This morning, our blog passed our 15,000,000 viewers. Since just a few weeks ago that we passed the 14,000,000 mark, it is obvious that the blog continues to grow at an impressive rate. We continue to rank in the top ten most viewed legal blogs in the world and I would like to think that our civility policy adds to the appeal of the blog for new viewers.

In the last twenty-four hours, our five biggest international sources for readers came from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Germany, India, and France (in that order with Canada as the number one contributing country). That is virtually unchanged.

I wanted to thank our weekend bloggers: David Drumm, Mark Esposito, Gene Howington, Michael Spindell, Eliane Magliaro, Mike Appleton, and Larry Rafferty. I wanted to particularly thank our contributors. This blog offers a unique mix of views from people committed to civil discussion of the major issues of our time. While we often disagree, we offer a place for reasonable and respectful debate. I am incredibly grateful to all of our regulars. In the last 24 hours, the most active commentators were (starting with the highest appearance) Idealist707, Nick Spinelli, Bron, Rafflaw, Dredd, Anonynmously Yours, and Mespo.

Thanks again everyone and congratulations on reaching another milestone!

35 thoughts on “15,000,000”

  1. “I wonder how many of the posts here are the Professor’s puppets.”

    None. When JT posts to comments, it is as himself.

  2. I wonder how many of the posts here are the Professor’s puppets.
    “you know it” is suspect IMHO. Even Professors need to lighten up, while preserving face.

  3. Congratulations, Prof. Turley. I truly enjoy the variety of topics and opinions on this site, and I admire your courage in freely subjecting the blog on weekends to a diverse group of people capable of (almost) anything. While I haven’t been able to contribute as much as I’d like to recently, I have learned a great deal, including how to smell a troll at a hundred paces and how to post a column consisting of nothing other than a title.

  4. From both the articles and the comments, I like the seriousness, mixed with humor, candor, and new ideas.

  5. KUDOS to Jon and faithful contributors. I too share many stories with the criminal defense bar here in KY. I’m proud to be a welcomed visitor. All the best. Frank

  6. Deborah,

    Thank you for breaking the train of congratulatory posts.
    Gives me a chance to be OT, but not OT as it concerns a site fighting for our civil rights.


    Roll down to “Internet facing multiple attacks…..
    Or take your own pick. Lots of choices. Evaluations?

    Brennan Center for Justice (NYU) and then this blog which claims to be an extension of the Center.

    Keep up the work all..

  7. Congratulations, Professor Turley. Fifteen million is an admirable statistic, and I’m confidant it will continue to climb.

    I appreciate not only the civility policy here, but also–especially–the civil liberties coverage and commentary that you, virtually alone, continue to provide. So many constitutionally-enshrined rights being eroded by the harsh winds of fear, economic strife, and corporatism; so few citizens daring to disturb the sound of silence engendered by a couple of hundred million rat’s asses not being given.

    So, thank you, Sir.

  8. Methinks commenter “dwkcommentaries” needs a humor meter adjustment. Set way to high on the ‘serious’ scale. That is a good way to blow a fuse or burn out the Turbo-Entabulator.

    Congrats to our gracious host and the talented guest bloggers for the milestone.

  9. I share at least two or three blog posts a day! It’s all good to me. There is enough seriousness out there. Searching for the cat in the picture is a way to make us all take time to do something fun (or maybe frustrating 🙂 before we get back to slogging through the important “stuff” like folks getting pulled over for being drug “mules” because they have a buckeye sticker on their car.

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