going from the frying pan into the fire.

  9. I wonder if she will wear her million dollar earrings to show how much she cares for the little people

  10. I’m always amazed at how much face-time Jay Z gets with the POTUS. Have you ever listened to any of his lyrics? I’m not saying the President needs to grove to Lawrence Welk in his free time (or play golf with Arnold Palmer instead of notorious po**tan* hound Tiger Woods). But man o’ man, the life style and attitude Jay Z celebrates is below contempt.

  11. Having robbed the fund (at least) once, what assurances does anybody have that those same crooks won’t cheer and steal the money again?

    Refilling the fund may make you feel good, but good feelings are no substitute for safeguards.

  12. Performers, for the most part, do what their managers tell them to do. They don’t see the check, they concentrate on protecting and furthering their image in a very competetive business. The whole post is nothing but second guessing.

  13. What a pity that the Nigeria’s ruling class would steal charitable money to have a glamorous singer come to their country and enhance its image. They give no though of cause to the endemic problems from which their people suffer. It reaches the level of insanity though when Kim Kardashian is paid to appear there since she has no entertainment value other than a spoiled little rich girl with no talent outside the bedroom, if there. That BTW wasn’t a sexist reference, but addresses the fact that she bacame “famous” through an internet sex tape.

  14. Wouldn’t it be better (publicity and tax wise) for these mega stars to donate these apperances in the first place? I also wonder how much research they do to see just where the money raised, if any is raised, goes. Is there an international version of Charity Navigator?

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